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  1. Hi, im not looking for a laptop for FM as I play on my PC. I am however looking for a laptop for my son. All he will want to play on is minecraft and other games like that (hopefully at full gfx). Just wondered if you could recommend one in the range of £300-£500.
  2. @XaW I don’t know how to read that. Are you saying it’s a good idea and that I should log it as a feature request? or are you saying to stop putting a feature request in a thread for feature requests that is totally unofficial and this is a wish list?
  3. @JorgenThats exactly how I mean. Dynamically moving "screens / views" within FM to different parts of your monitor. Its been in my head for a few years. Just never mentioned it on here. Would be an awesome feature though.
  4. Ok this isn't going to be implemented any time soon but one feature I would love to see in FM is hmm, I dont know how i should name this other than Dynamic Floating Screen Islands (The feature can definitely be named something more extravagant) but this is something I've thought of in the last few years about the game. Basically we can already play the game in Full Screen mode and Windowed mode (which i use 100% of the time), however i would love another mode where it allows you to play in Windowed mode but allows you to keep different parts of the game somewhere else on your screen 100% of the time so you can always get to parts of the game. For example. - if you have multiple screens, you could use Monitor 1 for items like the squad menu and staff, but then on monitor 2 you could have your training screen, and then on your third screen you can have your scouting screen. The feature would allow you just to move different windows in and out of different monitors..... I hope you understand and hopefully you will agree its not a bad idea. Basically allows you to access more, more quickly across multiple screens....
  5. That’s a good idea. Thanks I’ll try that when I’m home from work.
  6. Currently in season two. One of my players wants to discuss personal matters with me and im unable to select anything. This is mandatory and I must deal with it. I cant progress without doing so and cant pass this to my captain.
  7. Im looking forward to playing FM Touch on iPad again. Hopefully it isnt released with major bugs and hopefully being as its going to be within Apple Arcade and we would be paying a monthly subscription that they will look after the game with more frequent updates for bugs etc.
  8. In my opinions SI have really missed a trick by getting rid of support FMT for tablet. It is certainly the way forward for so many players like myself who don't have the time to sit at a PC all day. A tablet is something that the majority of people own these days. I do have a Nintendo Switch and did purchase FM22 thinking it could be "ok".... I wasnt even an hour in before I decided its terrible. Also for anyone still playing FMT21, how on earth are you playing it with so many bugs. Is the scroll bug still a thing (jerky scrolling). - The best bug which did actually get fixed was when results were different for the AI to what was being shown in latest scores.
  9. Not offended at all. After you said it It got me thinking straight away. Thanks - I've never managed to do it before in a previous FM save. I try this every year. I've sort of given up on the save now as players are just ridiculous in price and wages.
  10. @bartdude Ok you have confused me... Ah ok, are you referring to the "Cinch Premiership".....
  11. So im in 2032 at the moment, I'm Sheffield Wednesday and i've just won the Premiership for the first time and finished runners up in the champions league for the third year on the trot. I'm slightly concerned about my wage budget. Currently its about 4.3 million. But look at the amount some of these players are on! I feel like the further you get in to a save the more ridiculous the wages / money gets. The majority of the players my scouts are sending my way are all on £200,000 to £500,000 p/w. Or is it my bad money management?
  12. Its been a few months since I fired FM up but one bug which was prominent, was when teams were walking out before a game and 3 or more players would be walking off in different directions. Does this still exist. Sorry im currently re-downloading it. When looking in the bugs forum i couldn't see it
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