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  1. 3 hours ago, krymert said:

    If this is not a game breaking bug, what else is? Of course we've all been playing this game for years and know what early access is, but this bug makes it impossible to play long-term saves. game breaking bug should not only be considered as a technical impossibility to play the game. (like crash to destkop or  stuck on a spesific date) after all, it's a video game and we all play it to enjoy it. nobody gets paid to find bugs in the game, but we pay to be able to play it. long-term plays are not  joyful for me(and I think it will be like that for a lot of people.), so the player who cannot progress in long-term games cannot give feedback to the developer for this period of game as a result, the beta period will not  fulfill its purpose..

    do you think you two are the only ones who sim ahead?   I for one run tons of test sims as do a lot of content creators i know. lets not act like tons of people dont sim ahead all the time. Hell, some sim ahead 100 years

  2. The whole point of a beta is so they can get help spotting issues and working on correcting them. If they shake you up that much then perhaps you should wait until the game releases .    Could we also stop calling every issue game breaking, seems to be very dramatic.  I also find it odd how you are demanding an indepth answer, They said they are looking into it, if they filed an 8 page report on every glitch or issue they would never get the issues fixed. you dont deserve  a full explanation for every issue they fix, you deserve a working game by the time the full product is released post beta. How about we let them do that instead of freaking out about three word replys.

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