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Boston Town Poachers


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My apologies if this is placed in the wrong place. I'm from the US and a new player to this game. I played FM2018 then 2019 came out. Thanks to the world cup and this game, I am now a certified Soccer crazed nut from the USA. Yes there are a few of us who watch every game they can. Anyways I have started using (cierons) database... I am sorry if I messed his name up I'm going by memory and it was a while ago since I downloaded it. But I'm in my 4th season and I'm hoping to make the VNS or VNN next season... I'm looking for someone who can make me real graphics and kits for the team. If I got to choose colors it would be black, dark blue and white for the main kit. I get a sponsorship every season for around 5K so far but I would really like to find a sponser for the kit or for it to at least say Poachers or something... Anyways I would appreciate any help out there with much thanks. I can be reached at crogers06360@gmail.com.

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