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  1. I am red team, using a 3331 formation. I have added player instructions - "mark specific position" to Right DC on blue Left AML Central DC on blue ST Left DC on blue AMR Also, red MC on blue AMC I also used opposition instructions "player not position" - "trigger press - always" and "tackle - hard" on blue team ST, AML, AMC and AMR. My question is will the opposition instructions override my player instructions - mark specific position.
  2. I would put them into U18 squad first. If he is fit when the next U21 match, I would put him available to play. In this case, he can play for both U18 and U21 matches.
  3. Before I usually conceded goals from the flanks, where their AML/AMR would cross the ball to the other flank and score. I tried Opposition Instruction - Tight Marking and Trigger Press on AML and AMR. But with that other players (Not only right and left BPD) will chase their AML and AMR and you would lose the defensive shape.
  4. Try to add player instructions "mark position" to e.g. Right BPD on AML and left BPD on AMR. In that case can stop conceding goals when they attack your flank.
  5. Common use combinations of the LOE and DL, Can you share your opinion on when and why you use the High / Low LOE and DL approach? Higher - Higher Higher - Standard Standard - Standard Lower - Higher Lower - Standard Lower - Lower
  6. @DallanThank you for your feedback. I picked too many foreign players, I am now be able to pick the players to play now. Also , do you know how many home grown players are required?
  7. When my team conceded a goal,I would first shout encourage to the team, then when the match reach the next 15 minutes mark, I would add team instructions 1.Tight marking - tell our player to mark tighter the opponent 2.Higher tempo - need to play quicker 3. Check shots Less shots then add shot on sight More shots then work into box 4.Check possession % If Less % than opponent - narrow+shorter+play from the back (We need to gain possession) High % than opponent - Wider + direct pass + pass into space (since we have the possession) If we have not scored in the next 15 minutes, I would add More expressive More press Then the next 15 minutes Get stuck in In 75 minutes , mentality to positive In 80 minutes, mentality to attacking Added time , mentality to very attack and all instructions to the extreme My strategy and my use of team instructions. Can anyone share your approach?
  8. @Dallanyes the CL qualifying rounds 1 and 2. I tried to use the FMTRE to edit squad registration, still cannot play. Thank you very much
  9. @bluestillidie00I know its not your skin, but as a MOD, can you help? I like your skins too.
  10. Its for FM 22 I do not know coding, can anyone please help to change the match overview from logo to kit?
  11. @DallanI open a new save on FM 22 22.4, start in July and have new transfers joining the team, when come to first and second round of qualifying, it says they are not registered and cannot play.
  12. What would you do to react when your assistant manager feedback telling you the opponent too many shots Higher defensive line? Closing Down? Tight Marking? Tackle Harder? One by one to see if the situation improved or tick all together?
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