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  1. Yeah, I see more woodwork than complete misses though. But If your pen taker is good he shouldn't be missing the target that often.
  2. Yeah deffo something worng about the U21 coach getting more than the ass man.
  3. Since they’re in Europe the clause isn’t active. if bvb are in the champions league too then the champions league signing on release clause isn’t active as well You guys will need to wait for them to drop out of the relevant competition in order to activate the release clause
  4. Hi I bought Raspadori in my arsenal save and I sent patino the other way on loan, so cash plus player exchange. Months later I checked the loan contract and there's an option to buy in there Very annoying since I definitely didn't want to sell him The only save before the event I have is July 14th the transfer happened july 31st
  5. @Zachary Whyte Remi Green - Arsenal.fm Remi Green - Arsenal (v02).fm one of them 2
  6. In previous versions a player could play for 3 clubs in a season if 1 of those clubs were a south american side which season only fell across a single calendar year. This season of FM if I buy a player from a south american team give him a game or 2 then try to loan him out it will tell me that he's played for too many clubs and nobody wants to take him. Is this a new rule or a bug? I suspect bug because I sent a youth player to an affiliate recalled him by mistake and sent him back, whilst he was making his decision he became unavailable , It stated that he could play a game as he wouldn't be able to feature for the team he was negotiating with. The issue here is he had played for only sunderland competitively so far... and he was going back to Sunderland.... That is still only 1 team
  7. Still nonsense ball gets crossed to back post both cbs go for the ball the right cb clears it to the edge by the centre of the box. ALL players then part like the red sea and the center back stay Standing rubbing each others' backs keeping everyone onside whist the ball gets headered down to an unmarked foden to score. You dont see this nonsense with the AI!!!! 3 min foden goal PKM is Arsenal v Man City Fix The Wide Freekicks Its Been Years.pkm
  8. Player rejects loan Right after it stated he wanted to go to the club on loan Doesnt even say why players are rejecting the loans!!! Then I have players who are prem standard re Then I have players refusing to go back to the team that they got promoted with!!! Talking about how they have no desire to go back to play for their favored club and personel!!! Graham Potter manages burnley Like WTF is he talking about???? He Played most the games last season for them!!!! Please sort it out or at least give legit reasons to why they reject the loans LOANS!!!.fm is the save name i uploaded
  9. @PhoxDie did You already remove the clause I had the description above the feedback remain once I removed the clause. I think its just the description of what they initially wanted and accepting shouldn't be an issue as long as its not in the actual offer.
  10. Ok just seen this is only for Goalkeepers based in England too, it really Should mention this in the Premier league rule.
  11. Hi Does anyone know how to do the prem emergency goalkeeper loan? all the make offers are saying next transfer window
  12. I checked here before reporting and it had nothing about arsenal at the time, I wish I screenshot that too now Didn't know it would rectify itself
  13. I had a feeling you were gonna say this but look its changed in the Champions league registration too. This was deffo a glitch or a bug
  14. I really enjoyed the medals message when trophy was won, Has this been removed? I realised I have noticed it so far
  15. The date due changed for both players please see above
  16. Strange its seems to have rectified itself... But this is the before and after
  17. Hi Ibought 47. Mateo Silvetti and 50. Alejo Sarco when they were both 18 in the summer transfer window Neither are in line to becoming HG to club only HG to nation. Neither has been sent on loan yet. Surely this is a bug??? I literally only bought them to boost my HG players. SAVE HG to arsenal bug.fm
  18. He probably won’t get the highest PA until he leaves that farmers league that he’s been bullying for the last 5 years
  19. Can you give us some details like how much you played him? i play as arsenal and unless youngsters are playing 20-30 + matches a season Im not seeing much growth. there’s literally no growth at other big teams
  20. Saka is player and young player of the tournament... But is on the bench for the team of the tournament
  21. @Kyle Brown I was just about to report this. Shouldn't this be added to the league rules?
  22. Is anyone else noticing attackers mainly strikers don’t bust a gut to get level with any player breaking on the wing whilst the defence do their upmost to get level with the attacking winger. leading a back line to defend their six yard box whilst attacking players are around the edge of the box is this why so many AI teams play 2 defensive midfield players is this a known quirk so AI are doing it to prevent cut back goals. also any player wide with the ball is less likely to cross and tend to cut the ball back or shoot when in a crossing position.
  23. This is what FM is all about getting FMed here’s my first game of the season just accept it and move on
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