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  1. 93 min viera runs into saliba whilst saliba has the ball, both players then stand still kissing whilst the the opposition picks up the loose ball and goes on to score a last minute equaliser. Whats more annoying is that 10 seconds before the keeper takes a long goal kick when distribute to the full backs is the tactic being used. Blackburn v Arsenal Where's your script.pkm
  2. Hi also if the goal is going to be disallowed for offside the flag goes up If its not the linesman keeps his flag down
  3. Arsenal v Leeds Defensive nonsense.pkm 31 min Teirney just walks the ball to the opposition no body counterpresses ones he loses the ball. A long ball is then played down their left. 2of my players are there under no pressure, yet for some reason the ball just hits the RB White and bounces to their player. obviously the go on to score. 45 min long ball is played to their SS gabriel starts running to the bal they slows down to let the SS run in on goal. Why???? Saliba comes over to cover then decides to go back leaving a lovely gap to play their striker in. Another goal 65 min Patino doesn't bother close down the winger. The defense retreat back to the six yard box leaving 3 players to run into the box unchallenged literally zonal marking in open play
  4. I know that rule if it looked like he was interfering I wouldn’t have wasted my time uploading. The ball is played towards the offside player but missed them by quite a distance and goes to an onside player, in real life that is never offside.
  5. Defensively the match engine is pretty poor. Players don’t go to the ball properly especially when in the air. Defenders barely tackle and when they do half the time they then lose the ball again because they just stand still. I don’t understand what they’re done with offside trap… is that not a thing in football anymore???? Pretty sure I just watched it happen to Argentina. Scouting is pretty poor. Setting assignments should be easier, if you don’t assign scouts personally the same scout gets assigned 🙄. you can’t see who’s already assigned scouting missions which means you have to keep coming out to see what scouts are available. scouting knowledge this tab is ridiculous no boarder lines when looking at regions, no interaction to see what the countries are, no indication to where the scouting knowledge is from unless you go into the nations tab instead but how are you meant to know what country you’re looking for without an atlas? ummm home advantage appears to be way too OP ever other sub is struggling to match the pace of the game or nervous to be on the pitch how often does this really happen? Literally makes you wanna not make subs in defence with all the times the defender will give the ball away
  6. This happens every defensive corner The players that are meant to be edge of the area go into the area. FM dont even bother put any effort into set pieces
  7. Oh i literally just had this in my game, I though its just a week match engine trying to say hes out muscled or something Newcastle v Arsenal offside 56 min.pkm 3rd minute Long ball from pope Gabriel just stands still and isak goes in on goal
  8. Arsenal v Man City Keeper positioning 39min.pkm PKM above I think this is the one where: The keeper comes out of his box for no reason a slow header goes over him, instead of running back to pick up the ball he dives for a ball that hes never gonna reach and lays on the floor. very annoying to watch
  9. Newcastle v Arsenal offside 56 min.pkm Leeds v Arsenal Offside 48 min.pkm Pkms above 56 min ball is played through to martinelli he scores! Oh the goal is offside because Jesus is offside even though the ball didnt go to him Same thing on the Leeds games. I seen it happened to me (not the AI) on many occasions, these are the ones i saved. I brought this up last FM if I remember rightly
  10. They do it every year there's no point complaining anymore might as well just upload bugs or wait till march, where they have a semi finished game. the game is only bought for the transfer window and new player stats and they know this. But yeah the ball perception issues whilst defending is so prevalent its probably known
  11. Oh this was something I was never going to use… the experience matrix looks ok buuuut what’s it for???? i’m seeing my cbs peaking at 25 but the fm tabs have always said cbs peak around 27-31 off the top of my head
  12. Other mentions you look at world knowledge go to regions the it zooms in but there nothing that distinguishes a region example I look at Central African and west Africa is in the zoom in as well. How hard is it to insert a Thicker boarder line so I can identify where the region ends??? there’s zero interaction with the map! How do I know which country is which why can’t I click on a country and at least get a name???? Better yet name and how well I know the country and who my knowledge is from!!! i see green and yellow how am I meant to know which country is which? The oceans tab just shows the world map. I mean I know Australia but idk what other countries are involved.
  13. Can SI Please release an explanation to this new scouting system, as in my opinion it’s utterly ridiculous. well it’s more the recruitment focus. first of all it constantly assigns the same scout and analyst to any new focus unless you manually change it. there’s no indication to which scouts have familiarity with regions you literally have to manually go to the scout and memorise where they know before returning to creating a focus. you can’t see which scouts already have a focus whilst creating a new one. SI should have easy options like creating an array of focuses for the whole team (maybe 3-6 different focuses) and being able to just send scout to different countries. Like group objectives in addition to being to take certain scouts out of the group objectives and send them on individual missions. instead all that’s been created is a muddle that takes hours of time to set anything halfway promising up. SI really need to explain this nonsense and why they changed the previous poor scouting to something even more nonsensical….
  14. @michaeltmurrayuk Hi the researcher for arsenal believes saliba is hg and in that case players sent on loan should still be able to achieve hg status without physically being at the club.
  15. Saliba isn’t indicated to turn home grown in either the player overview information eligibility or squad homegrown status This is obviously something that needs rectifying
  16. Please see linked thread also first season he doesn’t need to be registered for Europe because he’s classed as u21s As you should know in europa you have to be at the club for 2 seasons before you turn 21 Saliba signed for arsenal when 18 so he should be home grown by the end of 22/23 season if you acknowledge him as u21 in Europe at the start of the save.
  17. Hi for years on football manager loaning out a player bought at 18 would prevent that player from gaining hg status at a club. But I’ve just seen that Saliba for arsenal will become Homegrown because they registered him for the league squad every season even though they loaned him out 3 times. this rule should be added to the game where do I bring up this issue so it can be added and everyone can take advantage of this rule instead of being forced to keep young players in your squad? https://theathletic.com/3370929/2022/06/21/premier-league-transfers-homegrown/
  18. Hi i'm playing as arsenal and even though i can add a player from the youth teams to first team training units that player is not available for first team mentoring groups.
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