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What update was this added on?

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I've looked at the recent change-logs and they've not stated in them these changes, but I've noticed them in-game, they may be minor, but strange.

The Manager (you) apparently is now called the 'Head Coach', and the Director of Football is now called the General Manager, and the Wage Budget has been changed to 'Payroll'.

Oh and apparently the Assistant Manager is now the Assistant Coach, but I digress.

A lot of these changes don't affect much, they just feel odd. Like, the Manager is supposed to be the boss of the team, right? Then why would his role be renamed to Head Coach, and the DIrector of Football (who usually has the role of recommending potential players for you ingame), is now called the General Manager? It makes it seem like someone who is effectively just part of the scouting department is suddenly above you. 

I also haven't seen these changes being mentioned anywhere, and when I purchased the beta, and sometime after, none of these title and wording changes were in place, so I'm just wondering when they were added in, and why they were added in.

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Noticed any other changes? I might give it a go to shake things up if it changes some of the commentary or social media terms? 

Like when I used to switch fifa commentary to foreign language once I was sick to death of Andy Townsends tiny repotoire 

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