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  1. It overrides i think, in the case of players such as McGregor or so on
  2. You can wrap it in a player scout report <widget class="player_scout_reports_panel" id="PrCo" file="none" late_loading="true"> <translation id="title" translation_id="420686" type="use"/> <record id="object_property" get_property="objt" set_property="objt"/> <layout class="stick_to_sides_attachment" apply_to_children="true"/> *code* </widget>
  3. You'd have to look through panels/human to find the file, i think its inbox buttons but i haven't touched them in years. In the code, try changing player/woz/player attributes panel to just player/player attributes panel, if that works then we know where the issue is, but looking at that one file doesn't reveal a whole lot
  4. Then in my case, another 200 and then you actually learn how it works
  5. Won't be the skin, there's nothing the skins that can cause it
  6. You'll have to copy player stats small from the base files, once you have open the file and remove "class="icon_box"" from line 7
  7. have you edited any files in the skin?
  8. the default skin has it in panels/match/comps/germany
  9. https://support.microsoft.com/en-gb/windows/change-your-screen-resolution-in-windows-5effefe3-2eac-e306-0b5d-2073b765876b
  10. yeah the skin isn't built for anything less than 1080p on 100% zoom in game and windows. Stuff works, but it's not perfect which is why the low res mods are included
  11. Not really needed for FM24, download TCS or the Rensie skin and they'll show the IDs. Can't exactly remember how Rensie implemented it, but just click on the face with TCS
  12. Presuming you're on a low resolution, you'll need to use the low res staff mod
  13. the app was made in like 2008, it quite literally predates the fmf file format. As well as this, an fmf file is football manager's proprietary file format, which would require someone to figure out how to decode the file, then build the tool on top of that. To me, that's a lot of work for a few QoL changes, but what do i know, i just edit the config files myself cause it takes about 5 seconds, anything more i just throw into chatgpt. As snow mentioned this is the wrong forum for it. I wouldn't even know where to start looking as the program is near enough 15 years old.
  14. unfortunately nothing we can do about the names over the edge of the shirt You can try the larger back of kit, but the actual file is incredibly limited
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