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  1. Thought i was going mad. Just started my first save and ended up in Japan but this issue is huge. Saw on Reddit there is a way around it but it doesnt work for me
  2. Some effort. No 19 daydreaming though. Should have tapped it in
  3. Playing as First Vienna and keep getting the - But some of the players that appear are at First Vienna Amateur Club How do i see that squad ? Its not listed as an affiliate and its not listed in the Dev Centre
  4. **** man I thought it was a windup when I saw this at first on twitter
  5. Last year it was 8pm (UK time) on the Monday ahead of the Tuesday official release - i think thats been the case for the last few years too
  6. Turned off about 1 to do some painting but just put it back on. Some scenes there at Windsor. Im a ambivalent about the Royal Family but scenes like this are incredible
  7. Please, check on your acquaintances. Some appear to have gone totally batshit
  8. Saw similar in a British Photography group on Facebook earlier. Loads of Americans in it cos they love us guys and loads of them replying to stuff "praying for you guys"
  9. Just got the e-mail that we'll be off on Monday. But anyone in the Trust who is directly involved in patient care - be they doctors, nurses or admin staff - will all be expected to work. Any depts that wouldnt be open on a Bank Holiday will not be expected to work. Apparently the five Trusts in the area have all come to a consensus on it though Those that do work can have another day off at a later date or get paid for the extra day
  10. GB News coverage is listed as "The Queen Dies" I mean it's not incorrect, which is a start for GB News...
  11. Suppose they've only had 75 years to decide what happens in the circumstance......
  12. Good point. Front pages are usually knocking around from about 10pm. Frantic rewrites and late editions aots if any news comes late.
  13. Been out all afternoon but just seen Huw is still putting a shift in. Wonder how late they would leave it tonight - they aren't going to announce something at 10pm for example I wouldn't think.
  14. Noticed a police van outside Buckingham Palace too. Guess the roundabout would be closed the second there was an announcement. Changing of the Guard also isn't happening this afternoon
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