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  1. @Rainbowz Keep at it. It's grinding time. Look like a solid pair of midfielders. If you get Shoretire going half the battle is won I suspect.
  2. I'm not hopeful... I've tried for the past year. Fortunately I'll get a healthy profit on all of them, but still... 13 million for the 2nd or 3rd in the NXGN voting is pretty cheap. Especially Gonzalez is a monster. I dont think I've ever had a guy get 25 assists in a season.
  3. 2031-32 Austria Salzburg - Refining our football culture So... How do we make sure last seasons collapse doesn't happen again? We bring in a couple of young stars and refine our definition of football. While last seasons 81 league goals were great our 51 goals conceded was a disaster. We go from a 4-4-2 narrow diamond and switch to a 4-1-4-1 Assymetric system. This will fit our exciting signings DR Silva and ML Gonzales, and hopefully stabilize our defense and still be pretty effective offensively. While the preseason looked good we come back to earth as we loose our first wualifier for the champions league 2-3 at home against Fenerbache. We trust our new system despite the critics. In the second leg we absolutely crush Fenerbache in Turkey. 7-1! We go on to meet Marseille. We are a good sub-top team and against good opponents we are struggling. The french team are one of those teams. We loose 6-3 on aggregate, but play two good games. Things are looking pretty decent. We enter the Europa League group phase and we win our first game in Glasgow against Rangers 2-0 and meet Dynamo Kyiv at home in the first home game in the league phase. Leo Thery plays a great game and we end up winning 8-1. We really are firing on all cylinders. The hype around the team is real, and I once again get offers from some teams in the bug leagues. Lazio and Wolfsburg are approaching me, but once again I reject. Mein hertz ist komplett violet. Our league phase in the Europa League gives us 5 wins against Kyiv, PSV, Rangers, Frankfurt and Domzale and we loose against Nice, Wolves and Fiorentina. We meet Hoffenheim in the playoff round. We dominate both legs, but even though we deserve more we get knocket out. 3-1 on aggregate. Our european form have had no impact on our domestic play. While rotating heavily we've gone one to record a record-breaking 8 points in the preliminary phase. ore importantly both Rapid and Red Bull are struggling and we go into the championship group with a 4 point lead on Rapid and 8 points on Red Bull. This is ours to loose. We knock out Red Bull in the ÖFB Cup. We are in a brilliant condition to win our first trophy. Then we play our cup semifinal game against SV Horn.... And loose on penalties after 2-2 in regulation. We dominated every category, possesion 54 to 46, shots 27 to 4 and xG 3,38 to 0,32. This loss will hit the morale hard. Midway through the season a couple of our players are recognized as new signings DR SIlva and ML Gonzalez finish 2nd and 3rd in the NXGN award. They are gonna be superstars. Unfortunately. Like most of our players they have release clauses that we can't get rid of. We enter the final 5 games with a lead of 5 points to Rapid and 7 to Red Bull. We have Rapid at home in the final game. This could become the title decider. Hopefully we've won the trophy before this game. With 2 games to go we have a 6 point lead and head to Austria Wienna. We win 1-0 in a nervous game we are champions of Austria. 35 years since our last win. We got bought out and had to start off fresh. We dethroned Red Bull Salzburg! 18 championships in a row and now stopped by another Salzburg team. We end up winning the final game against Rapid and win by a solid 9 points... Wow... Season review Competitions Transfers Squad Key Players DR Silva DMC Rolon ML Gonzalez
  4. 2030-31 - Austria Salzburg - Hunting the bull With our recent rise up the ranks our reputation has grown as well. In ther summer break we revamp our backroom staff and bring in German Head of youth Development Mirko Sandmöller. He's previously been with Holstein Kiel. A team he helped become a Bundesliga regular. At the Director of Football position we hire spaniard Alfred Merino. With the staff taken care of the focus switched to our player squad. The last couple of years we've just finished our squad on deadline day, or a couple of days before. This year, with a larger budget we feel like we've put the final touches on our squad well before the season kicks on. We've set up a good scouting newtork in South America and sign some promising youngsters. We believe DMC Rolon, AMC Rolon Martinez will become starters while the rest of the guys will battle for a starting position. As the season starts it's the usual suspects in the top of the table. Red Bull and Rapid look strong. But we might have the pieces this year and