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  1. 18 hours ago, santy001 said:

    There is around a 25 year period in FM before clubs will build a new stadium (unless competition regulations force otherwise) so it is likely that is what you'd been waiting for. 

    I think emirates was 2004 

    The board request was being accepted from 2026, at least, but planning permission was rejected.

  2. 21 hours ago, rusty217 said:

    Abou Diaby Park though?

    If they're naming it after a former player it should at least be one of the best ones, like Henry!

    Lool Yeah I hear you

    But I called my manager Abou Diaby 

    Board chose that legend in the end Diaby Park flows better I believe.

  3. One for the long term arsenal managers.

    So i've Been looking online for years about solutions for arsenal building a new stadium, I couldn't find much info. Yes I know the emirates is fairly new, but personally. especially when arsenal are doing well, I believe its a poorly designed Stadium when focussing on capacity and possible future expansions (its hard to get arsenal tickets). 
    Anyways in game I have never been able to get the board to build a new stadium to increase capacity. Searching online I've not found anyone who has succeeding either. 

    But After 8 seasons and 2 or 3 failed planning applications (they take 2 years to be rejected) construction has finally began.

    So if you're trying to get a new stadium there is hope keep trying, keep applying.




  4. Funny how people supporting these instances are basing their support on 



    low paying jobs having unions

    Please can you just show some evidence that suggest this happens or a quote from anyone supporting something like this happens.

    And if you can’t please stop replying and let SI guys explain where they got the idea from.



    I believe SI have got the feedback that players support unhappy players

    and then just thought of things players get unhappy about.

    the 2 instances separately make sense.

    but putting squad player upset because he is not getting a pay rise with other players telling the hierarchy to give the “SQUAD” player a new contract is something that hasn’t been seen before (in real life in top flight football)! And if somebody has seen this please please please share.


    I can imagine players wanting to tie down important players

    That i can see happening 

    Can’t imagine anyone telling arteta give Holding a new deal or we won’t be happy.


  5. Yeah personally I get it when it’s a Star player

    Osieman a year and 3 months after signing a 4.5 year deal wants a new deal.

    the man is a star player and had like 30-40 goals at the time.

    if I said no I understand key players coming and being like “sir are you sure you want our star man unhappy”

    but Kiwior squad player asking for a new deal with 3.5-4.5 years left on his contract and players telling me give him the double wage increase he wants. Well that’s just not something I can see happening.

    It’s always the young players and the unprofessional players coming to complain too.

    Then the team leaders will come.

  6. 19 hours ago, SaintEtienne said:

    (“X is a vital member of our team, but we’re really concerned that she will be leaving for another company at the end of her contract”)


    You've written a lot to highlight a part that i'm not talking about.

    Being afraid a VITAL member of the team will leave is very much acceptable in game.

    I specifically highlighted SQUAD player. the player has plenty time left on his contract and I wanna know where and when you have gone to management about only 1 person and told management to increase that one persons wage. Not union style everybody's wage should increase.

    Stop throwing in different scenarios to back up something that doesn't happen.


    19 hours ago, SaintEtienne said:

    Your argument seems to be that footballers are a special breed of humanity who care nothing for their colleagues or the organization for which they work, who will not give a damn if their fellow players are unhappy or are treated unfairly, and who are too self-interested (or cowardly) ever to complain to management. Respectfully, I think this view is both a wild generalization and utterly implausible.

    No my point is Players don't negotiate other players contracts. Agents do that.


    Show me who backed him or who he backed up for more wages since he's the only man to actually make noise about wages.

    Yes football/sport is a different spectrum to ordinary people. look at other big not paid enough wage disputes in sports Scotty Pippen. Superstar player... who backed him from the locker room?
    All you hear is that between him the club and his agent.

    20 hours ago, SaintEtienne said:

    But criticizing the game for how interactions are implemented is not the same as arguing that there should be no such interactions because (as I interpret what you are saying) RL players do not interact with or even take any interest in the company for whom they work. I’ve never worked for a football club, but I have spent a lot of time around humans (and, within my work, to studying humans), and the only thing I find unrealistic here is your sweeping characterization of footballers.

    Of course there's a possibility that someone might put on their superman cape and speak out. But the absence of any stories emerging means this possibility is an outlier not the norm.

    Being an outlier, only a select few personalities would plausibly do this. Maybe high loyalty high controversy poor temperament poor professionalism. Because it's not very perfessional Dr Dre V Eazy E style telling the manager to scrap the existing contract with 3 more years left.

