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  1. When winning the English championship the celebrations do not show all at the end of the game. Reloaded the game and on the 2nd time it did, however on the 3rd time again it did not. Reported as a bug in the approriate forum
  2. It also says in the document For the vast majority of clubs in the EFL, the league contribution will be the arbiter of their EQP minutes. I read that as that the players EFL league matches are also included in the EQP minutes and not just the premier league. I assume that the players does not have to be started for the matches ie first team and can be brought on as a substitiute to get his minutes in. ie he doesnt have to be an important players, regular starter, but could even be a breakthrough prospect that is brought on as a substitite during the matches but as long as his overall minutes throughout the season equals 50 percent of his playing time?
  3. I have allocated one ESC slot to one player - I had an inbox message saying that he needs to play 50% and his current playing is 0 %, Where on the players tabs can I find this so I can track his playing time to earn a full work permit as I cannot seem to find it as there is nothing under nationalitie or eligibiliy tabs as just shows how many datys to gain english nationality but nothing to do with a percentage of playing
  4. I have a player who was out on loan and is due to return at christmas. his work permit application has been rejected but I have been told the club has 4 ESC slots of which I can allocate him one for 1 year. How does this work Accoding to the game the below applies What are EQP matches? Is it the matches he can allowed to play in which I think it is and how do you find out what is his threshold of minutes he has to play. So that I know I have to play him that amount.
  5. Is the cloud storage for saved games working. I seem to save a game to the steam cloud from my computer and it shows as saved, but the save file does not appear on my laptop. I have put the saved games onto the laptop via penstick and then saved back to cloud from the laptop and the its not on my main pc. Any advice
  6. Thanks I did look at that previously but really require a laptop for other things to do with work etc...
  7. Thanks the one I was looking at is out of stock - typically - there is an alternatvie which does look similar the out of stock processor js - Intel® Core™ i5-11400H Processor - Hexa-core - 2.7 Ghz / 4.5 GHz - 12 MB cache However this processor is ntel® Core™ i5-12450H Processor - Octa-core - 2.0 GHz / 4.4 GHz - 12 MB cache so not sure which is faster and better https://www.currys.co.uk/products/msi-cyborg-15-15.6-gaming-laptop-intel-core-i5-rtx-2050-512-gb-ssd-10253504.html Any advice be greatiy apprecialted As advised in my post above Looking at purchasing a laptop to run FM24 / FM25 from Currys. On my desktop comp have a custom database totalling 205'440 players and run the following leagues, some as playable and some as view only. I am after a laptop so that I can continue my game when I am on holiday or away travelling, which I may have to do more of in the future. I run 127 leagues in 55 nations some as view only as shown below. My budget is around £700
  8. Hi. Looking at purchasing a laptop to run FM24 / FM25 from Currys. On my desktop comp have a custom database totalling 205'440 players and run the following leagues, some as playable and some as view only. I am after a laptop so that I can continue my game when I am on holiday or away travelling, which I may have to do more of in the future. I run 127 leagues in 55 nations some as view only as shown below. My budget is around £700 Is the laptop below suitable or will it present any issues? https://www.currys.co.uk/products/asus-tuf-gaming-f15-15.6-gaming-laptop-intel-core-i5-rtx-2050-512-gb-ssd-10258186.html THnaks
  9. This is down to you as a manager and nothing to do with faults in the game. I generally play with 2 players in each position (2 squads) and rotate as necessary to ensure that the players ARE HAPPY with there playing time and fitness, its easily done and you just have to make sure that none of them become concerned which is displayed in the game tabs and that they are happy - If and when they look like they are going to become concerned I will give them a run of games. In some positions I have youngsters who I want to bed into the team as breakthough prospects and manage to do it, keeping the whole squad happy., by constant rotation. I look for gaps and easier games in my fixture list which I think are winnable and then use these and plan ahead to fetch such breakthrouh prospects into the team. Also when you sign players do not tell your new signings that they will be star players , important players, regular starters etc... if you cannot give the player enough game time and are not better than what you currently have. If you do sign a star players you will have to adjuist another squads star player status to what his new playing time will be. This may make him unhappy but thats football - you need to communicate with the players, constantly talk to them praise and critiscise them to get them on board with you been manager. If the original star player gets upset and wants to leave then thats life. Its all about how you as the manager - man manage your sqaud and not the fault of the game or unplayable. Maybe read some of the guidance on the forums and many websites on how to do this - but the game is deffo not unplayable or broken.
  10. Are your OI's trigger pressing certain players and also what are your pressing instructions. The individual players attributes also affect how tired they get during the game - natural fitness etc.... Each player is different. Also are you resting players and rotating between the games and have those players who are on 60% been training hard before games without rest. Its all feeds into the matchs. Have a look in your medical centre as all the information is in there for you to manage your squad and team through this situation. Also did you give the players a tough pre-season with heavy sessions to help them not get fatigued during the season. All of this affects the game as it would irl football. I don't see an issues and certainily the game is not unplayable, it is how you manage the player based on the above and probably more. how many matches they play each week, and squad rotation to make sure they are not fatigued.
