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  1. Must have started ten new saves over last few days nothing sticking. Going to give this a go over the weekend. Is there any rules against senior affiliates. I understand you can't play any loan players but thought it be useful if you can get a yearly fee and possible friendly to help revenue.
  2. I like the 433 as can play around a lot with roles to try different things. Wanted to try and get a Treq working in wide areas but never managed it. My favourite formation was 4312 takes me back to Champ man 01/02 the cam with free role was deadly. Not managed to get in working this year. Like your idea of the SK,never had the player to do it but imagine it looks great in game.
  3. I had some good success at one of my journeyman clubs. Was in Bundesliga 2. Can't remember exact team instructions but I set up with one side with an inverted forward and other side winger with inverted fullback. I had two good ball playing CBS and they really got wide and it looked really good in game. It was like the following GK. Sk (d) RB wb (s) Cb and one bpd Lb iwb (s) DM hb Cm dlp (s) Cm cm (a) Rw if (a) St af Lw w (s)
  4. Patrick Kluivert sons think there 3, I know of one at Bournemouth and one at Barca. One save at Ajax I had Patrick as my HOYD and brought one of the sons in on a free
  5. Any fallen giants with good potential in Seriea C. Looking to start a new save tonight in one of the top 5 leagues (not England) bringing a team back to top, ideally with decent youth set up and potential to grow and challenge in the top league eventually. Germany. 1860 Munich France. Saint Etienne or Nimes Spain, Málaga, Deportivo, Hercules Italy someone from Seria C ( don't want to start in B even though some great clubs there)
  6. I'm starting a new save tonight taken a relatively big club and trying to get them back to the top. Can anyone confirm TV revenue for top division in France. Also any of the below leagues in known. Options are France, Saint Etienne or Nimes Spain, Málaga, Deportivo,Numancia Germany 1860 Munchen Italy, A team from Seria C, lots of ex top flight clubs to pick, Maybe Catania or Pescara.
  7. What's the rule of other non nationalities at the club you take over. Example if I took the Man City job would I have to sell Haaland. Or is it only not signing players and if they are already there that's ok?
  8. Not sure if this is the right places. I'm after a challenge and looking to start a game with a club who have fallen on hard times and have massives debts within the game. I'd rather stay in Europe, and relaxed on country. I drew up a quick short list but thought I'd ask here what debts they have without me having to load up the game and go through the process of adding a manager and looking at finances , also happy for other suggestions I may have overlooked and didn't know about. Málaga, Reading Charlton athletic Wigan Bradford city Yeovil town Bursaspor
  9. After winning the double with Ajax, the Inter Milan job was available so decided it was too good an opportunity to not apply. I was given the job. 2 days after I had my first game World club cup semi final against Real Madrid. Instant chance to knock one of the trophies off. Unfortunately Madrid were far too strong with my old friend from Nigeria Osmihmen doing the damage. The squad was mainly made up of the players when you start the game. Bastoni, Barella, Frattessi, Thuram, Di Marco and Martinez were all still quality and they also had Joao Felix. Squad was missing a centre half so brought Rensch with me from Ajax, also needed a wide player and brought in the next Eusebio i had on loan at Kaisersluten , added some experience in Kai Havertz on loan, Gusto on loan from Chelsea and brough in Fabián and eric Dier to bolster the squad. Inter seem to be a factory of wonderkids, but I didn't feel they were ready and loaned out 30 players. 5 of them were voted in the Next Gen top 50! We got to the final of the Super coppa Italia but lost to Napoli on penalties. We also got to the quarter finals of the Europa league but lost to eventually winners Valencia after extra time. This one hurt as were winning 2-0 in 1st leg but blew it to draw 2-2, we were winning 1-0 in 2nd leg until injury time Valencia equalised and took it to extra time. In the league our home form was perfect winning every single match, away we were patchy, however we were 5 points clear of Napoli with 2 games to go and playing them in Naples knowing a poitn we would be champions. We were totally outclassed and lost 6-0!! luckily last game season was at home to Fiorentina and we won to win the title. We also won the Coppa Italia beeating our great rivals Ac 1-0 with the next Euesbio grabbing the wiinner. The old pro were still class Martinez scoring 26 goals and Thuram scoring 23. What's next, I need to get an international job, there a World Cup about to be played so looking to pick up a job from a nation who has a continental cup approaching, Think Asia cup and Euros so will be hoping for one of them. I could stay at Inter as I have a squad of Wonderkids and try and win the champions league, I think they are a few years away from being ready for that level and if i stay will probably loan them out again. I'm 1.5m a week under the clubs wage budget but the club is in trouble financial and losing over 15m a month due to a debt, being back in Champions league my help. The old guard as well need replacing and that's 7 starting 11 players. I don't think I want that sort of challenge, The Chelsea job is available now and World cup normally brings up a few jobs. Only thing is I only did a season with Ajax so don't want to get a rep of job jumping. Challenge Progress Club 2/10 Domestic Leagues (28/29 Eredivisie Ajax, 29/30 Seria A Inter Milan) 2/10 Domestic Cups (28/29 Dutch cup Ajax, 29/30 Coppa Italia Inter Milan) 0/5 Continental Championships 0/1 Club World Championship International 1/5 Continental Tournaments (2027 AFCON Nigeria) 0/1 World Tournament TOTAL: 5/32
