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Pulisball (Ugly football) Challenge Save!

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Hi everyone, I always been very interested about the way Toni Pulis's Stoke City played. Back in the day, they was performed a very agressive/directly/powerful football in EPL 2006 till 2013. They don't have too much great  players but with full squad of big, strong and combative fighters from the back to up front like: Huth, Shawcross, Delap, Nzonzi, Kenwyne Jones, Arnautovic, Jonathan Walter... they usually been a tough opponent for any team to play with and got some successful for themself. The phrase "But can they do it on a cold rainy night in Stoke" was so popular from there. We also could never forget the horrible tackle Shawcross made to Ramsey somewhat tell the way they played.

     Does anyone ever been had an idea to start a Pulisball Chalenge's save to build a team exactly like that for your own? I think these are some suggestions we should aim for:

- The players: The team don't have to be the top team in the league but we must have a bunch of good physically and combative players. CB, MC, ST should be at least 1m85, the taller the better, with high aggression, strength, jumping reach, workrate attributes (the transfer policy should based on that).

- The tactic:

    + When lose the ball: The whole team should quickly come back to hold shape. The defensive line shoud stay low a little bit but we have to press the opponent as much as we can once they "cross the line". Never afraid to put a tackle, "get stuck in ON". Tactical fouls are encouraged. We should decrease a little bit the fines of "Code of conduct" about yellow card and red card to encourage the players show their commitment.

     + When attacking: Should be counter-attack or wing play with direct passing, high tempo, focus attack to flanks. A lot of tall attackers will quickly swarm the box and waiting for float crosses in and beat the opponent's defendes with their airial ability or winning the chaotic sittuation in opponent's box. Try to play for set pieces is key. Headers should make up a big percentage of our goals.

- The youth developement: U23 & U18 team should use exactly the first team's tactic. Try to find a Head of Youth developement have the same Pulisball style with you to produce the youth intake fit to style of football we play.

 Does anyone ever try this kind of challenge? Could you guys give me anymore advices and suggestions to optimize this style of football? Thanks

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Hahaha great idea😂


my main things for this would be the direct style of play with target man, play for set pieces, get stuck in, but you’ve mentioned all this. And at least one low throw specialist in the delap mould! 

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Love the idea of this challenge. Always gravitate towards silky attacking style of play so I want a challenge like this to force me to switch things up.

Have used the following 6 year old thread to get ideas for what I want to achieve.

My challenge aims

- Full backs who are basically CB's. Not having any fancy wing backs at my club.

- To get a dedicated long throw specialist

- Height discrimination. I want a team who can all challenge aerially.

- Use of a target man up front.

- To have long balls and set pieces be the main source of goals.


Loadout was European based with a focus on UK and Ireland. Manager is starting off at the lowest rung and I'll have no reservation about moving on to better teams. Took the job to avoid finishing bottom at Portstewart FC in Derry. Gives me the opportunity to bring in free transfers and mould the team into the Pulis vision. Will try and race through this season and get an update posted after it ends. 

Database - Manager - Job Offer



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