top the table after 4 games. We qualify for the League phase of the Europa League despite not playing well. Genk is defeated 6-5 on aggregate. MC Caroca has been our standout player so far. This season feels special. While we're subpar in europe we are playing well domesticly. Red Bull are defeated 2-1 by two goals by ST Thery in stoppage time at home. The scenes it caused. The last goal 4 minutes into stoppage time was a beautiful lob over the keeper. We are at the top of the league going into the winter break. We are playing above all expectations. After 17 games we are 1 point in front of Red Bull, with a game in hand. Our great play have resulted in individual succes as DL Martin is awarded with the footballer of the year award in Austrian football. Impressive since he's only had 4 goal contributions in 25 matches. We get knocked out of the Europa League by Nice. And this time it wasn't even close. The focus on the league was evident as the reserves was well beaten, 4-2 on aggregate. Being in all competitions means the fixture congestion in the spring is pretty rough. 3 games in 4 days against Altach, Rapid and LASK could see us loose the lead in the league. We respond magnifecently and win all three games. Our nearest rivals run into trouble and we finish of the first phase with 5 wins and a solid lead. Is this our year? But then it went downhill fast we collapse against Rapid 5-2 at home. Followed up by only 1 win in the next 5 games. One of the losses a 3-2 extra time defeat in the cup against Red Bull. The release clause sale of DC Wardrope have hit us hard. We are leaking goals! We continue with 2 wins and 2 losses in the next 4 games. We enter the final game in second. Red Bull have won the championship. We are at home against the newly crowned champions. Sturm Graz in 3rd will move past us if the get more points than us. Once again we show a horrible display of football and loose 2-0. Then a coach come in yelling. Sobhi has scored the gamewinner with 3 minutes left against Sturm. They've come back form 2-0 behind to win it 3-2.... We're 2nd! For the first time we've regressed points wise. We have 3 key signings ready, and have 2 more coming soon. While we have had succes with our assymetrical and narrow systems the guys coming in will give us more flexibility formation wise. Our main focus are finding a new keeper, as Matrantonio are off to Sturm... Traitor.. Season Review Competitions Transfers Squad Key Players DL Martin MC Caroca ST Breunig
  5. @aldojags The trip really helped us financially. My wage budget have more than doubled and I have 17 million in transfer budget this season. Let's hope some of the targets wont have too low minimum fee release clause wishes.
  6. 2029-30 Austria Salzburg - Battling for Salzburg Our second place in the league means Champions League qualification. We start off with a solid 6-2 aggregate win against Antwerp. We face our toughest test yet in the third round. We face Porto. We play well in the first game and get a 1-0 win at home. In the second leg we win again. 1-0. We hit the woodwork 2 times and even though Porto dominated possesion we felt we had things under control. Next up in the playoff round FC København, a considerably easier opponent than Porto. But then FC København won 3-0 at home with 3 shots on target while we missed opportunity after opportunity. We felt we were the better team in the first leg, but a 3-0 deficit is hard to erase. But we did. We won 3-0 and trashed the danes 3-0 in extra time to win the game 6-0. We have made the league phase of the CHampions League. That means a solid 12.5 million pounds in the bank. At least! We sign a bunch of players primarily for backups. Loanee striker Esnaola has been on fire in europe so he might get a starting spot regularly. After some poor performances in the champions league we suddenly get a 1-1 draw at Giuseppe Meazza. How we did it I don't know. But we were effecient with our chances. Next up another danish team in FC Midtjylland and once again we send them packing with a huge loss, as we beat them 5-0. It was never close as they could not control target man Breunig who scored 3 goals. All in all we had a perfect ending to the 2029 calendar year. The aforementioned 5-0 win against FC Midtjylland was followed by a 5-0 trashing of Sturm Graz and another incredible european night with a 5-1 win against Lille. Unfortunately we could not follow up these european games and a couple of losses in the new year to Chelsea and Dortmund sent us out. At home we once again secured ourselves a spot in the championship group. Both Red Bull and Rapid look good though. We're 4 points down on Red Bull and 3 on Rapid entering the final stretch of the season. We had to sell Romildo but got 4.2 million pounds a month before we would have lost him for free. Let's go hunt that trophy! Along side the succes in the domestic league and in the Champions League we have managed to reach the cup final. Not surprisingly our opponent in Red Bull. We decide to go offensive and try to steal this one. Cup final After being on the backfoot the first 20 minutes we drop back and play on the counter. 