  10. I read this in one of the other threads you posted, playing a player on opposite side of his preferred foot as a winger. I had a regen similar to the op player in my size and boy you were right, I tried all sorts if, wide treq, af, iw, just wasn't get the results, he came alive as a winger on attack scoring loads. Had cut inside with ball added and he stretched the play and cut in late ,
  11. Has anybody managed to get the Engache to work? I like doing journey saves and one of my favourite parts of the game is signing an ageing star from a top league for some random team and a random league. I've tried over lots of versions but never quite got it to click. Closes I got was in fm22 at Houston Dynamos I signed Juan Quintero and used him in a 4312 formation but had to settle as an AP(s) as Engache didnt click. Also tried with Treq but again more successful with a AM (s) basically want a 4312 where they are the main creative outlet for the strikers and chipping in with the odd longshot, goal themselves Was thinking something like this might be way to go but unsure on middle cm role two striker roles, AF seems a must not sure on other. Sk(d) Wb(s) cd(d) bod(d) wb(s) Car cm(d) bwm(s) Eng Af pf(a) Mid block, high line,counter, wide, higher tempo
  12. Can you do this in Peru or Colombia. Two countries I've never managed in and want to try. One save I wanted to do was a club playing at altitude. In Peru you can start a game at two different points. Point one has 19 teams, point two 18 teams with clubs available who are not if you start at point one. Not sure if this counts?
  13. Sorry mate maybe not worded properly. I mean in regards to the challenge is it seen as cheating asking for advise? Back story I've took another job with elite ageing players. A thread was on the tactic section the other day which was tempted to join in as was similar to my predicament. Have a tactic I think would work, but wouldn't mind a second opinion before I break it out and get fired😀
  14. What is the etiquette around discussing tactics and asking for advice on the forums, a no go?
  15. I've been messing around with a few different saves but wasn't feeling them so came back to this. After leaving Kaiserslautern I wanted somewhere i could compete for trophies. The Ajax job was available, I didn't think I would get it but got the interview and was handed the job. Ajax haven't won anything in the game on my save, no league or cup for a club this size that was a madness. Especially when i looked at the squad which was very talented with a few holes. Biggest gap was centre back, I only had 1, so I bought in the wonderkid from Chelsea I had on loan last season, I really good ball playing one called Faye from Barcelona and a young kid from Benfica I tried to signed last season. However vultures were circulating around my squad. Spurs paid 70m rising to 90m for our best winger, I took a decent price for our keeper who was 37, we had a young keeper who hadn't developed because he hasn't played and brought in James Trafford for 100k to give some competition. We let Tammy Abraham leave for big money as he was 31 and spent 65m on Moukoko from Dortmund, also bought in Harvey Elliot from Liverpool and a wonderkid from Brazil to replace the winger we lost to Spurs. We dominated all season and never looked in danger of losing the league. Being crown champions with 4 games left to spare. We also picked up the Dutch cup beating Az comfortable in the final. Our first pieces of silverware at club level. We were competitive in the champions league making the last 16 were we drawn against Man City. Decided we had to play on the counter and it worked a treat 1dst leg at home we were 3-0 until the 90 minute when Haaland grabbed a late goal. I had a feeling this would prove costly and that was the case. We were dominated in the 2nd leg and couldnt get into but kept it at 1-0 until the 90th minute again when a 37 year old De Bruyne scored to take the game to extra time. City scored again to make it 3-0 on the night 4-3 on aggregate. We went all out and missed 2 sitters injury time extra time which would have taken it to pens. I don't feel we are a million miles away possible winning the champions league. I got a lot of really good young players who have plenty of room to develop. I've already signed 7 young lads on free to play in our B team who all could develop as well as few more regens from around the globe. the league isnt the hardest and ive enjoyed playing around with roles and tactics which might not be possible in a harder league. If something pops up I like the look of i may leave, otherwise will stay another year and have a great a champions league. I also got one of best Regens ive seen so want to see how he develops. Challenge Progress Club 1/10 Domestic Leagues (28/29 Eredivisie Ajax) 1/10 Domestic Cups (28/29 Dutch cup Ajax) 0/5 Continental Championships 0/1 Club World Championship International 1/5 Continental Tournaments (2027 AFCON Nigeria) 0/1 World Tournament TOTAL: 3/32
  16. Going to give this a go with my local team who I go and watch about 5 games a year. We got as far as the conference 20 years ago but rapidly fell down the leagues and disbanded entirely during Covid. However a fund raiser was set up last summer (even a member Take that got involved) and the club started again this season in North West counties
  17. I'm a bit of technophobia never downloaded anything on the game but fancy giving this a go. Is there any dummy guides how to do this My old Saturday league team turned semi pro a few years ago so starting as as ex player manager seems great story.
