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  1. Wakefield to Manchester isn’t that far away, it’s not on the same level as Cornwall to Gloucestershire as discussed earlier in the thread.
  2. Save your editor data file as an xml, open the xml in a text editor, find the FA Cup by its ID, manually change the number of teams, save the file. Reload the database and your file. If it’s worked, save your xml back as an fmf.
  3. @Mediocre_Jake is currently working on a South Korea file, if he doesn’t post it on here check his Twitter
  4. Yes that’s correct, if they’re on a different file you’ll need to create them again. You can’t run two separate nation rules from the same nation.
  5. If they were affiliated B teams they’d show up as you’re making a stand-alone club. Reserve teams of Leiston, Needham Market, AFC Sudbury, Kidlington are all created using the reserve teams to create tab whereas Dorking Wanderers are missing from the Southern Combination.
  6. I’ve just searched for reserves in the database you’ve sent me and nothing shows up.
  7. I’ve not had chance to look in the XML yet, but I’ve had a better idea. Remove all the reserve teams from the clubs they’re part of, and make them as separate clubs. Put in an affiliation between the two and you’ll be able to see them get promoted.
  8. In theory yes it might work, but you may lose specific advanced rules during the switch to basic and then back to advanced. I’ll see if there’s anything in the xml that can be changed without having to switch between the two.
  9. Ah yeah, I see what you mean. I’ve had a look at Ivan’s file in basic rules and he’s got B teams can’t be promoted ticked on each competition. So despite him saying B teams can get promoted in the advanced rules, the basic rules might take priority and that’s what gets read by the game to run. If he blocked specific teams from promotion, all you’d do is remove those.
  10. I've just loaded the game up and apart from the EL10 divisions that have reserve teams in them, there's no mention of B teams on the top nine levels getting blocked from promotion to the division in question.
  11. Ahh I didn’t think of advanced rules! Isn’t there something similar for the top levels in the EPL/EFL that have the same thing?
  12. Okay, where are you seeing the B teams setting to allow promotion on them? There’s three options blocking them from promotion, two from promotion altogether and the other if they’re two levels above.
  13. How have you got your top levels set up in the editor? Are they all uneditable and greyed out? It is possible to edit them but don’t know if it has a knock on effect with other rules. Brilliant to hear you’ve got it working You can’t have two nation rules from the same country as they’ll clash with each other, always best to keep them as one file.
  14. That looks correct to me, I’m unsure if in the population you have to have a range rather than the exact number though. What errors do you get?
  15. You could have 8 points for a win, 4 for a draw and 2 for a defeat. If you’ve only got 16 teams in your league you’d only need to win under half your games to get to 100 points with a few draws and defeats. Even if you lost every game you would get 60 points. I don’t think you can do half points, they’ve got to be full points.
  16. Add all your teams to a secondary division, on the screen where you add in your teams, select that competition
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