  11. Is there a way in the set piece creator to get your goalkeeper to go forward to join the attack for corners in the last kicks of the game as irl. Ive noticed that some opposition teams do this in the fm24 for the last kicks if they are losing, but can't find a setting in the creator or for you to be able to click on the gk position to say to go up. Is it automatic for the team you are managing to or is there a setting somewhere
  12. Does anyone know what is the maximum rating unconvincing, acomplished, natural you can re-train a player to. I have a couple of players who I have trained to play in a new position and they have got upto Acomplished. Am I right to believe that they would not get upto natural now until you play them for a while is the position and that from when they have got to Acomplished in the training they can go no higher from training alone, So in effect you could then go back and train them in there original starting position rather than there 2nd position as its not going to get any higher through training.in there 2nd posiion and they will gradullly get to natural through just been played there or do I still need to keep the traiing onto the 2nd posiition that they are trained in as well as playing them in the 2nd position
  13. Same here I have also reported but didn't realise there was already a thread for it. I have also uploaded 2 files 'Rec focus test.fm and 'Rec focus test 1' with exlplanations of what each shows in the thread link below
  14. Hi Michael, No, as they were not matches that my team played in, they were when I from when I checked Norwichs scout and analyst report to the Norwichs schedule of fixtures that they releated to. Norwich was my next opposition team and I noticed that the scout / analysts reports did not match with what there last lot of fixtures and match states said on the schedule. As far as Im aware you can only upload pkm's from the matches that you have played in as when I have gone to save Norwichs schedule of fixtures that this relates to the 'save match' tab is greyed out unfortunatley.
  15. I have set a recuitment focus for a top priority DR 1 * min current ability and 1.5* min potential ability using 4 scouts and 2 analysts. The scouts looked for players anywhere aged 15 - 21 Only 3 players came back as recommendations Tyler Ashcroft, James Sweet and Daniel Chesters. I did not beleve this was enough and went to test this by searching and scouting players myself from the players in range list looking at all interested DRs aged 15-21 When doing this and the scout reports found alot more players who where between 15-21 and over 2* ability ratings and over1.5 min potential ability ratings. The recruitment focuses are not working as these should have been picked up when doing the focus and I have just reported this as a bug. Has anyone else found this issue and can advise of a workaround that they are using so that enough recommended players come through the focuses?
  16. Looking at my first fixture against Norwich the scout reports that 442 has had 6 clear cut chances which is wrong when looking at 1 the analysts reports. furthermore when comparing the last 4 games that Norwich has played in there individual fixtures they have only have had a total of 5 CCC where the analysts are reporting 7 See below match stats from Norwiches opening 4 games which when individualy added up for CCC is 5 and not 7
  17. I have set a scouting recruitment focus to look for a young up and coming right back to the below settings, but my scouts only came back with 1 recommendation and 1 near match. I set the min current ability to 1 star and the min potential ability to 2.5 stars and to scouting anywhere. My scouting range is set to uk and ireland only and I was hoping to get a few premiership youngsters who had good potenial ratings by doing these settings. I don't understand how these settings only lead to two players being on my list. What am I doing wrong I believe I have made the optiosn as broad as I can to get the recommendations and have 2 scouts looking for the players on a top priority. surely the premiership has these youngsters but they are not coming up. My 2 scouts also have 15 and 17 JPA and 11 and 17 JPP Any advise on how I can get more recommendaitons to find youngsters at rightback aged between 18-22 as I dont understand what Im doing wrong
  18. I have only just started my save and have set everything up for my team and just played a intersquad friendly so literally are 2 days into my club - on the game details of my save it says there are 79785 database changes. I noticed there was a minor update and I was thinking shall I or shall I not start again with me only just starting the game and thought as the minor update mentions Germany and Japan mainly database changes I would have a look and see how many they are on the game details and it reports 79719. Should these numbers be taken literally to determine the number of changes as it appears that there was another 79k worth of data changes since my save in the minor update or should you not use this number to determine the number of changes as it appears to close to the previous db change number for it to be true
  19. What is the best way to deal with the situation where you have set your individual training focuses to suit the players attributes by training the worst ones to get them higher, however the players come to you after a while with this mesage saying they are unhappy with the individual training. I have normally changed the individual training schedule to make them happy - however Ive noticed on previous versions that they soon become unhappy again, even though its a different individual training schedule. Whats the best to do leave ito the attributes you want improving but knowing the players will become unhappy or change it to make them happy?
  20. The only news item I saw was the one where you have to respond as below and when you mess around with it you cant get it to go as you want to as reasons explained in 1st post
  21. For intra squad friendlies, how do you split you first team squad into two so that the first team players can play for the second x11 in the game. I have tried dragging and droppong the player over into the 2nd x11 and it shows ineligble as already in the opposion 1st team squad. Anyone any ideas? Also tried moving 1st team players into U21's - this makes them unhappy but can be resolved by apologising to them then doing a quick pick this then splits them. Only then you go to the match and find that it says certain players are illegible - appears not to work, unless there is a certain way of doing it that I am missing,.
  22. At least its a date to what they are working towards, even if it changes nearer the time it's better than no communication at all. It's also not the same update when you read the changelists that was originally submitted and compare them. Thanks for the update si, I can now plan my life around the expected eta.
  23. It be good if SI could give us an update to an expected ETA as I agree 'coming soon' is vague orto give some indication on what they are working towards. We could do with regular updates on where the patch is in its development and estimated release time weather that be this week, next week or next month imo. I like welsh dragon have to give estimated times in my job too on the delivery of projects ,so this is common practice As welsh dragon has said this can be caveated if necessary in case there are any unforseen issues - then people who work / have families can plan around it as welsh dragon says.. It would also help others who unlike myself who will be starting a new game, may have imported there FM23 game into 24. so they can plan to go back and play the save on the previous version without having to wait. It would also help as Im currently planning tactics and training schedules until the patch comes out and it be good to know if I have a long time to plan them and can do other things or if I have to do them quickly as the patch is coming soon
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