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FM20 Experiment - Goalkeeper as striker in Liverpool (Inspired by Phil Jones ✕ Paris Saint-Germain)

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I've got a request (the bolded part at the end). 


That said I've fielded players out of position before, albeit full teams such back then with Barcelona (didn't do them particularly good).  Pic-Upload.de - barca.png (pic-upload.de)


As to scoring goals, I've always been arguing that on this game the chance is more important than the player/forward who has it (which to a degree is naturally true in actual football itself). Systematic finishing issues have always been tactical as to FM, as they would influence the amount and type of chances had. Additionally, the AI has many times never been able to replicate Messi-like scoring rates because many of their tactical approaches are not suited to making a single forward as much of the focal point of play (players like Messi have 5+ attempts average per match for a start, CR7 during his prime even 7).

Still, these were youth player GKs. Naturally, that's a tad different.

Now with xG in the game, I'd actually love to see a repeat / update of this with more indepth stats. Would the youth GKS actually underperform their xG in the lower run (as you'd expect them too)? Likewise, would an elite forward overperform it in the longer run. At a club such as Liverpool, you're going to get many chances, after all. Moreso with a tactic downloaded from FMBase, which is basically FMExploit Central. Despite scoring semi-regularly, you may still be actually underperforming. 

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