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  1. Here we go again! This year I'm giving it a go with Canvey Island.
  2. You'll gain promotion next season. Your local lads are doing so well.
  3. Just had my first job offer. Kidderminster Harriers wanted me to attend an interview. I politely declined.
  4. I've finally convinced the chairman to look for a senior affiliate, one and a half seasons in... Edit: And they couldn't find a suitable club...
  5. Yep, that's normal. I'm also level 9, and can offer £110 appearance fee. I make it up with higher goal and assist bonuses (bad idea really, but I'm luckily having a great FA Cup run which is helping keep our balance out of the red).
  6. That's actually a long term goal. Maybe if we can get to League One I can make it happen.
  7. We're into the first round proper of the FA Cup!! I played a lot more defensive tactic for this match, and it paid off big time. I'm so happy with that result, and getting to the first round.
  8. Just realised I have four former Wolves youth players in my first team. Pointless information, but I kind of like the idea of Wolves rejects joining a different team in Wolverhampton.
  9. I'll have to stock up on the League One quality players when I reach Level 8 then, won't I?
  10. I'm now being recommended League 2 quality players at level 9... This is crazy! lol
  11. Hahaha. Sounds like they hate your club, so the hatred for them is justified. I'm left with 4 players from all the players I signed at the start of and throughout the first season... Cheeky sods are even offering contracts to players who I managed to get to sign new contracts just a few ingame days earlier. Oh, and then there's my staffing situation, which is pretty much the same.
  12. OK, follow up question from a conversation about the kind of contract we can offer players at this level, even after going semi-pro. If we're only allowed to offer non-contract "contracts" to players with appearance fees and such, how come we can offer proper contracts to staff with a wage and an expiry date?
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