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  1. Without trying to sound deliberately vague, the way I see it is that I don't think it was ever a 'live' project but nor is it completely dead. @Riz Remes?
  2. Job shortlist sounds like a great idea. I loved it when in the very old editions of CM, you'd get an inbox item for every managerial appointment.
  3. My remit is purely data. I'm not able to give assurances as to what is or isn't included in any future update but obviously, I monitor all feedback in these threads. 🙂
  4. Colorado


    Thank you for sharing this, noted!
  5. I get your frustration but the answer lies with developing the league and supporting the other clubs enough to enable more to become professional as opposed to denying TNS opportunity to operate as full-time.
  6. Have you tried moneyball approach? Heavy reliance on stats but more challenging.
  7. You're not wrong; they were for a period 'full-time' but even then had several players still playing for them part-time.
  8. Thanks for sharing this. 👍
  9. Ok, if you notice any more issues, please share them here
  10. Hi, I'll pass this feedback on. Thanks for posting.
  11. Hi, thanks for posting. Noted and will look into these.
  12. Chime in at the bugs forum if something doesn't feel right, especially the player search bug you mention.
  13. I don't think there's a thing as having too many, or too few. I'm no expert but would say, it's more about understanding how they correlate with each other and how the individual demands impact each player in terms of their role and responsibilities.
  14. Just to add, it doesn't appear that AI clubs in the second division are taking the U21 rule into account when they are building their teams. Lots of squads starting the season without meeting the criteria.
  15. Anyone else having issues with the columns on the squad view screen changing?
  16. I'm sure you're not as self-entitled as this reads, but the situation isn't complex: it's not ready but as soon as it is, it'll be released. It really is that straightforward.
  17. FWIW I regularly attend press conferences, post-game ones anyway, and from my experience they pretty much go on as in the game.
  18. I think, and I don't know this, the decision not to make the stadiums look too similar to their real-life counterparts is to avoid any legal issues that may arise around licencing and bearing an accurate likeness. My guess is the stadiums are randomly generated created and are deliberately pretty vague for this reason, rather than SI just not being bothered or interested about stadium appearance.
  19. I've read a few analogies in this thread over the past few weeks, but this is gold! 😂
  20. Yeah, they will always stay amateur. Sounds like you've done very well with them though.
  21. Yeah, they were one of the last major top flight leagues to use squad numbers.
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