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  1. BBC trailer for the Euros https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/p0j03y0z/uefa-euro-2024-trailer-uefa-euro-2024?seriesId=p0j02s35
  2. Considering the performance - Argentina could easily still win it but seeing them lose this in this way would be amazing. Team full of horrid ***** who would get exactly what they deserve.
  3. Brazil were never winning this from the moment PMLF was posting images in the Brazil thread about how their tops should look with a 6th star.
  4. In theory both channels could show any game they want. They just choose to do it this way. There has been occasions where both channels showed an England game in the past. Back in the more competitive days where there was a big rivalry between the channels.
  5. And if the EFL had changed all the kick-offs before hand - I wonder whether we'd have got certain posters saying how arrogant the English are for assuming they'd make the Quarter-Finals. It's a difficult one anyway - as it would've also inconvienced a lot of people for no reason if the kick-off changes had been made and England were on the other side of the draw or already out of the competition.
  6. Shocking lineup? Talk about hyperbole. There’s one or two you can argue about but that’s about it.
  7. You’re going to have to explain where anyone has posted they were offended on this page. He pointed out how the Croatian national team got upset about The coming home thing. Which is a joke that people take seriously abroad as though people believe it. By the sounds of it you are suggesting the same about Depay. So where has anyone been offended?
  8. I don’t know why you cared so much on the BBC games considering it was just a push of a button upwards. Both channels are easily accessible. Almost like the people who moan during Wimbledon that theres sport on BBC1 and Bargain Hunt is on a different channel. It doesn’t make a difference! Can understand for those people who have to watch on say Freeview for ITV4 why it’s annoying. But it’s pretty obvious why Brazil are on ITV1. It’s not about which is the better game. It’s which game is going to get ITV the most viewers and please their advertisers. And to the casual fan Brazil is the bigger draw.
  9. Not sure how far they will get but I will be a huge Japan fan in the next round.
  10. Wish people would do some research and use the official names given to FIFA. Really disrespectful putting Cymru in the title when they are currently wanting to be known as Wales. Like all the people still using Turkey. Someone needs to apologise to Confused Clarity. Bet it was those English scum as usual.
  11. It is according to FIFA. https://digitalhub.fifa.com/m/7aefe2d8cee025b2/original/FWC-2022-Match-Schedule-281122.pdf Which is a weird quirk with the other two games taking place before it being assigned 35 and 36.
  12. He’s just desperately deflecting any negative questions about the regime. Maybe even given talking points by Iran about what to say back. Clearly values his pay and knows it needs signing off by the government.
  13. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Laura_Georges I think from hearing the names at the start of the broadcast.
  14. Bollocks to that. I don't think the players will have forgotten the Welsh Euro celebration when England were knocked out.
  15. Wouldn't surprise me but will need permission from the side to release it. Broadcasters are allowed to do half-time interviews with managers if they agree. But obviously no sane manager is going to agree when its voluntary.
  16. Between 2p and 4p before commission for every pound bet placed. So £100 might have got you £1.9something if you'd bet at 1.02. Or £3.80ish profit if on at 1.04.
  17. Isn't Wilson another one who isn't at his peak fitness? Maybe just giving him extra rest.
  18. In a way it's time wasting by the assistants when it's that obvious. A goal can never be scored and we ain't getting the time back on the clock.
  19. Seems bigger for the way people look down on Asian teams. In particular Middle Eastern ones. And the fact that often South American football is overrated by so many people. People still have this romaticised view of football in South America. The reality is that the standard is a lot lower than certain posters have you believe.
  20. Picture quality is much worse though unless you're paying for it. Although BBC did claim they solved the problem of delays four years ago. And suggested it could've been ready for the next World Cup. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-45499784
  21. USA have been miles better going forward than Wales so far. Really struggling to understand what game you've watched to this point.
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