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  1. did more tests and appears to happen when a coach leaves. if anyone needs it recreated i can give saves
  2. ive encountered this, which of you are using an in game editor. seems to be the culprit at least for me.
  3. i understand that, ive made skins before however i had a base white skin to start with.
  4. while i am here is there an easy way to transform the base skin to a light (white) version?
  5. btw, omega luke just had a video posted where he simmed 100 years and the newgens look fine, technical included.
  6. i will leave you to your sky is falling mentality. I for one accept the staffs answer and am sure it will be fixed in due course. Have a pleasant evening
  7. do you think you two are the only ones who sim ahead? I for one run tons of test sims as do a lot of content creators i know. lets not act like tons of people dont sim ahead all the time. Hell, some sim ahead 100 years
  8. The whole point of a beta is so they can get help spotting issues and working on correcting them. If they shake you up that much then perhaps you should wait until the game releases . Could we also stop calling every issue game breaking, seems to be very dramatic. I also find it odd how you are demanding an indepth answer, They said they are looking into it, if they filed an 8 page report on every glitch or issue they would never get the issues fixed. you dont deserve a full explanation for every issue they fix, you deserve a working game by the time the full product is released post beta. How about we let them do that instead of freaking out about three word replys.
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