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  1. great youth intake @Thebaker killer that 2 of them are keepers though!!
  2. NK Roltek Dob - Slovenian Premier League 2035/36 League Table | Domestic Fixtures 1 & 2 | European Fixtures | European Table | Manager Profile Challenge Complete A day I never thought would come, kinda came outa nowhere! We won the Champions League. Previously only reached the QF a couple of times and fell out with a whimper, but we hit a bit of form, got a very decent draw (Galatarasay in SF - yes please!) and by time final came round I just felt we were going to do it. I switched from a 4231 to 433 with DM, just to make us bit harder to beat in Europe and it worked perfectly. Domestically was the usual, league and cup double, to make a nice treble!. As the challenge is complete, I've been the Dob manager for 12 years, winning the league each year. Never had a save like this. My Manager history upon completion. Completed save with a net spend of £32m, pretty good i think?! My main players Majernik - great keeper Nunez - centre half who's been here a few years. Jankovic - my other main CB - who wanted away for most the season but I've talked him round. Bernardi - left back, solid player Stehlik - my playmaking DM. Roberts - got him on a free from Arsenal, he's been good, but when I flipped the shape to the 433 DM, played him on right of the 2 CM's as box to box midfielder, and he had a great run of form and became "world class midfielder" according to his description! Not sure I quite agree with that, but he's been really good! Coste - left of my 2 CM's. Filo - signed in January and came in was excellent right away, played on right wing as inverted winger. Frau - left winger played as IF. Kovac - 2 goals in CL final, not bad for £900k! Radolic Zarkov - signed in January, looks like a massive prospect. Club Infrastructure Finances | Supporter Profile | Club Vision | Facilities| Transfers Still for the life of me can't get them to up the youth facilities, or build a bigger stadium, THey apparently want me to sign players ready for first team, instead of developing my own! And with a 7,900 capacity stadium we can apparently achieve our ambitions. Well I guess they've been proven right on that one. Youth Intake Preview | Intake Day | Squad View | Signed Scholars And it was a double on the European front as our youth team won the UEFA Youth League! Unbeaten campaign in Europe for the young team, amazing! In other youth product news, Peric became the 2nd player from my ranks to get a cap for Slovenia. Next...Don't know, we are in the super cup vs Chelsea, and in the World Club Championship whenever that is. May hang around to do that. I'm a big Partick Thistle fan in real life so I may wait for that job to come up n jump ship then. Would quite like to get the Slovenian national job but the same guy's been in it for about 7/8 years and shows no sign of leaving.
  3. NK Roltek Dob - Slovenian Premier League 2034/35 League Table | Domestic Fixtures 1 & 2 | European Fixtures | European Table | Squad View 103pts, 103GD, league the usual cakewalk. Struggled a wee bit in Europe and snuck into the knock out phases at the very end! 2nd year in a row reaching the quarter final, but we didnt really turn up in either game vs AC Milan and got knocked out (we make up for this next season as you'll see in my next post!). Some of my players to highlight Majernik - my keeper, he's just always brilliant, saves me in the big matches, never makes mistakes. Has the "loves big matches" thing which I think is so important in FM this year (and probably ever year) Frau - italian international i player off the left as IF Labidi - bust of the save, thought he looked sensational, i spent silly money on him, thought he'd be the striker to take me to the next level. He was immediately unhappy, couldn't settle, missed training, so I just benched him the whole season then sold him to spurs. Club Infrastructure Finances | Supporter Profile | Club Vision | Facilities| Transfers Youth Intake Preview | Intake Day | Signed Scholars Just to give you a standard of the players coming in, some of the top prospects. Novak Buric Bunderla Pander
  4. @_JHTB_ well done on your first title and European final. Love the look of the full back Roi, and yeh losing that keeper must have stung but £23m can't be sniffed at! Good luck in the CL!
  5. Good season @Thebaker I like the Costa Rican lad Bonilla, did you play him as AM or a DLF? His poorer finishing would put me off playing him as the main striker but he seems to have done well. Good youth intake - I did this save in France about 10 years ago and I remember the variety of 2nd nationalities with all the African backgrounds, it was great for getting your home grown players capped. I've been in Slovenia for about 12-13 years and I've had about 7 players in that time that weren't Slovenian. You've got good finances, but a pretty low wage budget - need to get them to crank up the wages when you're sitting on £40m!