32 minutes in Breunig gets the biggest chance yet. He shoots low but Di Gregorio in goal saves it with his right foot. At the break it's still 0-0, while Red Bull have had the most chances we still feel we are in the game. After we dropped back a bit we feel we have it under control. If lady luck is on our side we'll put away one of out counterattacks while holding the clean sheet. After 65 minutes it's still 0-0. We have had problems in the second half. The tempo of the game is too high for us and we have too many misplaced passes. We drop back Asp-Jensen to play a 4-1-3-2 and hope we can retain possesion better. We retain possesion far better with the adjustments and with 10 minutes to go sub Soares have a 1-on-1 for the cup win. Unfortunately the Red Bull keeper once again pulls out a save from the top-drawer. A couple of minutes later Neumann and Wardrope miscommunicates and Oscar is through. He slots it in. 1-0 and another loss against Red Bull. Soares will feel sorry for this one. We've has some issues in the league and with 3 games to go things are looking difficult. We're down 6 and 4 points to Red Bull and Rapid. Especially because we have Red Bull away in the final game. Entering the final matchday we still have a chance to finish second and qualify for the Champions League. We need to win against Red Bull while Rapid have to loose against 5th placed Altach. What happened then has been described as the best game in Austrian football. We went back and forth with Red Bull. 0-1, 0-2, 1-2, 2-2, 2-3, 3-3, 3-4, 3-5, 4-5, 4-6, 5-6. 11 total goals and a underdog win. Wow... In the end it did not matter. Rapid finished the job at Altach and we had to settle for 3rd despite finishing with a club record 43 points and a attacking show against Red Bull Season Review Competitions Transfers Squad Key Players DL Martin ST Thery ST Breunig
  7. 2028-29 Austria Salzburg - European Nights Despite qualifying for a european group stage our budget stays pretty much the same. We have a thin squad for the league let alone another competition. It's loan season! We've gotten a strong start to the season and are 2nd after 4 games. We'll need it. Once the fixture congestion kicks in we'll drop points a plenty. The draw pits us against PAOK Salonika in the Europa League playoffs. A good draw. With a bit of luck I believe we can win! We dominate the first game and go into the second leg with a 4-2 lead. ST Breunig once again played well on the big scene. He scored 2 goals. We get hit by injuries and we need a good bit of luck as we go into the second leg , but in the end we go through. We loose 2-1 in Greece but are ready for the next round. 5-4 aggregate win. Europa League group stage here we come! Our european adventures continue with an impressive result. With the fixture congestion we play our reserves against Sporting. Believing we did not have a chance, but the players fought admirable and gave us a 3-2 victory and a perfect start to our european group stage. We quickly get brought down to earth as we loose 3-0 at Qarabag. We are playing decent in the league but are turning heads in europe. I've been names manager of the year for the first 4 years of my career. The big clubs come running. Juventus and Sevilla wants me, but I politely decline. I have unfinished business here. The big reason for the interest in my managerial abilities are our Europa League results. 6 wins and 2 losses and we qualify for the round of 16. We have beaten Lech Poznan, Olympiacos, Union Berlin and Sporting. We get a tough draw as we have a trip for Galatasaray coming up. We crash out of the europe league in spectacular fashion. After 25 minute we're down 3-0 in Turkey and after an hour we are 5 goals behind. In the end we loose 6-0 and all the memories of a great european run have been scarred. We loose the return leg 3-1 as well. While we've produced some good results in europe we've had decent domestic succes as well. While our cup run ended before it started in the 3rd round, we've produced the best result yet in the preliminary stage of the Bundesliga. We finish 4th and bring 21 points with us to the championship group. 4 less than Red Bull. With only the league in our focus we go on a solid run in the championship group. We loose against Altach and Red Bull, but go 5-2-0 in the rest. With one game left we have secured a place in Champions League qualification and our best finish ever with 2nd. Season review Transfers Competitions Squad Key players DC Wardrope AMR Romildo ST Breunig
