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FM19 Non-European Challenge

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FM 19 Non-European Challenge

Welcome to the return of the non-european version of Gundo's challenge. This is the first time in a few years the version of this challenge which makes Asian, American and African teams available has appeared on this forum and I hope that it can be successful.

The premise of this challenge is pretty simple, take a previously unplayable side to national league and NACL/Asian CL/African CL/Copa Libertadores glory.


Available Nations (Reset dates coming soon)

South Africa-









Hong Kong-




South Korea-


The Rules (Basically Copied off All-European Thread)

A) Game Set-up

1) Load One Nation Only (All Available Divisions within your nation)

2) Your choice of Database Size (Large Recommended)

3) NO Edited Databases of any kind

4) Customising Database 

You can add players to the database up to a limit of 100,000 in total in order to add more depth to your save and also add more difficulty down the line.

NO other additional customising is allowed.

5) Attribute Masking should be Enabled

6) Disable Ingame Editor (Please do this)

7) Optional Ticks

Add Key Staff (This will give you a Scout, Physio & Ass Man by generating them if your club is without)

Add Players in Playable Nations (This will ensure all clubs have a minimum number of players, generating them if needed)

The extra levels of detail that you can change while in the game are up to you, as they shouldn't make a difference.


B) Steps in the Game

1) Add an unemployed manager; you will not use this man to manage your club. I like "Unemployed Man or Holiday Man"

2) Go on holiday until the reset date of your chosen nation (Should take about an hour)

TIP - Saving on the day before this date may give you a better choice of teams by reloading the game then going on holiday for one day, I would strongly recommend trying this.

3) Add a new manager - Use yourself, or a created character to help build a story line

a) Personal Details

- Your Choice

b) Tracksuit vs. Trainer

- Your Choice

c) Past Experience lowest Possible (Generally Sunday League)

d) Coaching Licenses lowest Possible (None)

e) Other options are up to you

TIP - If you add the language of your country of choice it will make it easier at the beginning

TIP - Training now includes you at some level depending on your abilities.

4) Choose to take over any club which has been promoted to the bottom playable league of your nation.

TIP - Easiest way in FM17 to see this is on the "Season Review" screen, showing the "Promoted Clubs"

TIP - You can confirm your club by checking the Domestic History's page for not being at this level since start of game

5) Retire your unemployed manager.

6) Manage your club to National Title & European Champions League Victory

7) Completing the Challenge.


C) Signing of Players

1) You must be able to scout them

TIP - You don't actually have to scout them, just be able to

TIP - You can check your scouting range on the Scouting page

2) Alternatively (If you can't scout them), you must bring them on a trial first

3) You are able to sign anyone sent to you via Agent Offer

TIP - Make sure you screenshot the Agent offer

4) In later versions you can get your DoF to find players, he will bring in players not in Scouting Range, these are also allowed.

TIP - Grab a screenshot of your DoF signing them


D) Posting

1) Player naming is allowed. (This is a warning for those of you who do not wish to see this)

2) Discussion of tactics is allowed. (This is another warning for those of you who do not wish to see this)


Expected Updates

We have minimum expectations when it comes to a first up post and also in the end of season updates. The Bold pages are necessary for everyone; the others are some suggestions that will get others interested in your posts and following your club. All other screenshots are welcome and encouraged, but we please ask that the majority are posted as links, because lots of pictures can make the page very slow to load.


First Post:


Domestic Leagues History (Club)

Profile (Manager)

Overview (Club)

Squad (Club)


End of Season Updates:

Transfers (Club) - This is so we can see the ins & outs

League Table (Competition)

Squad (Club)

Information (Manager)

Profile (Manager)

Information (Club)

Profile (Players)


Progress of your club should be documented using this thread; we want to hear the story of your club all the way through. Please keep us updated, even if you are doing badly. If you title your end of season report in bold this makes it easier to identify. Everyone will be supportive, and really get into your game if you give more detail.



Good luck with your travels

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