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Any news on light skin?


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21 minutes ago, MariusA said:

Good, but how long time do you reckon?

It will depend on the work and time of the "skinning" guys.

It's hard work, so no one can tell exactly how long it will take to make a light skin. 


So, to pay respect for their work, we need to be patient and help where we can (bugs and panels alignments) when the skins are released.


No point in asking for a release date when others are doing all the work. BE PATIENT.

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10 hours ago, MariusA said:

Calm down.

 Your reaction is disappointing. These people work very hard behind the scenes, without pay. All so that you and thousands of people in the FM Community can enjoy the game even more.

You obviously feel very entitled. The least you could do is pretend not to be.

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On 03/12/2020 at 15:49, michaeltmurrayuk said:

After the Match Screen Mods (Before the Mint/BBC Skin) but it will be done if possible as I prefer the Light Skin :)

Hi Michael do you mind replying in this thread when you have it ready? I’ll turn on notifications. Barely playing FM until I get a light skin 😂

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