  6. Will be the weekend I reckon until I can post a proper update...but this just happened. End of the 2036 season. Not quite sure how it happened, but I've said that a lot about this save!
  7. NK Roltek Dob - Slovenian Premier League 2033/34 League Table | Domestic Fixtures 1 & 2 | European Fixtures | European Table My first invincible season, 100 pts, also scored 100 goals. Total domination and a bit of procession every season. But I'm a bit of bully I kinda like just hammering the rubbish teams! Run to the quarters of the Champions League, which was randomly won by Benfica. Good progress. Club Infrastructure Finances | Supporter Profile | Club Vision | Facilities | Manager Profile | Transfers Still taking baby steps with the club profile, still just a 3 star national reputation despite a run to the quarters of the CL. 6k average attendance, not an awful lot you can do with that! Finances however took a huge jump with some of my sales this year, and the CL run. I've wasted some money though, got carried away one night with available bosmans, have given silly money to some players who don't even play so I need to be sure I don't waste my fortune! Youth Intake Preview | Intake Day | Squad View | Signed Scholars A good intake, got a couple from the top there, Arcon, Horvat, and Peric who look like they can be good domestic players for us in the future. I forgot to screenshot them at the time, but here they are a year later - Arcon, Peric, and Horvat Whilst I doubt he'll ever play for my senior team, Domaschuk became the first product through my youth academy to get a senior international cap (Belarus), he's a solid player for tier 2 in Slovenia but I doubt I'll ever use him. But it's always a cool milestone in a save when you get a regen capped. I've since had Kovacevic, who was in the last nxtgen list as per last season update, capped by Slovenia for my first Slovenian full international through the youth academy. He's my starting right back now and I get a lot of offers from Saudi for him. I want to get the Slovenia job as I enjoy the building a nation side of these saves, but they've been doing ok and only changed managers once in the 11 years I've been doing the save. But I'll go for it next time it's up for sure!
  8. NK Roltek Dob - Slovenian Premier League 2032/33 League Table | Domestic Fixtures 1 & 2 | European Fixtures Usual domination domestically, not a fair fight for the other teams now. Europe - for the first time ever got out the champions league group phase into knockouts. The last game at home to Celtic, a draw would have taken me passed the knockout play off, straight to last 16, but I got hammered as you can see. But some great wins, a good step taken this year when you consider I drew with Barca, beat Brighton, and won away in Milan. THe play off vs Valencia, was a complete no show, I thought that was a good draw for us but we didn't show up in either game. A look at some of my best players. Parilla (since sold him to Man Utd for £11m - he immediately jumped to about £80m value with them!). Derek Roberts - free transfer from Arsenal, he's been great. Ricardo Frau - Italian international winger. He's the main one I'm moaning about above - get offers of like £4m from Serie A teams for him, he's a young versatile Italian international forward, he's worth at least 10 times that! Budalic - had a great season, as I've mentioned I'm a few seasons on, I sold him a year or so ago, bloody hell did he live up the temperamental personality. I've had this type of player before but never as huffy as him. Went nuts cos I subbed him when he was on a hatrick and playing well, his training dropped off, I criticised him, he went mad again. Started missing training, so he spent about a year in the u19's until I could sell him. Never again will i sign a temperamental personality it completely screwed my dynamics for a while. Club Infrastructure Finances | Supporter Profile | Club Vision | Facilities | Manager Profile | Transfers Getting some extra seats in my stadium, which takes me up close to 8k. Sometimes I play in another teams ground for a big CL game and I get way more gate receipts, I'm trying to convince the board for about 2 years to build a bigger ground/expand, but they're having none of it! Youth Intake Preview | Intake Day | Signed Scholars Got 2 of my players in the nxtgen list for the first time ever, Kovacevic is a youth product, and Stehlik was signed. My youth team had a great year in Europe, 9-0 away to Valencia!
