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FM 19 Match Plans

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Has anyone used the match plans in their games.  Is there an issue with them as Im pretty sure they are not working as intended. 

I load some up for my game and also use team shouts during the matches.  I have noticed that on occasions that the under the tactics on the game has automatically switched to 'do not use mathc plans' instead of the plan that I use which is still listed below it.  I wondered if because I am also using the shouts if this is turning them off or if it is a bug.  Also during my last game 2 subs occurred which I did not make for some reason - which was strange as even on the match plans you cannot tell them to make subs.

On the plans I have my team to change to 'attacking' with some different shouts for 10 minutes after scoring and conceding a goal.  But this does not happen.  However at the end of matches the plans occasionally work


The other question is there a way of during a matches progress you can tweak the match plans.  I know you can during the initial briefing but during games I also tweak my tactics to counteract oppositions weaknesses ie focus play down right and wondered if you can also tweak the match plans for when they come into play during a match

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