  8. Yep but we're 3 million in red so the budget stays the same.. Let's hope we can get some transfers going.
  9. After last seasons great return to the top-tier the hopes among the fans was high. We needed some experienced players to add to the mix. Unfortunately the finances are still weak and we have the lowest wage budget in the league. We add in GK Mastrantonio and CB Wardrope as clear strengthening of the squad. And then we sign a bunch of young guys. If this is going to work out in the long run we need to develop talent and sell them. We have high hopes for speedster AMR/ST Thery. He could become a star here some day. We get yet another poor start to the season, but once we get going we're playing pretty well. I've gotten the attention of the big leagues, but I'm happy where I am. Union Berlin, Monza, Hoffenheim and Gladbach all get rejected. We once again qualify for the championship group, we've worked a bunch of the youngsters into the rotation and they're playing above expectations. With another chance to qualify for the championship group we earlier on the year stretched the budget and got a future star. AMR Romildo was brought in some days before deadline day and while we are a bit over budget we're sure he'll pay off. He's had 4 assists in his first 5 games. And while he's still young and inconsistent he's shown in glimpses that he can take over games. Another season secured in the Bundesliga, another championship group finish. Can it get better? Yeah... What about a big rivalry win in front of the home crowd? We win 1-0 at home after a late winner by AMR Thery. The fans went nuts. Not thinking of the poor performance from the team. Winning games cures all disappointments about poor play. The win against Red Bull gives us the confidence to finish off strong in the league, and after loosing a lot of points early on we go 4-2-0 as we enter the final matchday against Sturm. We sit at 4th control our own destiny. A win and we're playing in Europe next season and will secure a 3rd place finish! Breunig brings us in front after 12 minutes. We hold on to the lead as we go into the break. Rapid are winning 4-0. We need to win. We have several good shots in the start of the second. But as time goes by we become more and more nervous. Afraid to throw it all away like last season. Suddenly Sturm striker Zimmermann are completely free in the penalty box and just have to tap it in. But he misses. It's going to be one hectic half an hour. We tough it out. We are going to europe! Season review Competitions Transfers Squad Players of the season DL Martin MC Asp-Jensen Breunig
  10. Austria Salzburg - Bundesliga - 26-27 We splash the cash on danish central midfielder Asp-Jensen from Bayern Münich. We find it difficult to attract players of sufficient caliber but manage to find a bunch of players. We will have to do with the base of last years team. And then it’s time for the first battle against Red Bull! But we get hammered. 4-0 Later in the season we are playing well and get a result at home against Red Bull as we get a 1-1 result. We’ve had some memorable matches along the way. We won a game in which our opponent had 3 own goals and a memorable turnaround against Austria Wien. All in all we're playing solid football All in all we’ve had a great half season in the topfligt and after 22 games we qualify for the championship group stage in 4th. We’re safe! We struggle in the league and have a rough time getting points. Meanwhile in the cup we are playing well. We beat Sturm Graz and are through to the final against….. Red Bull… We line-up in the final in our strongest formation. Cup Final 10 minutes – Scrum in the penalty area. Penalty for Austria…. Asp-Jensen slots it home. 1-0. It’s been a quiet first half with loose chances for both teams. ST Breunig are a handful and RB Salzburg have had troubles with him the first half an hour. At the end of the half Red Bull piles on the pressure. They have several good attempts to end the half but we keep the lead. 1-0 at the break. After the break the domination continue. ST Konate have had 7 shots so far. He’s the league topscorer and will hit the net eventually. After 50 minutes Retegui enters for RB. 10 minutes he equalises. 1-1. We drop a bit further back. To combat the movement of Konate. After the adjustment RB have a hard time finding space and creating chances. Unfortunately it’s the same for us. The game ends 1-1. It’s time for extra time. The depth of RB would mean they are huge favourites. They score 5 minutes into the game. At the half we throw everything forward… Boom Boom… 4-1 Red Bull Salzburg… We gave them a good game. In the league we’ve won a couple of games and are in a great position to take a european place. We need a result against LASK in the final game. Meanwhile Hartberg has to loose against Red Bull. Promotion push After the first half the game is still tied at 0. So is the Hartberg game. So far no european football. One of the most boring games of the season, but suddenly the away crowd goes wild. Red Bull have scored. And then. Out of nowhere LASK scores with 5 minutes to go. Heartbreak But we still have a chance against Austria Wien in the european playoff final, but unfortunately we loose 3 finals this year. Total and utter destruction. All in all a solid season, but feels disappointing with all the important losses. Season review Competitions Transfers Squad Key Players DL Martín MC Asp-Jensen ST Breunig