  9. I just think the difference in quality is so big, and I cannot attract players that are going to bring us on. I've played a few more seasons since last update and got to consecutive CL quarter finals. It's hard, the reputation of the league is so low that I can't bring in top money for my top talents, I'm lucky to sell a player for £2m, whereas if I was in premiership with those players I'd sell the same guy for £50m. Had an Argentinian wonderkid who was my record sale, £11m, but if I'd been budesliga or something I'd have got 6-7 times that. I'm gonna keep going, love this save, I will see it through to completion at some stage!
  10. NK Roltek Dob - Slovenian Premier League 2031/32 League Table | Domestic Fixtures 1 & 2 | European Fixtures | European League Table Had a poor start to the league and took me a while to regain top spot, was worried I'd not win the league for a while but ended up quite comfortable. As usual, fell flat on my face in Europe! Despite continued low rep of nation/league/club (3* national rep despite years in Champions League!) I am still getting regular big job interview offers. Club Infrastructure Finances | Supporter Profile | Club Vision | Facilities | Manager Profile | Transfers All good, pretty stable. Youth Intake Preview | Intake Day | Squad View | Signed Scholars Kotnik - have high hopes for him think he could be a starter in years to come. Youth product Macjen randomly got a Slovenian senior national team call up - don't think he's anything special, bit of a worry for the state of the national team if he's getting called up!
  11. NK Roltek Dob - Slovenian Premier League 2030/31 League Table | Domestic Fixtures 1 & 2 | European Fixtures | Season stats I'm about 3 seasons behind in updates so will try run through these quick. Straightforward season domestically, still struggling in Europe. Club Infrastructure Finances | Supporter Profile | Club Vision | Facilities | Manager Profile | Transfers All pretty good for the level I'm at. Youth Intake Preview | Intake Day | Squad View | Signed Scholars Youth prospects doing better after an awful start, hard to get the youngsters too much gametime, but when i look at my youth squad, i feel it'd be good enough now to win the 2nd tier, which is pretty cool. Some impressive wins from my youth team in Europe too.
  12. NK Roltek Dob - Slovenian Premier League 2029/30 League Table | Domestic Fixtures 1 & 2 | European Fixtures Won the league with 9 games to go, and ended up breaking 100 pt mark. Won the cup too. Europe started so well, 7 pts from first 3 games, then end up falling over the line into the knock outs for the first time ever. Soundly beaten by Benfica in knock outs, barely laid a glove on them. Finding Europe such a tough nut to crack. Cannot persuade anyone (realistically i suppose) to come to me outside of Serie B players or midtable Croatian clubs players, the best players I can usually sign are the best young Slovenians from other teams in my league. Leagues rep and clubs rep just too low for me to ever tempt quality players to come to me...going to be a long term slow burn if I'm ever to go far in Europe. Not sure I'm a fan of this champions league format either, I liked the old one where you'd drop into Europa League, and I could have a run in that. But you get knocked out of this and that's you done for the season! Club Infrastructure Finances | Supporter Profile | Club Vision | Facilities | Manager Profile | Transfers All stable, finances always float around balance of £20m, Champions League money allows us to break even and sign a few players. Facilities are getting there, I think I'll need to boost my rep before I can truly max everything out but it's all pretty high standard. Youth Intake Preview | Intake Day | Signed Scholars Not much to write home about... Year Tier Position Cup Europe Ave Attendance Manager Profile Facilities Finances 2024/25 2nd 1st Semi Final N/A 209 Profile Facilities Finances 2025/26 1st 1st QF N/A 287 Profile Facilities Finances 2026/27 1st 1st Runners up Champions League League Phase 287 Profile Facilities Finances 2027/28 1st 1st Winner Europa Conference QF 287 Profile Facilities Finances 2028/29 1st 1st Winner Champions League League Phase 287 Profile Facilities Finances 2029/30 1st 1st Winner Champions League Play off Knock Out 4054 Profile Facilities Finance
  13. been out the loop for a bit, I'm about 2-3 seasons ahead of where I last updated but just been busy, will try tonight/this week to catch up, some good progress here @_JHTB_ great start to be established top half team so quickly although concerning about the finances, hope it's not a thing like Belgium where you just lose money constantly? I like the business you've done, how is Vydra only 33!! feel like he's been around for 20 years. Like the look of Stana too for 19. and good money for that keeper too, strength 4 stamina 7, that's an easy decision to sell anyone for me no matter how good they are otherwise! @Rainbowz well done on the promotion, I think the £6.5m your board accepted for the right back - that seems fair enough - I dunno if you'd have got much more than that he looks ok attribute wise but I'd have accepted that bid too. Maybe i'm too reliant on attributes though. Good money for Castillo too he looks pretty average so 4m thank you very much! Love Ono, he'll easily be good enough for challenging for europe in bundesliga, great long term signing. And Moulin - going to either score you tons of goals, or make you tons of money! Or both! @Thebakerwell done on promotion, I like your forwards you highlighted, good luck for Ligue 1 @DazRTaylor never heard of that team - nice one - i did Germany last year in this challenge, loved it.