    In game it happens at least once a season per at my club, one can only assume it happens to other ai contolled teams too. Which makes it's occurrence very unrealistic.

  7. 7 hours ago, Dagenham_Dave said:

    Do you think managers ever criticise players for training poorly in real life? 

    Sancho this season, Ali Spurs all or nothing

    7 hours ago, Dagenham_Dave said:

    Do you think players ever complain to their managers about the lack of squad depth in the team, or unhappiness at players leaving? 

    Van persie at arsenal before United move, Henry at arsenal before barca move

    7 hours ago, Dagenham_Dave said:

    Can you name me any examples of a player approaching his manager about concerns over a new signing taking his place in the team? 

    Bent Aston Villa, When they got benteke manager told him he has nothing to worry about they'll both play.


    All off the top of my head. So yes these things trickle into the media especially when people are disgruntled about what's happened.

    You can stop replying now. because I know all that brain power is better spent researching questions that make sense to you.

    7 hours ago, Dagenham_Dave said:

    What WOULD surprise me is if SI added this into the game without some inkling after their visits to clubs that stuff likes this does happen.

    Hmmmm, so 10 plus years of fining players for poor performances. But... you would be "Surprised", I get it some people follow blindly and don't question. good for you.

  8. 3 hours ago, Dagenham_Dave said:

    Sighs. No. 

    Blood oaths, lol, did that sound good in your head?

    I don't know if it does or doesn't happen. Neither do you. What part of this is difficult for you to understand? 


    I mean, I know by this point in your post, the tears will literally be all over your keyboard, but even still, I'm completely lost at what point you're trying to make here. 


    I can tell your analytical skills are very good.

    Lets change my question to

    Since there's no, or seldom any,  examples of players getting involve in other players contracts (unless they are relatives) in real life why is it seen in the game so often?

    And now you no longer need to ponder :D

  9. 12 minutes ago, Dagenham_Dave said:

    Why would there be? None of those types of  'stories' would be remotely interesting to anyone. 


    Its Interesting when people find Sterling's payslip
    Interesting when Danny Rose berates Spurs for not giving players fair wages
    Interesting When Ashley Cole says he nearly crashes his car when arsenal offer him a low wage

    Not interesting when half the squad in unhappy the Bench boy 7 who just signed a 4 year contract hasn't been offered another contract.

    That's not interesting???

    18 minutes ago, Dagenham_Dave said:

    Because they actually go and speak to football clubs to get an insight about what happens at said football club. Miles has said this on numerous occasions. 

    Ahhhh and in these meetings the players told them the blood oath kept secret that when 1 player wants a contract all his friends get involved and lay siege to the manager or DOF causing unrest in the squad until their buddy gets that new contract?

    Please please please do quote that section

    23 minutes ago, Dagenham_Dave said:

    Because it's pretty obvious you don't know. You couldn't possibly know. 

    On a personal level, because I support a small club, I've spoken to people about what goes on behind the scenes of a smallish part time football club. Players, former managers, directors. It's quite eye opening how players, even at that level, can be right divas. Now imagine what must go on at a top EPL club with all the money involved there. It's not an amazing leap to consider that players will have gripes about the most inconsequential things. 

    But here's the thing. I don't know, and neither do you, so you have zero basis to call it 'unrealistic'. 

    This argument is literally

    "I know there's no clear evidence or indication or story that proves it happens. BUT since you're not there you can't say it doesn't happen"

    Let's run with your stance. The fact it's not known to happen means its rare at top clubs or ex players and managers would have spoken about it and got the media coverage too.


    Your statement about Small teams seems off. It's all relative If a player Is good relative to the league he's playing in he can get away with being a diva... the higher up you get the better you have to be to get away with it.

  10. On 03/12/2023 at 20:07, SaintEtienne said:

    It’s entirely realistic that a group of employees will talk about their employment, will form friendships and connections with fellow employees, will support and stick up for them, and will often raise concerns with management.

    It’s also entirely realistic that most or all of a squad might get unhappy if they think fellow employees are being treated unfairly or unreasonably.

    The amount of control managers have over contracts in the game might be unrealistic, and some of the triggering issues might be better implemented, but long may player and squad complaints continue in FM. I don’t want a world in which workers are expected to shut up and get on with their jobs, and in which they never feel able to support their teammates or complain about management.

    When was the last time you were in a team meeting telling management to pay 1 person more?