  18. Season 26/27 I said I wanted promotion after last season but there was massive holes in the squad. We set about correcting this bringing in Zerouli a playmaker on a free from Italy who came through Ac Milan academy, Joe Gerladhat a pressing forward from Leeds who first training session did his cruciate ligaments and was out for 8 months, we brough in a wonderkid forward/winger from Sporting described as next Euesbio on loan, a wonderkid centre back on loan from Chelsea, a new right back and Jobe Bellingham on loan. I didn't learn from my mistakes of last season and messed around with tactics trying to make a 2 striker system work and Zerouli as a regista. We were stuck in mid table by time i finished the Afcon and the board were satisfied but the fans wanted me out. Decided to abandon this and go back to a 433 and use Zerouli as a DLP. We were helped in January by signing a 6.6ft anchor man from the Bundesliga who helped us play with a higher line as he would win the headers from goal kicks. Gerladht returned and boy did we kick on. We went on a unbeaten run which meant last game of the season we had a chance of automatic. We needed a win but Nurenburg to lose as they had superior goal difference. We did our job but unfortunately Nuremburg managed a draw which sent us in the playoffs against St Pauli. We were comfortable throughout the 2 legs winning 1-0 away and 2-1 at home. fantastic considering our first half form. I think I'm a 433 guy my succusses at Sorin, with Den Bosch and Nigeria has all been 433 and now promotion. I'm out of contract, im not sure what to do ive assemble a great back room team bring in Ashley Young and Eder as new coaches to see if they do really improve with courses and they do, also got Michael Carrick as my number two. Problem is board are only giving me 350k a week, losing both my wonder kids, Zerouli has a 9m release clause and is wanted by 12 clubs so he's going. A normal save i'd stick around and give it a go but i'd need 3/4 season to be in a position to compete with Bayern, it would be a waste. I may save the game under a different file and return to it one day and stick here but for now its a Euros summer so I'm going to see what jobs are out there and both club and international once the madness starts of the managerial merry go round. I want a team I can win something with next with rebuilding for a few years, prefer in Europe. some screen shots below
  19. Season 27/28 We entered the Afcon as favourites, ive won every game with the team so far claiming them to 13th in world rankings. I had a couple of elite players in Osihmen and Chukuweze (spelling) so other goods forwards and decent defensive. We were lacking in midfield, we had one really good player at Milan Eletu but he wasnt playing much. I would be disappointed if we didnt win this as lots of our rivals were ageing teams. Groups didn't pose too much of a problem and was available to rest full team for the last game
  20. Quick update for season 26/27 as bit of damp Squibb and not much happened. Got my 2nd international job with Nigeria few friendlies and comfortable qualified for next season AFCON. Had lots of options after world cup but fancied working with an Elite player in Oshimen rather than my usual part time farmers. I left Den Bosch and had a lot of interesting jobs. Was gutted as was offered Inter Miami who still had Messi. Was going to take it but was also interviewed for the Real Zaragoza job who were in la liga as job I wanted. So I delayed the offer in between this took the Nigeria job so Inter Miami withdrew the offer. I ideally wanted to stay in Europe. Took until November to get a job. Took Kaiserslautern in Bundesliga 2. They were in trouble, I started well with 4 draws and 2 wins messed around with tactics so went on a bad run and end up surviving relegation last game of season. I ultimately wanted to play with a two striker formation but I use can't get it working, tried 442 diamond and 4222, 3412, 4312. Just can't get one to work. I want to aim for promotion next season we have 3 CB who are Bundesliga quality, Mcatee from Man City who is quality and few other players who are good for the league. I've also got a kid coming in on loan from sporting Lisbon who described as the next Eusebio. Plus decent wage budget and get some big earners off the budget. Just need to fit them into a formation but boringly looking like 433 again but would love to get one working with two strikers
  21. Finally mate,I bet it was starting to feel like a really job coming so close to winning the league on so many occasions.