  14. Season 5 Report - 2028/29 - NK Roltek Dob - Slovenian Premier League League Table | Domestic Fixtures 1 & 2 | European Fixtures | Champions League Table Won the league & cup double again. Domestic stuff is pretty straight forward now, and the minute the other Slovenian clubs get a player that's any good, I just sign them Beat Maribor in cup final, who if you read my update from last year - were relegated (unusual as Maribor most successful team in Slovenian history). So I was the "giant", at the top of the premier league, in Europe, by far and away the best team in the country. I gave my pre-match speech at the little meeting thing you always get before a big match, i said I expected us to win, and I got this reaction...."we're not on their level"...they need to fix that stuff it's so stupid. In Europe, came so close to qualifying out of the league phase for the first time ever, as you'll see from this, Villareal got an 89th minute penalty, which robbed us of the last spot, heartbreaker! But was a valiant effort and got lots of prize money. Other bits in Europe just of note - I hold a few records already (not all of them good) in Europe despite me only having European football for a few seasons. In the Champions League, I hold the record for record low attendance in a match, most goals in a campaign, and most goals conceded in a campaign. It's because I hammer all the qualifiers like 12-0 on aggregate and I have 4 rounds of this, I've often scored 30-40 goals by the time the group phase rolls in! But funny that I have the record for most goals scored AND conceded. And in the Europa Conference League, I also hold the record for most goals scored, that's quite cool given we've only been in Europe a few seasons. Club Infrastructure Finances | Supporter Profile | Facilities Some good money from the prize money, winning those games in Champions League was worth a good few pennies too, so we have plenty money, and topping up the facilities all the time. Due to move into our new stadium which will be good, as the old one only has capacity of 280-odd, whereas new one is 4,000, I reckon I'll need to boost the attendance for this too, I'll be surprised/disappointed if I'm not selling this out too! Signed off from the old place in style with a 6-0 win. Squad/Manager Review End of season manager profile | Transfers Transfers - best players I signed, 2 guys from Slovenian rivals - Nick Perc, and Dragan Zupancic. Really like the look of these 2, Zupancic I think could be here for 10 years he's got immense potential. Also got this young Uruguayan striker who looks good with a great personality. Got Haydon Roberts on a bosman too, who had a really good season as a ball playing CB. Muris Sulejmanovic in the number 10 role did a job when he joined also, high hopes for him. Youth Intake Preview | Intake Day | Squad View | Signed Scholars 5 seasons in and still waiting for my first elite player, but i got a few "top talents" so I won't complain too much, few of these will likely make some good squad players for the Slovenian league, so I actually wasn't too disappointed with this. Resek is the pick of the bunch and I'm fairly sure in a few years he'll be able to do well for us in the league. Next Season/Future Has to be getting out of the Champions League group phase, we need to get to the knock outs, came so close this year, and I think we'll do it soon. The top teams are still night and day better than us, and I've still got too low a rep to attract top players to us, it's all Italian Serie B and mid table Serbian/Croatians that want to come to us, I'm a long way off beating the big clubs, just need to grow slowly, I'm in no rush, loving the save, will see how it goes. Year Tier Position Cup Europe Ave Attendance Manager Profile Facilities Finances 2024/25 2nd 1st Semi Final N/A 209 Profile Facilities Finances 2025/26 1st 1st QF N/A 287 Profile Facilities Finances 2026/27 1st 1st Runners up Champions League League Phase 287 Profile Facilities Finances 2027/28 1st 1st Winner Europa Conference QF 287 Profile Facilities Finances 2028/29 1st 1st Winner Champions League League Phase 287 Profile Facilities Finances
  15. Solid season @Thebaker the young right back looks great but yeh I have never seen a player 5'2 in football manager or real life!! good age to a lot of your key players as well. Hopefully not too long before Ligue 1 @GoalieManPat121well done on the european qualification, thats where these saves take off when you can get some good cash and boost your reputation. That Zurich game was crazy
