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Player Instructions and Attributes

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When setting your player instructions for the roles on what situation do you decide to use the increase or decrease tabs on dribble more/dribble less, shoot more often, shoot less often, Cross more often, cross less often, take fewer risky passes or more risky passes, mark tighter, tackle harder than the roles allow.  I generally do it to suit the attributes of the players ie, players with higher crossing ratings to cross more often, better finishing to shoot more often etc... more risky passess, higher passing and vision attributes. 

I wondered though what is would you determine a high attribute for a lower league club when the attributes of the players are all relatively low anyway. 

Would you say 12 is a good attribute for the division your in or would it be a classed as a low attribute number rating where you shouldn't let it go higher or lower than the default for the role.  Im trying to determine the cut off point of decreasing the instruction - low rating, not touching it at all and keeping it as default or increasing the instruction - high attribute rating so Im trying to determine the cut off boundaries of low, medium and high

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30 minutes ago, wazza said:

I generally do it to suit the attributes of the players

That is generally the same approach i take however, we should also bear in mind the effect of making some of these changes. The more changes we make the more restrictive we are getting. In other words we are reducing the scope of the players actions. While it's good in certain cases, it can also work against us. An example:

Say i want to help keep possession, and i want the ball to move up the pitch in a more controlled fashion. Here i could have a fullback who doesn't have great dribbling, passing and vision. A great number would be any number that is higher than the league average. This is a number we can easily find in the team comparison page. To help keep possession, we could ask the fullback to sit narrower (keeps him closer to midfield during the defense-midfield transition). Then I could also tell him not to play risky passes (reduces through balls and most balls are played to feet). 

These two instructions will help keep the FB more disciplined with his passing, but what happens if there is a quick transition, which is not necessarily a counter. Let's say there is a chance to launch an attacking ball from deep, then he won't be the one doing it. Instead you keep the ball more. Now what if he is under pressure in a high press, those instructions, may give him an easy passing option to central midfield, but what if those are covered? Then his "play less risky", may also see him hoof the ball. That happens because you have told him specifically not to try anything risky including looking for an outlet in space or a specific player targeting space. This also depends on the mentality of the whole team and how he sits in it. The chance that he hoofs goes up if he is defensive, and his options are covered.

These are all factors we need to consider when we use a lot of PIs. Basically another one of describing it > the more PIs you use, the more restrictive you become.

Now to your question about the number. The best bet is to look at the league average for what you are trying to achieve.

Play Risky Pass - Decisions, Vision, Passing. Does he have good attributes or at least meets the average? If yes, then its a good choice to take
Run With Ball  - Dribbling, Acceleration - same as above

Essentially you are looking at each PI and then you are trying to see which attributes might affect it. His attributes may be important but again you need to look at the PI and why you are using it. If i wanted someone to play a risky pass and say its a FB, its because i want an ICBM fullback, one who launches devastating missile attacks from deep into space for fast players attacking space to latch onto. I wouldn't ask him to do it if I didn't have players like that. So when using these PIs we need to consider the overall plan.

So it's the average league number or higher  you are looking for and how it fits into ur overall attacking pattern.

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