  22. Also had this problem. I'm attempting the ultimate challenge and a big part of the challenge is winning all the international tournaments. This is a challenge breaker. My save I took the Cameroon job and like the OP couldn't arrange any games, delegated to staff and still the same outcome no games so had to resign. I'm in 2026 on my game.
  23. Season 25/26 After missing out on playoffs last season, we had a big rebuilding job to do around the squad. I wanted promotion and with most of the wage budget now open I set about getting a squad together. I had 3 young players i felt were ready for the first team squad so they were promoted and I kept 3 good wingers so decided to stick with 433 midblock, counter. Our keeper let us down a lot last season so we picked up one up on a free who had excellent kicking to help us build up from the back. We needed centre backs so managed to bring back atom from Brighton on loan from last season as well as a player from Man city and a young Argentina lad who was nails which gave us a good balance. I brought in some experience with Nainggolan from my old club on a free, Bacuna whos played in the premier league. We also got in some good midfielders, one on a free from arsenal and Hartjes from Feyenoord. Lastly we needed a goal scorer and got Joe Hugill from Blackburn on loan who they picked up from Man United. We had a great half of the season and we comfortable sat 2nd but were always behind Emmen who walked the league beating us twice. We had a decent run in the cup beating 2 prem teams and then losing in the Quarters to Willem Em. January comes around and the board decide to sell 3 of our better players and the Argentina cb was recalled. I learnt from the lessons of last season were we collapsed near the end due to injury crisis. We bought in another cb from a rival in the league, a midfielder from Liverpool who they had used in the champions league, back up striker and a defensive midfielder on a free. We scored goals for fun all season but never really had a tough tackler so conceded quite a lot. We were comfortable in 2nd with 10 games to go sat 10 clear of 3rd. However we had a mini blip and last season was looking like repeating itself we lost 3 out of 5 and with 5 to go was only 4 clear. However tweaked the tactics and won 4 out 5 to go up. I'm really enjoying my time here but my contracts up and I don't think I'll renew, the board have given me a wage budget of 60k a week and im going to be competing with teams who have players on more than that. I don't see what a season of struggle and possibly surviving relegation will do for us. There is no jobs no though that I like the look off, so we'll see I may end up staying. I did take the Cameroon job in January but resign in May, don't know if it was glitch but we had no games, I couldn't arrange friendlies and even delegate to my staff and still no games were arranged, Has anyone else had this. If a bug its a challenge breaker and will make the international leg impossible to complete. Hopefully not as its a world cup year so will be looking to pick one up another job.
  24. Season 24/25 Had a bit on in personal life so not been playing much. Decided to leave Croatia as what's much point rebuilding a semi pro side. There was a few jobs I fancied where I got to the interview stage, A team in the Japanese prem and 2nd Division Argentina team as well as a team in lower half of Columbia a division ive always wanted to manage there. Didn't get any but got a interview at Den Bosch, being a Man United fan my all time favourite player is Ruud Van Nistelrooy and he started his career here so thought why not. We were predicted to finish bottom of the league. Unfortunately the previous manage and gone 20k per week over the wage budget and most of the budget was on 4 players paying each of them 7.5k per week. To put in comparison with rest of squad there was only 2 other players earning over 1k per week. I couldn't for love or money get rid of these players so was stuck with squad I had. I only had 2 decent centre backs and this got worse when Blackburn took on few days before deadline day. Panicked set in so loaned in 3 premier league youngster without being able to see their stats, luckily they were decent. We had a good season and were in the playoff spots nearly all season. Unfortunately an injury crisis and we lost 3 of our last 5 to miss out on playoffs. Heartbreak last game we still would have made it with a win but came up short in a game we were 2nd best. massive rebuilding job is needed in the summer, big earners are all out of contract, plus lot of other players who wont sign new deals. Looking at my squad I have 3 starters left. I'm enjoying my team and the fans and chairman love me so I may stay and have another season here if there isnt any jobs taking my fancy.
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