  16. Season 4 Report - 2027/28 - NK Roltek Dob - Slovenian Premier League League Table | Domestic Fixtures 1 & 2 | European Fixtures | Conference League Table Another great season, continued our streak of winning the league every season of the save, and this season wasn't really a contest, we pulled away early and no-one really got close to us all season. These stats back up our total domination of the league this year. We also won the Slovenian Cup for the first time, in a remarkable final that we fell behind after 4 minutes...then went on to win 9-1! Also of note domestically - Maribor finished bottom and got relegated! The Slovenian premier league is not bad, player quality wise I'd put it on par with probably top end League 1 in England, there are plenty of good players in all the teams, I've got them all scouted and most teams have a few players I'd gladly take, but Maribor finishing bottom is madness considering it wasn't so long ago they dominated the league. They still comfortably have the 2nd biggest wage budget in the league, so they better get up next season otherwise they could be ruined financially. Europe, decent on paper, but overall disappointed. Last year, with a much inferior squad, we somehow made it to Champions League League Phase, whereas this year we put up a feeble display to HJK in first round qualifying and got knocked into Europa Conference qualifiers. We destroyed everyone en route to the League Phase, we finished near the top, only losing to Atalanta in 92nd minute, and qualifying for last 16. We got PTM (?Portimenense) from Portugal in the last 16, won both matches 2-1, then it was Wolfsburg in the quarters, who we drew with in the League Phase. We beat them 2-1 at our place, but lost 3-1 away, so eliminated in the quarters, but no disgrace. Rapid Vienna ended up winning it, on another season I felt we could have won it, hopefully we never play in it again. Anyways our exploits has seen us the most improved ranked club in Europe, and our national co-efficient has jumped a bit, but it only means that from next season, we skip the first qualifier in the Champions League. Still got some work to do before i can get Slovenia an automatic group place for winning the league, I reckon I'll need a few solid Champions League runs to get that. Club Infrastructure Finances | Supporter Profile | Facilities Money's been dwindling all season from last seasons Champions League prize money - spent a few quid on players, and have upgraded training and youth facilities a few times, and I have a way more expensive squad/staff than I did last year, Also ridiculously, our home stadium only holds 289 people! We move into a 4k seater stadium in a year. Otherwise I'm pleased with how the place is coming together, we're properly on the rise. Club president looking to move aside/sell up...please be a tycoon, please be a tycoon! No movement on this yet but I still get the odd news item about it so I expect something will happen soon. Squad/Manager Review End of season manager profile | Transfers | Club Vision Currently studying for my continental pro license then I'll have every qualification. Got offered job interview with Cagliari, who'd just been relegated from Serie A, if it'd been a journeyman save I reckon i'd have taken it, that would have been a cool project to bring them back into top league, but I'm with Dob for the long haul! I'm now an icon of the club. Club next year for the first time want the league title, which they haven't asked for before. Which makes me nervous a bit! I prefer to set expectations low then rise above them! There's still a couple of clubs who outspend me in wages too, Olimijia have changed their manager now that they've fallen so far behind. Signed a few players, mainly from Slovenia this year after last years raid on Italy. The Slovenian league needs a matchday squad of 8 players trained in Slovenia in the matchday squad of 19, so it's good way of them boosting the domestic players you use. You also need a Slovenian u21 player starting in every match. A look at my starting 11 and some of the other main squad players. GK - signed this young keeper Mbengue, looks decent, with good potential. Also in goals Mihelak got a lot of time this year, I really like him. RB - Ghezzi - signed this Italian right winger and I converted him to RB - he was fantastic, and won the player of the year for Slovenia. Candela is another good right back I have. CB - Oriheula - signed in the summer, and was fantastic. Lipuscek was another summer signing who was solid, his age means he probably wont last another couple of years with us, but he's good enough to stroll the Slovenian league. Europe he may be too slow. LB - Milic- Slovenian international I signed in the summer, he was great. Alin Kumar is a good