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How to find google maps coordinates for big list of cities?


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As i wrote in the title - is there any way to export coordinates from google maps or any other map? I know how to find coordinates for one position on the map but i want to find it for more than 2500 cities and villages in Serbia. I have city/village list in excel...

Any idea?

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22 minutes ago, Kleyo said:

Maybe this?


But I'm not sure if in FM21 use coordinates decimal format or "geographic" and what format is on this list. Some years ago when I add new city to FM I must use decimal format of coordinates when in Poland we use usually coordinates when 1 degree have 60 minutes.

It seems it doesnt have all populated places list - only important ones.

Never mind i managed to found solution for this.

Thanks anyway!

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3 hours ago, alian62 said:

Google maps is easy .. Just mark the city then right click on the city and theres your lat - long . Just click on it and it saves to clipboard . Then just paste into the stadium 

I know that :D I tried to find the way to do this for almost 3000 cities/villages in some automatic way.

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