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  1. This looks like excellent work, will definitely save me lots of time in the editor Will it be possible to add a player's position and CA/PA?
  2. This announcement occurred after the data lock. I'm sure it will be fixed for the winter update. Thanks!
  3. Good work, saves me making one myself. Any reason why it is 13 clubs instead of 12 or 14? Although as ideal it would be I don't see a Perth team entering (yet) and I would put Gold Coast Knights instead of United.
  4. First season done and dusted Lost in the first round of the playoffs 1-0 to Oxford City, still a good achievement considering we were predicted to finish 22nd at the start of the season and regularly labelled the underdogs throughout. Recruitment was a bit of a shambles, signed 28 players, 12 players left during the season and my two best average rated players were at the club before I joined. Now I know what I want, I'll be overhauling the squad and aiming for promotion in the next season.
  5. Thanks for the good and obvious answers guys! Been awhile since I used the editor evidently
  6. I am looking to make a competition that has the top two clubs from each of the six Central Asian nations - essentially a Central Asian Champions League. The issue is that Kazakhstan is based in Europe thus it won't allow them to compete in an Asia set continental competition. Is there a way around this instead of having to move Kazakhstan to Asia? Can this type of competition be created without being restricted or defined as an Asian or continental cup?
  7. Decided to commit to this challenge this year, taking over Folkestone Invicta
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