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  1. Harvey Elliott tries to pass to Enzo, The Spurs player miles from his own goal and under no pressure turns around towards his own goal and then whacks an almighty lob into the back of his own net from the half way lane, He is obviously attempting an ambitious back pass to his own keeper, but the keeper just watches, does not attempt to save, walks into his own net with the ball. Unbelievable Own Goal!
  2. The Goalkeeper takes the ball, stands up, and just throws the ball into his own net.
  3. The update is released between the end of February and early March so everything is still within the time frames communicated. The speculation is endless but the fact is that everything is going according to the schedule. When things don't happen right away, remember, it takes 6 months to build a Rolls Royce and 13 hours for a Toyota.
  4. The update will be set live as soon as it's ready to go and only when it is ready. I am positive that work is ongoing and the patience of the community is greatly appreciated
  5. Precisely, The update will be set live as soon as it's ready to go. Work on the update is ongoing and the patience of everyone in the community is greatly appreciated. Usually the update is released between late February and early March but only once it is ready to be released.
  6. I remember that too, I just don't think FM is that kind of game, it needs it's player base, it's the kind of game that just never ends, it constantly needs developing day after day, from month to month and from year to year. It is so in-depth that they employ helpers from all around the world to research and help out and the expectation that it can just come out and be perfect and not need updating just isn't realistic in this particular case. It's a great idea and wouldn't it be amazing! but some games are just not built that way.
  7. Isn't it still in a better state than anything else on the market though if there is no competition? How often would you say they need to update the game for it to be to your satisfaction? They update the game but they just don't release all the updates at once. they bundle the updates up and then release an update with a lot more fixes some of which are not included in the list of updates they publish when the update patches are released. Rather than constantly update with lots of smaller updates as they go along. They also go through an ALPHA Stage before the BETA, The Alpha stage is given to professional footballs and other 'selected' players to test the game and then they can release further updates before the BETA, every single game has a BETA Stage but the problem is that some of the updates and fixes can only be found once the full beta game is released so they have to do it that way to find these bugs, then they rely on the community to play the game and find the bugs etc and report them on this forum so that they can work on fixes BEFORE the Full Game is released and then they are constantly relying on the community to find any further bugs that remain and release updates periodically throughout the year culminating in the final winter update so in fact the development never stops and when the final update is released, development starts immediately on the next years game. A lot of features are only found once you play the game. I agree. Some features are good and some features are not so good but it's a matter of opinion, some features you may like and some i may like but we might disagree on that. The fact is that they are always creating new features based on the communities input plus input from within and around the game and professionals and staff from the world of football and where a feature may be need improving, that is something they can work on and improve on in future editions, so damn right it is up to this community to help and guide them too, are they perfect? no one is perfect but I am absolutely confident that a lot goes on behind the scenes and SI and Miles do everything they can to make the game the best possible version it can be whilst keeping in line with the limitations (with the coding e.g.) and what works and their own unique vision for the way they want to develop their game. But the community does have an open say and so the question is also what would you do differently because they would love to hear your suggestions and the suggestions of everyone in the community.
  8. Correct, the main winter update which should be out tomorrow, is already a week later than the previous few years and then later on in March, you would expect the final update as has been the case in the previous 2 instalments of the game.
  9. Great points, they are very valid suggestions, which is why I asked if you had put them in the suggestion area of this forum. Interestingly it is the people who complain about the game the most who are the first ones to buy it when it is released!
  10. Precisely there is no competition. So it's clearly in a league of it's own, do you think Apple would have reached the level it has without the very high levels of competition it had to keep pushing it to new heights like IBM, Google, Microsoft, Amazon and Samsung e.g. So yes but is that SI's fault that the game has no competition?
  11. I get your point although I believe different clubs have different set ups so in some clubs the Manager still has complete control so shouldn't that kind of a change be club specific depending on the particular model they have in place. If you go the other way and just make it so the DOF decides at every club then based on your point, that wouldn't be correct either. I am not entirely sure if a DOF is always closer to the board than the manager either, I would have expected a more equal footing with everyone in the recruitment team having a say and then all coming to a decision together.... Have you made any of these suggestions (including the set-piece one) on the Suggestion Page on this forum? Also I don't think Miles is going anywhere any time soon. It's his decision and I don't think he has any intention of handing over control to anyone else. I am also certain that Miles talks to a lot of different specialists every day on ways to improve all aspects of the game. Despite your very valid points, I would also remind that not only is the game exceptional value for money, it is also miles ahead of any of it's competition and has been for many many years.
  12. You can set your DOF to decide on the transfers and then besides the players on your shortlist, you can declare a player as a top target and instruct the dof that you would like to sign this or that player but the dof would handle everything and make the decision and even bring his own targets in and you can do that for the first team, u21's, u18s if you wanted, so you can kind of play the game where the dof decides, or did you mean something else?
  13. In Football Manager 2020, it was released on February 20th at 1.59pm which included the January transfers and there was a further update which included February Transfers on 5th March at 5.57pm but since then they have gone to a 2 update system which includes a main winter update and a last/final winter update: Football Manager 2021: Main Winter Update: 22nd February at 9.45pm Last Winter Update: 15th March at 9.44pm Football Manager 2022: Main Winter Update: 24th February 3.59pm Last Winter Update: 24th March 4.01pm Football Manager 2023: Main Winter Update: ? Last Winter Update: ? This means that if you go by the previous couple of years, the main winter update is already 1 week later than usual.
  14. It's likely to be released tomorrow, just not sure what time. Possibly early to mid evening.
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