  11. We sign 7 players for the new season. We have high hopes for DL Martín, DMC/MC Essugo and AML Alfon. Overall a solid transfer window. Building on the team we had but strengthening the weaknesses. After a strong finish to our previous season Austria Salzburg entered the season full of hope. It was clear that their main competitors would be newly demoted Austria Lustenau. We've had a pretty rough start to the season and meet them in round 6. We dominate the game completely, but somehow loose 2-1. This is gonna be a challenge just as expected. I'm making a name for myself as Wolfsberger from the Admiral Bundesliga comes knocking. But I reject.. Of course! After the first game of the spring season we're placed well around the top of the league. Austria Lustenau has fallen behind and our new competitors are St. Pölten. We've played 8 in a row without loosing and are looking good in the proces. We've acquired AMRL Róber in the winter break and he could be a steal for this level. The race for promotion continues. Even though we keep winning most games, St. Pölten have taken over the promotion spot and the top spot. We have a home game against them left. With 4 games we can pretty much seal promotion with a win against St. Pölten. We still haven't lost and they've lost some crucial points. We on the other hand have just set the record for most consecutive games without a loss in the Bundesliga 2. It's down to the wire. Us or St. Pölten! We line up in our strongest formation in the title decider. We play a bit more cautios than normal as we are afraid of the strong counterattacks from our opponent. We play a good game, but in the end we loose. They are back in it. Fortunately we hold on to our now slim lead. On the final day in front of 1500 home fans we lift the title and secure promotion after a solid 3-0 win against Blau Weiss Linz. We're going up! Season review Table - Squad - Transfers Key Players AMC Idrizi - AMR Róber - ST Breunig
  12. Austria Salzburg are a prestigous team. In the 90’s they were arguably the best team in Austria. Now they are on the way up once more The new manager Lukas Bader are a man of principle. His management principles are Respect, Dedication and Intelligence. It didn’t take long for Lukas Bader to reshape the squad. As the the transfer windows closed Austria Salzburg had brought in 15 new players. It might take time to gel, but he believes he’s found players with the right DNA. Smart hard-working players We start off a little rusty but slowly we find our strive. At the halfway point we have comfortable cushion to the relegation zone, and we are playing great football. We strengthen the teams with a couple of players and are ready to stay up and rebuild. In the transfer windo we bring in D/DM/M C Bjarne Pudel and AM RL Loanee Canpolat. And we skyrocket to the top of the league. Grazer AK in 2nd are too far away, but we pick up the second most points in the second half of the season. Liefering are untouchable, but we are 2nd in the xG table. Season review Table - Transfers - Squad Key Players D/DM/MC Pudel - AM RL Canpolat - ST Breunig
  13. I'll take over as the manager of SV Austria Salzburg. Formed as a response to Red Bull taking over the original Austria Salzburg. Here's the club info, their honours and the squad. The manager is german wunder tactician Lukas Bader.
  14. Karpaty Lviv - Ukranian Favbet Liga 40/41 - CHALLENGE COMPLETED!! Squad - Competitions - Finances - Transfers Favbet Liga: Win! - Kubok Ukrayini: Win! - UEFA Champions League: Win! - Super Cup: Win!! - European Super Cup: Runner Up Season Review: A wonderful final season of our quest. I got an offer for MC Wolf in the winter window and we ended up selling him for 190 million pounds. I reinvested in a DR and a new MC and we were running. We had a slump in the league midway through but our european adventure went above all expectations. We won a group consisting of Porto, Valencia and Schalke. From then it was a tough route with Barcelona, Bayern Munich and Hertha BSC. We were hit by suspensions and injuries in the final against Sevilla, we got 3-0 in front but a dismissal of Galovic made it interesting. In the end we won it 3-1! The Team: GK Postulka DR Suarez - DC Ugarte - DC Grabrijelic - DL Mikhailov DMC Hassan MC Galovic - MC Arrowsmith - MC Voznyuk ST Perez - ST Van Wyk Notable subs: DR Yarygin - DC Dankovych - DL Noble - DM Muino - AMC Auremar - ST Runich - ST Vantukh Players of the save: ST Perez Signed in 2035 from River Plate for £11.5 million. Had more goals than starts in all of his 6 seasons at the club. 166 starts, 194 goals. Consistently produced in the big games in europe! DMC Hassan No signing was bigger than the signing of our midfield dynamo Mohammed Hassan. Arriving on a free in january 2037 after being unemployed for 6 months. Bossed the midfield for years. Many players around him was sold at a premium. Hassan just worked his socks off for us. His worst full season saw him averaging 7.27.
  15. Karpaty Lviv - Ukranian Favbet Liga 39/40 Squad - Competitions - Finances - Transfers Favbet Liga: WIN!! - Kubok Ukrayini: QF - UEFA Champions League: 3rd in Grp F - Europa League: WIN!! Super Cup: Win!! Key players: DL Mikhailov - MC Hassan - ST Pérez - ST Van Wyk Season Review: A great season despite some hiccups. Domesticly we won our 5th straight championship. Fixture congestion saw us defeated in the QF of the cup. In europe we didn't progress from the group stage. Instead we took over the Europa League and got our first major trophy. Gent, Napoli, Tottenham, Wolves and Sevilla were defeated on our way. Season preview: We've shown we can beat anyone. Now we need conistency. We were hit by a goalkeeper crisis in the champions league and it pretty much cost us 2 games. We got to be smarter than that!
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