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  1. FM07 for me. Huge gaming possibilities and minimalism of interface. One small negative is the unbalanced database
  2. This screen is from FM16, but three letters name of attributes was in FM12-16
  3. Is it possible to display the names of attributes in this panel as in earlier versions? I mean short names of skills
  4. I found this, of course. But how can I change the width of the columns here?
  5. There is no panel with this name. It would be very simple in that case. I found where players stats is located in player overview panel (player stats small and player additional stats small), but I can't find where they are in player profile
  6. How can I find this panel with player stats in player profile? It is difficult task for me, despite the seeming simplicity
  7. Can I increase (stretch) these boxes with players? I don't find correct panel
  8. How to edit height of this box with the next match?
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