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  1. Stay on feet does not make it impossible for a player to get a red card - as you've clearly demonstrated.
  2. Do you by chance have a lot of left over money on the wage budget?
  3. Sounds like just the ting for the specialists on the editor part of this forum: https://community.sigames.com/forums/forum/26-editors-hideaway/
  4. He wrote: France still probably doesn't fit but it's not that far off from a high end medium nation either. And in any case I always think they're worth a mention.
  5. Nah they will be adjusted in the next FM edition and they could still end up flopping.
  6. France is a delightful country to manage in.
  7. I fully agree that this unwillingness to change clubs has been tuned to an unenjoyable extreme. With that said I also believe that young players from the EU should be harder to persuade to switch to foreign outside leagues (even ones such as the EPL).
  8. Is face packs not part of the same type of trademark issues that we're not allowed to discuss on this forum?
  9. If you're playing in England then you're not really buying budget players from anywhere else. Wasn't that the whole point of Brexit?
  10. Ambition, professionalism and controversy probably all influence the likelihood of players acting out.
  11. Take fewer risk would encourage him to hoof it more often and not risk passing it short to a potentially covered player.
  12. The complaints from the AI managers seems valid to me, despite the objections raised by some in this thread. If you make a promise when loaning a player, you keep it or suffer the consequences. You always have the option not to make promises you don't intend to keep it.
  13. Isn't there something about players having to be registered for the B teams squad in Spain?
  14. Technically you could probably free up some money by letting other players go / selling them. So despite the fact that you should have better options to explain situations like yours, you actually still do have some responsibilities for the situation.
  15. Probably had too little appeal and too much money on the wage budget.
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