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Austrian league form


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Hey, guys.

Since yesterday it is now fixed that from the season 2019/20 there will be a reform in the 3rd league of Austria. Now I face a problem. How is it possible to let the Regionalliga West play out normally in the 1st season, but then to set the 2nd season to Dissolved? @Freddie Sands

Reform:The regional league West is dissolved and 3 regional "regional leagues" are created from Vorarlberg, Tyrol and Salzburg with 10 teams each league.
They play out an elite playoff in spring with the best 2 Teams of each Regional Division to find the promoted team in the 2nd league.
The other 8 Teams do play a regular competitions (14 Matches). The bottom 2 Teams are relegating to the 4th tier 

I hope for quick help.

Best regards

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