  11. On 03/12/2023 at 19:08, Dagenham_Dave said:

    How do you know it's not realistic? Are you part of a top football club? Do you know what goes on behind closed doors at a football club? 


    What a nonsense question

    If it happened then there would be inklings and whispers of it filtering out to the public...

    There would be stories from former/present players

    Stories from owners and managers

    The shear absence of any of that only backs up that its highly unlikely that it actually happens and if it does its extremely seldom especially at the top level of "English" football if not worldwide football

    How about you think before you say "how do you know?"

    Or how about you ask SI how do they know this nonsense happens, since it happens so regularly in game but is never heard about in real life.

    Small if any evidence of something happening but throw it in game lavishly and state realism.

  12. On 03/12/2023 at 17:58, Heywood JaBlowme said:

    Apparently SI don't think it's a problem because it seems to get worse every year. I think it was mentioned in another thread that the players are unaware of the club's finances.  So if they're determined to get an improved contract, telling them "Even if I wanted to the club can't afford..." won't solve anything. 

    This is actually ridiculous because the more money you have in your wage budget The more players/agents tend to ask from you.

  13. 13 hours ago, Brasilia88 said:

    It's even worse when there is no budget at all and everyone's contract is running out at the end of the season. However, the squad's devastated about the 30 year old (soon the be retired) not being offered a new contract... in non-league footbal. 


    even the, “let this player leave” squad backing never makes sense. I’ve never heard pim when zaha couldn’t leave palace, when Luiz couldn’t leave villa or when paulinha couldn’t leave Fulham.

    all this whole squad is upset is really not realistic.

    fines and the team revolts ok yeah makes sense. Contract though!??? Never heard a rumour about managers under pressure because one player in the squad hasn’t got a better contract.


    Even Danny Rose who spoke out about spurs not matching wages didn’t get the type of backing that comes in this game.

  14. Sorry this utterly baffles me. I’ve never heard anything about other players making noise about players getting new contracts. So why is this in the game?

    SI have gotten rid of fines and other things that help the player under the premise of “realism”

    what’s realistic about a squad player getting backed by 5 players saying give him a new contract?????

    Where has SI conjured up this nonsense?

    What’s the explanation 

  15. Hi don’t know if this has been stated but just started the game and noticed that scout report cards still don’t show attributes.

    I think for the last 3 instalments the majority of people believe when scouting a player attributes are the most important thing and it shouldn’t be a hassle and a waste of time to having to check multiple “i”s to determine if a player is even worth considering further.

    When we scout a player the first and second reasons are to check attributes & potential 

    it’s only then once we think a player can fit in do we want hidden traits!

    stats! I don’t think many of us find them useful since players without top attributes rarely transfer good stats when they transfer teams. Maybe this FM24 is different 


    please bring back attributes to the report cards! ASAP!

  16. During online games there are countless disconnections (DC)

    heres a list of things that should happen when you dc during a match.


    1) The most important! When you log back in you can start managing from where you DCed.

    what currently happens is your assman takes over and you watch him botch everything up.


    2) if 1 can’t be done. Then have a option where your assman can’t go rouge.

    I’ve NEVER seen an assman take over and change the team tactic before in real life.

    this is also a problem when you have a touch line ban!


    These are fm online issues that just get ignored every year


  17. Hi I have been very good with my buys and sells in terms of making profit playing as arsenal.

    now I got 600M transfer budget and 100k in spare wages.

    the board keep increasing it every summer and it just money I don’t need.

    can I reduce it?

    I believe that now I have it players are asking for stupid wage increases 

    my top earner is approx 250 a week

    i went to renew odegard’s contract from 185 and he wants 400k-475k


    I have a squad player on 88k he wants to be squad player on 250k 

    it’s not making sense 

    how can the agents know how much money I have?


  18. 1 hour ago, nepejke said:

    Hi all! I have already played quite a few seasons on fm23 on patch 23.2 and just noticed one interesting feature. I must say right away that I play with open CA / PA indicators, thanks to the in-game editor, so I can always see the indicators of my players (don't ask why, it's not about that right now). I play for a weak team, I rented a young player from a strong team. When he came to me he was 17 years old and almost completely revealed, 91 CA 107 PA.
    I rented it for 2 seasons. In the first season he progressed to 100 CA, in the second season  three months later from the start, I noticed that in the PA column he lost the previous 107 and became 139. only in studies. Has anyone noticed something they liked about their players?

    I think I heard a couple years ago that If you use an "Unofficial" game editor things like this happen.

    Did you but the actual editor?

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