back up option, also signed this year, to bolster my Slovenian players to keep up with matchday home grown obligations. DM - Bianco - solid DM/DLP. Vukamanovic plays alongside him and pulls the strings. AM - Tomovic - the player of the save so far, plays in the number 10 role, was amazing last year, and this year. Shows up in the big games, scores big goals for us, love him! Will break my heart when we outgrow him! AMR - Lah - most dangerous player in our team cutting in off the right wing. Signed him 18 months ago and he's been amazing although struggled with injury this year. If he could only finish, he could be a star in Europe, but he misses an awful lot of chances. But he's still automatic pick for me, and won his first 2 Slovenian caps this year. AML - Manzari - reliable option off the left wing cutting onto his right foot, I like him a lot. Not one I expect still to be here in a few years as I hope we outgrow him, but he's a good player for the level we're at. Striker - Jovicevic was a summer signing, and I couldn't decide between him or Boncina as to who was my best striker all year, I rotated them a lot. I think Jovicevic will be my guy next year he hit a bit of form end of the season and just looks better to me in the match engine. Youth Intake Preview | Intake Day | Squad View Continued disappointment despite my very well qualified HOYD, and extensive recruitment. I've had 1 player through in 4 years that I use - Bojan Kranjc, a limited, but determined DM. But I've not had 1 elite player in 4 intakes. Despite the intake day saying I only had 1 top talent, when I signed them all, I wound up with 4 top talents in the scholar message that comes through. I don't think any of them will amount to anything. Don't get it, the league is full of really talented Slovenians at the likes of Maribor, Domzale, Olimpijia, they all have players I've bid for, but for some reason I'm not producing the quality players yet. I'd love a home grown Slovenian core making up the national team then maybe I take over the Slovenia job one day. I'm guessing with my crap stadium etc that maybe I don't have the reputation yet. I'm going to give this HOYD another year at it then he's getting canned if I get served this rubbish again! I now have the 2nd biggest reputation in Slovenia however so I am hoping for improvement soon. Next Season/Future As said above, board want the league, which should be straight forward enough given how easy it was this year, right!? But by far, the priority is getting back into Champions League Group phase and trying to win a few games. We're not really a champions league calibre team but since when did that matter! I have these 3 additions to the squad, all of whom will be starters for me I reckon - Vlcek from Roma, De Cunha from FCSM, and Perc from Domzale. Year Tier Position Cup Europe Ave Attendance Manager Profile Facilities Finances 2024/25 2nd 1st Semi Final N/A 209 Profile Facilities Finances 2025/26 1st 1st QF N/A 287 Profile Facilities Finances 2026/27 1st 1st Runners up Champions League League Phase 287 Profile Facilities Finances 2027/28 1st 1st Winner Europa Conference QF 287 Profile Facilities Finances
  17. @ThebakerWell done on Promotion - I like the young right back Gerrard, it's strange Tsukomoto, he only has aggression 12 and doesn't have "dives into tackles" which are the 2 main reasons I notice people get sent off, he's 5'5 and quite lightweight he's an odd profile of player!! @Muggertthat's a common problem in saves of mine, sometimes a small step back but it's usually followed by a league win, got some good players there and just a poor run cost you, hopefully a title not far away! @Rainbowzyeh the board AI with "tempting offers" is infuriating, losing players for peanuts, they need to fix that. I think the new signings particurly Patino & the young Brazilian striker, he's only 19 as well so imagine him in 2-5 years!
  18. yeh this summer I've stole a few from the other teams for like £400-£700k so i'll just do that until I get decent ones of my own
  19. we have just moved to 2.5 star, but still listed as 7th as per below, this is despite 2 titles in a row and appearing in champions league league phase last year, hopefully another season or 2 of being the best team in Slovenia I'll tick over to 3 star n maybe start getting some decent youngsters! The domestic league has 9 subs, but like 8 of the 19 players in match day squad have to be slovenian home grown, and 1 of the starting 11 has to be u21 Slovenian, so it's going to be a challenge if I'm not able to bring through my own players to satisfy the domestic squad rules. I'm just packed full of Italians at this point!
