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  1. Perhaps the most challenging task I assume . So the transfer would be any price but the organization must have 237.000 € wage ?!?!? All the organization?!?! for sure the most challenging
  2. The Canadian league you are using custom edited league for more depth? Or as it is the FM data ? This salary cup is the key factor. What restrictions rules has ( for foreign players )
  3. If you have a club in mind my bet on Valour FC
  4. @_Ben_ its sad that you loose you interest for skinning , I am sure that this dna in player’s profile with the new opponent overview among other tweaks could make this perfect skin of yours to an extraordinary miracle …
  5. he seems a leathal waepon in the final third with his movement and passing would be a very good SS or IF
  6. It will public release , or pm?
  7. Do you really believe that custom data for 24.3 is playable for 24.4 cause the Fm editor is not updated ?
  8. Unfortunately they have done it and will not update for 24.4 The opinion on that are divided some says that cause the editor doesn’t updated to 24.4 then the custom data of 24.3 are playable for 24.4 . Is this true ?
  9. Of course I am interested. Is compatible with 24.4 ? Or does not matter ? Cause the opinions on that are little bit divided
  10. Good morning I am looking for German regional ligament system for 24.4 , does any one has it ? Work on it ? Or can guide me how to active it via fm editor?
  11. Does any one work or has the German pyramid system ….oberliga , regional for 24.4 ?!?
  12. Is possible for anyone to help me solve that I have edit the last official data by change the default data of a team and add it at the City Football Group , I test the new changes and save it but when I try to start a new save to use this team I can’t find the edited fmf file nowhere. any idea why and how to fix this ?!?!
  13. you can't imagine how many times their keeper was man of the match player, you can't . FM engine....
  14. I will try your approach, of course I am 2 divisions down I don’t know if my players are capable to support the exact plan but I will see it.
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