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  1. Is there anywhere where we can see the patch notes? Would like to know what's been updated/fixed and if this penalties thing is happening I rather not update yet 😅
  2. Here's the screenshot. Basically just play a game without a assistant manager, when it reaches half time you should get this error when trying to do a team talk
  3. Not that I found it but would also like to have that option, it's really annoying, I watch the match, don't have to be prompted a player is tired or playing badly.
  4. Touch for iOS maybe, touch for the switch you can't import anything sadly.
  5. My assistant manager got hired as main manager by another team and until I found a replacement and signed him played 2 games of which the team talks where not available, the screen shows up and you can choose which one you want but always get an error.
  6. The version I've been playing is the switch version and compared to last year its been a improvement, the radial menu was much needed (finally can pick my players in the tactics screen), team talks are very welcome and definitely enjoy the time line even though I find unnecessary for it have listed most of the regens I decided to sign, most don't even make it to first team. There are bugs, I've had crashes, both during the match and in the menus (this was already present last year), I've found that if you don't have a assistant manager, team talks don't work. What disappointed me most is, yet again, not being able to customize out manager reputation. Personally I love to start from the bottom with one star and unemployed but the game is set to automatic and only by loading certain leagues and their pyramids I am able to get something closer to one star rep. Hate it cause it forces me to load leagues that sometimes I don't want to play. This year I can't even find where to choose my favourite club (could be that I'm missing something though 😅) I've mentioned it last year but sadly its not in game this year, here's hoping someome from SI reads this and considers giving us that minor customization detail that would make the game much more enjoyable.
  7. Just a minor correction, on the switch is called touch (maybe cause we can use touch controls too) but tbh I'm not sure there's any difference between touch and console versions (hence the forum being the same for both) could be wrong though.
  8. As far as I know touch and console are similar, if not the same, at least the switch version.
  9. Interesting workaround, thanks for the tip, I'll surely give it a go on my next save.
  10. For those interested I've found out if you load all of the English pyramid starting unemployed you will be a 1 star manager. Also been able to start as 1,5 star manager loading multiple tiers of other leagues, leaving England out. With some experimenting you can start with the rep you want but not always with the leagues you want.
  11. The more frustrating is that the option had been in the game before and last year they removed it for some reason 😑 It's quite frustrating when we can customise our manager as we see fit. Hopefully someone from SI will read this and consider it for next year 😉
  12. Sadly it doesn't seem they've added back a way to customize our manager reputation. It's a pain to find the right reputation if you want to start unemployed with no rep and work your way at up. I've found it changes with the leagues you load but I really hate having to load, for example, the whole English pyramid just to be a one star rep manager when I don't even want to manage there (and slowing down my game)
  13. When I take over some new team in my journeyman saves, a lot of the times I look at reserves with the intent of getting rid of dead weight (and increasing my transfer budget) , its excruciatingly slow going over 20 players one by one offering them to other clubs, as far as I know there isn't a option to offer players in bulk? Wich reminds me, would be nice to offer more than one player when negotiating with another club, sometimes they have interess in more than one.
  14. If only it kept out actual player selection then yeah I would consider it a instant result workaround but it doesn't. I wouldn't mind a instant result option for those end of season matches where everything is decided but you want to give some match experience to some players for example but don't want to be bothered playing the game(s). If you go on holiday the AI whoever they think it's best so it isn't the same. The option is available on touch and all the years I've played touch must have used a dozen times, still good to have it.
  15. Also interested to know this or can we expect a early release as usual with the PC version?
  16. Today we hit 800 members in the discord channel, with a few days to go we are all anticipating the new games (don't forget we will also be supporting touch from this year on). Feel free to join us and spend these pre release days with us 😎 https://discord.gg/AYmRAtfhW5
  17. By the way, can we expect a similar price tag as last year? Trying to work the finances to get it on launch day 😅
  18. Will we have the chance to pre order it for the switch or only on the 8th?
  19. Should be exactly the same and it does look like a nice improvement from last year, specially the radial menu if well implemented. Gameplay wise works well, had a few crashes on 22 and the controls do take same time to get used to, at first they felt clunky but it became second nature. Not having acess to pc version (or wanting a simpler version) it's the next best thing, plus on the switch it becomes almost like the mobile version playing it anywhere!
  20. I agree for both touch and mobile new features always being released too late, not even enough time to hype about it 😅
  21. Last year's edition we are able to load 5, don't think that will change in 23.
  22. Looking at the original post I'm still amazed on how much this server grew! We are now close to 800 members and from this year on we will also be discussing FM Touch. Feel free to join us while we eagerly wait for the game release! https://discord.gg/nxJxDHSy2t
  23. What kind of info are you looking for? I do a lot of unemployed saves and find myself at clubs I know little, my go to is usually Wikipedia.
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