  20. Season 3 Report - 2026/27 - NK Roltek Dob (Slovenian Premier League) - The Fairytale continues League Table | Fixtures 1 & 2 | Champions League Table | Champions League Fixtures Despite winning the top tier at my first time of asking last season, the season preview again had me finishing bottom, and board content with avoiding relegation. As you may remember from my last update, I had an insane run at the end of the season and beat top of the league and reigning champions Olimpija to win the league at their place on the final day of the season. Well history looked to be repeating itself, where whilst we played well, the squad turnover and distraction of champions league prevented us from pulling away from the rest. Olimpija were again hosting us on the last day of the season, 2 pts ahead of us, and like last year, we knew nothing less than a win would win us the title. We duly went on and won 5-0! 2 titles in a row, I've been manager here 3 years and we've won the league each season, loving life! The end of the season was nuts though with top spot changing every week for about 5 weeks, both of us a bit inconsistent! But our stats speak for themselves, I felt we fluked it last year a wee bit but I feel we deserved it this year. 1 week after hammering them 5-0 to win the league we played Olimpija again in the cup final. We no-showed and got beat, but I wasn't too upset after the league winning match, we won the most important one! Our European run was unbelievable in terms of we made the league phase, knocking out giants in Shahktar and Celtic en route. In our 8 fixtures we were mostly poor, although managed 3 draws, and in terms of those games, felt we should have beat Ajax and Dinamo. But bottom of the league it was, but we were listed as biggest overachievers as at the start of the campaign our wage bill was £10k per week, we had no business getting into it! Club Infrastructure Finances | Supporter Profile | Facilities The money I got from Champions League has been great, have upgraded youth and training facilities once each, and both of them are in process again of being upgraded. Also announced the plans for our new stadium we'll be in in 2 years. 4k is not much to brag about but our current stadium holds 289, we had to play our champions league elsewhere. I'm in the Slovenian hall of fame, what an achievement.... Squad/Manager Review End of season manager profile | Transfers | Club Vision Board want Europa Conference league next year, which is 4th. I want top 2, Olimpija are not going away, and still have the better squad, but we've stung them twice on last day of season now 2 years in a row so no reason we can't expect to challenge for 3 in a row. Miha Lai was the star signing, £75k for this 18 year old, and he was unbelievable. Unfortunately has a £375k release clause which he refuses to remove from his contract, so I could have my heart broken very soon! Bianco was a very good signing in the DM DLP role. Player of the year was Tomovic in the AM role, he was great. Another Italian Quani was great (we have tons of Italians - Slovenia has a border with Italy so Serie B/C is where we do most our shopping! Won manager of the season. Youth Intake Preview | Intake Day | Squad View The lowlight of the save so far, all 3 intakes god awful, and for the first time in any save ever that i can remember, i didn't sign a single prospect, not one! I have on paper a great looking HOYD, with extensive recruitment. Some of the players the other clubs are churning out are so much better in comparison, I maybe just need to wait for my reputation to catch up a wee bit. Next Season/Future First aim is to get champions league league phase again. In a random bit of draw fortune, we've drawn HJK in first round (who we knocked out last year) and if we in that we're likely to get Shahktar (who we also knocked out last year). Still think on paper Shahktar should be too good for us, but I'll be going for the win! Even a Europa league/conference league appearance would be fine as we could maybe win some games then and boost our rep a wee bit, the champions league is just too difficult for us right now. Recruitment is hard, yeh we have more money, but we don't have the best players lining up round the corner to want to play for a team with a ground of under 300 in Slovenia! So it's all Serie B/C type players or lower end Serbian/Croatian league players who're happy to come here. Until I get that reputation up I think i'll be stuck in this predicament! Year League Position Cup Europe Ave Attendance Manager Profile Facilities Finances 2024/25 2nd 1st Semi Final N/A 209 Profile Facilities Finances 2025/26 1st 1st QF N/A 289 Profile Facilities Finances 2026/27 1st 1st Runners up Champions League League Phase 289 Profile Facilities Finances
  21. Yeh that's where I'm at, despite being in champions league this year and havin tons of money (relative to my previous budgets) I can't seem to attract someone who doesnt want a release clause for like 200k more than i paid for them! Whats the point in that. And frustratingly, it's the same quality of player who's interested in coming to me, but now they want like 5 times the wage I would have given them a year ago...frustrating
  22. @Muggertthats great dude sounds like we're at similiar point in the save in terms of CL football for the first time, and the life changing money! I didnt manage to win a game in the league phase it was all pretty miserable so you've done better than me in that regard! But a good season you're ticking along nicely!
