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  1. Anyone has had any issue with the UEFA club rankings at the end of the 1st season? I have found that some countries looses their UEFA clubs coefficient, such as Portugal and Spain
  2. I think it would be nice to have agents offering players to our team because as a manager I have a specific style of play or because of a specific tactial setup. By offering I also mean when approaching the agent, his feedback could either be positive or negative because of these reasons.
  3. Small example of non-sense: january open market, signed a new player and one player of my squad is chosen to welcome the new signing. Problem: the player chosen is Tahremi and he is currently away for the Asian Nations Cup. P.S. individual training is still not fixed
  4. Hello SI, Now that we all done with FM24 () and looking forward for the première of the complete new edition, here is a minor contribution with requests Tactics / Match Engine: a- Revamp tactical team settings for a better irl approach to the 4 moments of a match (defensive organisation, offensive transition, offensive organisation, defensive transition); b- Repair the closing down glitch in player instructions and upgrade team and player closing down options (example: close down space, close down ball), instead of just keeping less and more; c- Allow tactical option for Full Backs (FB), if the team attacks from the right flank allow left FB to stay back / if the team attacks from the left flank allow right FB to stay back; d- Introduce GK provoking a penalty; e- Introduce player trying to dribble GK; f- upgrade set pieces for a more user friendly UI (the fm24 new feature is confusing, needs to be polish) Transfers and Loans; a- Introduce possibility of buying a percentage of economic rights of a player; b- In loans, introduce the possibility of a buying a percentage of economic rights of a player in a future sell; Thank you
  5. Just won 22-0 against Celta Vigo for La Liga the problem is Celta does not have players signed to play in La Liga, so they presented themselves to the match with only 6 players
  6. There is an option to not use real players when you set the leagues you want to start the save with.
  7. Check the ID number of those players, get a png file from google, might be necessary to change the size of the picture. Place the new png files inside the folder which contain all your faces. Upload that folder with fm xml, reload your skin and that's it.
  8. Yeah, there is always that side of the issue. Better do it the way that pleases you more without being overload with work
  9. I have been using a flat 442 since fm21 or 22 at Porto, very happy with the results. The main idea is to defend as 442 and attack as a 433 (41221), very easy to set up, just push the left winger to the touchline and make him get further and the right winger plays as wide playmaker, cutting inside and running with the ball through the centre.
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