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  1. Glory Hunter is a Football Manager challenge series that was popularised by various Youtubers like DoctorBenjy, TomFM, Omega Luke among others. What is Glory Hunter? Glory Hunter is a Football Manager challenge where the manager has 20 seasons to win: The domestic leagues and main domestic cups of the Top 5 Leagues in Europe: England, Spain, France, Germany & Italy UEFA Champions League UEFA Europa League Club World Cup World Cup European Championship. What does this challenge require? You have 20 seasons to complete the challenge (Universal FM24 End Date: 30 June 2043); Select any team in the game with any coaching badges; You can add editor files (mods) such as domestic leagues, or real life competitions, or you can use data updates from Pr0, SirTavares, etc. [Show screenshot of selected editor databases] - this is so that we can maintain realism and keep integrity of the game compared to real-life. No special requirements are needed, you have a lot of flexibility with this challenge. Extra internal challenges within your save, some challenges may require editor files [⭐ - Difficulty (more is harder)] : New Kids on the Block [⭐]: Win the World Cup or Euros with a team that has never won it before A New Beginning [⭐⭐]: Win the leagues with teams that have never won the league (or haven't in a very long time). Outsiders [⭐⭐⭐]: Win all European Competitions (CL & EL) with a team located outside of the Top 5 Leagues Quality over Prestige [⭐⭐⭐⭐]: Limit yourself to signing free agents, relying on youth intakes & signing players that do not play for a Top Division club (for that season). (Tip: Sign players from relegated teams from previous season to steal their stars.) Hexagon Challenge [⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐]: Add another 20-30 seasons to win the following trophies (you can start anywhere and go anywhere throughout the save but Glory Hunter in 20 seasons is the main objective): CAF Champions League, AFC Champions League, CONCACAF Champions League, Copa Libertadores, OFC Champions League African Cup of Nations (not CHAN), AFC Asian Cup, CONCACAF Gold Cup, Copa America, OFC Nations Cup Optional: Win a domestic league and cup in each continent. You can combine these together and with other challenges like Youth Academy Challenge, Domestic-Only Challenge, etc. You may add any twists that help you enjoy the game more. Are you ready to take on this challenge? Will you make life a bit more tough by attempting the internal challenges? Will you achieve what no other manager has ever achieved before? ... LETS FIND OUT! Leaderboard: This section is reserved for people who have attempted to complete the Glory Hunter Challenge. A points scoring system is not currently in place but can be made if you would like to see one (ideas are welcome). Possible Points Scoring System: Manager Progress Template: The spoiler shows the temporary table layout for how the progress can be shown. You may show progress in any way you feel comfortable with as long as we can see how well you are doing in the challenge For any further questions, I will reply when I can. I will start posting my own save within the next 24 hours. If you have any suggestions or tips or anything I can add (especially to extra internal challenges) then let me know.
  2. Hey. So I am trying to create a multi-level continental competition. I would like to know how to exclude teams that qualified for the major competition from the minor competition. I've set up a league with 12 teams and these have been hard-coded for the season. 4 teams get relegated The second tier is the 4 relegated teams from previous season and the 8 qualifiers from the 24 teams qualified by national qualification spots. I want the first leagues teams to be excluded from the second league. Can anybody assist me with a solution to this?
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