  23. i think the tactic is huge part of it, nothing revolutionary, its just a really aggressive 4231 with aggressive pressing, shorter passing aiming for 60% possession which i get most games, and work ball into box, and my it gets the best out of my faurly normal looking inverted wingers i would compare the players and standard mostly to like Vanarama national league or league 2. Which means i should have been annihilated off Shakhtar or Celtic, but to knock both of them out, just strange!
  24. This is the most insane start to a save I've ever had. In my 3rd season, and my tiny Slovenian club with 10k per week wage budget, has knocked out Dinamo Batumi, Shakhtar, HJK, and Celtic, and I am in the League Phase of the Champions League!! I cannot understand how this is possible, we have been brilliant and deserved it in every tie. Despite the boost to finances, no option for me to ask for more wage budget or anything but I guess this will come during the season. I'm going to take a real hiding in some of these games I think i'll be lucky to get a point, or even score a goal! But i'll take it!
  25. Season 2 Report - 2025/26 - NK Roltek Dob (Slovenian Premier League) League Table | Fixtures 1 & 2 Unbelievable season, where at 1 point we were double digit points behind Olimpija, but following a crazy run of form 2nd half of season, we reeled them back in on time to beat them at their stadium on final day of season, and smash and grab the title on head to head record, I beat them 3 out of 4 fixtures, and this win on the last day of the season was their only loss at home all season! For my 2nd season of the save, with no money and team full of loanees (some of which, from teams in the league below me!) to already be national champions is a bit insane, to the point where I think is the game broken! Club Infrastructure Finances | Supporter Profile | Facilities We lost a lot of money, wage budget all season was about £6-7k per week, for winning the league we got a wedge of about £400k which helped but it's the usual story of leaking money. We have a capacity of 287, which we sell out every game. There's finally plans for a new stadium, but could be years away yet. Squad/Manager Review End of season manager profile | Transfers | Club Vision Got on a couple of coaching courses so I'm slowly working up the ladder! Club vision for next year is mid table, which is obviously do-able, hopefully I'll be busy with European games, but I reckon I'll get dumped out in qualifiers! Dino Zenkovic was my best player for 2nd year in a row playing off the right wing. I got excited by attracting Delle Alli to the club, but he was a bit of a bust and I lost interest in him fairly early, he'll be getting released in the summer. Daniel Pavlev at right back was fantastic. Has this left back on loan from Mura (in the division below me) and he was brilliant, I'd love to have him back but Mura not interested in loaning him to me, and Mura have won promotion to my division and are looking to give him a run in their team. So odd I won the league with players like this who wouldn't get in the team in a division below, I don't really understand how this has happened, as you've probably gathered... Youth Intake Preview | Intake Day | Squad View | Signed Scholars Another awful intake, not worth showing you anyone, disappointed as the main draw in choosing Dob was they're pre-existing good youth recruitment was really good, but in my 2 seasons here the intakes have been woeful. Next Season/Future Losing all the loanees save for a centre half, I am dreadfully short defensively and in DM, I'll need to do a bit of work. I think this title has been a bit flukey so I am going to set expectations quite low and a mid table finish will do me. Board have changed their objectives to wanting to avoid relegation again after winning the league! And season preview has me bottom of the league again! In Europe, I've drawn Batumi from Georgia in the first qualifying round for Champions League, who if I beat, I have the small task of Shaktar Donetsk in round 2, who will absolutely destroy me. If you offered me getting in the league phase of the conference league right now I'd love that, I just want some prize money in! Year League Position Cup Europe Ave Attendance Manager Profile Facilities Finances 2024/25 2nd 1st Semi Final N/A 209 Profile Facilities Finances 2025/26 1st 1st QF N/A 289 Profile Facilities Finances
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