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  1. I figured out what the issue is. I forgot I had downloaded a names fix file from FM Scout, but it's not a database file, it's a .INC file, so I forgot about it. After removing that file, my competition names were showing up correctly. Did you download any .inc files? That's probably what it is.
  2. Wow, that's interesting. Thanks for taking a look. It helps to know it's only happening on my end.
  3. Created the 2nd division in the United States named USL Championship. In the game, when looking at the list of active comps in the USA, the name of the USL Championship is showing up as "USLC". I changed the short name of the competition and it's showing up correctly everywhere else except here. Admittedly this is a small nitpicky thing, but it's bugging me and I can't figure out what the issue is. Anyone know? I included the database and some screenshots to show what I'm talking about. Up to USL Championship.fmf
  4. Thank you so much! Your help worked perfectly. As to why I have a stage 4 and some of the wrong stages set, for anyone thinking they can copy 2022 MLS rules and just change the competitions and teams to the USL Championship, don't do it. It doesn't make things easier. lol
  5. I'm creating the second division in the United States, the USL Championship. The league structure is this: 2 conferences, east and west. 7 teams from each conference make the playoffs, the winner of each conference plays for the championship. Where I'm running into trouble: I have 7 teams from the eastern conference going to the playoff stage, but I can't get the 7 teams from the west to pass on. Here's the stage structure: 0 - regular season (this includes both conferences) 1 - eastern conference playoffs 2 - western conference playoffs 3 - final Stage 1 and 2 run simultaneously. I can get playoff teams to pass into stage 2 but I can't get teams to pass into stage 2. The playoff teams for stage 2 should come from group 1 in stage 0 (stage 0 has two groups, group 0 and group 1). Anyone know why? Up to USL Championship 2.fmf
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