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  1. Yes, the file will continuously be updated. In the latest update, there are many player and staff transfers, in some cases new staff created. A couple of new teams have also been added just like in real life. NZ League FM 24.fmf
  2. The file has been updated to work for the latest version. NZ League v24.3.0.fmf
  3. @Jorgen I managed to get the file to verify by changing the playoff system to an average points system across all the four Central region divisions, promoting one team to the new Central Federation Championship earmarked for 2025. I have also updated the teams for the NRF League 1 as Mangere United and Waiuku AFC are joining this league in 2024. NZ League FM 24.fmf
  4. Here is the file if you wanna have a look. It is probably something really small but after verifying the first two divisions, it gets stuck on the first divisions citing the season update error. NZ League New Central Format.fmf
  5. Now I am getting an annoying error trying to compile a new qualification system for the new league. This editor is very frustrating. All the changes have been made and I imagine that the YORB leagues and the Capital Premier League will have their respective winners in a promotion series, but it cannot verify that division due to the error.
  6. Your guess is as good as mine. I am actually in the process of doing a huge update to the New Zealand file. The Central league structure is changing which I have pre-empted by putting in a regionwide second division. That and dozens of player and coach transfers.
  7. I have updated the files in the inital post to include the latest versions of the NZ league and the OFC Champions League.
  8. I have been unable to get the old OFC Champions League format to work with the New Zealand qualifiers, I re-created the new National Playoffs system and also changed the dates to mimic real life. The group stage and knockout stage are also played in only one country just like irl. Seems to be working fine now with the NZ qualifiers playing each other home and away to determine the berth in the group stage. OFC Champions League New Format.fmf
  9. Hi Zachary, you will see that because there is an extra cup phase in the NZ league (grand final) after the league championship, and that the champions are not recorded properly with a 'C' beside their names in the championship phase. I am not sure why the NZ league is not included out of the box because it is highly sort after in the hexagon champions league challenges. This would make it much easier for the limited group of researchers interested in providing this file for the community. Furthermore a group of people playing the file have noticed that the New Zealand teams qualify for the Oceania Champions League but do not participate in the group phase, inspite of this being stipulated by team seeding inside the NZ league file. I have only changed the participating teams in this years edition and that bug seems to have appeared. NZ League FM 24.fmf OFC Champions League FM 24.fmf
  10. Added more coaches to teams especially in the New World Premiership and updated some other coaching changes throughout the country. Added Northland teams league history for 2023. NZ League FM 24.fmf
  11. I had a look at the editor file and believe I have fixed this error. The corrected file is below available to download. I have included recent player and staff transfers as well. NZ League FM 24.fmf
  12. Hi @OnlyJon I have discovered the same problem in the testing. I think it has something to do with the NZ League file with the naming conventions of the Championship phase. It may be a case of tinkering with qualifying the grand finalists for the Champions League or it could be a bug.
  13. I haven't noticed anything in my simulations. How long have you been on your save for?
  14. Pretty much. The formats of the Southern leagues down the chain, change from year to year a bit, but for the most part this will be correct. I will post the other leagues here for you to download and enjoy. America Samoa League FM 24.fmf Cook Islands League FM 24.fmf Fiji League FM 24.fmf New Caledonia League FM 24.fmf PNG League FM 24.fmf Samoa League FM 24.fmf Solomon Islands League FM 24.fmf Tahiti League FM 24.fmf Tonga League FM 24.fmf Vanuatu League FM 24.fmf OFC Champions League FM 24.fmf
  15. Here is the latest file with heaps of additional coaching transfers added in. I also uploaded the Oceanic Leagues a couple of weeks ago. Combined those with the OFC Champions League file. Enjoy. NZ League FM 24.fmf
  16. After a recent game update the history of any league which has a league stage followed by a playoff is recording the wrong team order in the past winners section of the league history for the divisions in question. In this use case (New Zealand national league) it should be displaying the grand final winner and loser before the third ranked team from the championship phase. Generally, defining the champion in the fate actions of the cup stage allows the champion fate in the information tab of the league stage to be displayed correctly. Furthermore, adding the team order for the top 3 teams in the history tab of the editor and selecting add history record for the stage in question in the stage rules of the other stage rules, is sufficient for the team order to be recorded correctly in the past winners section in-game.
  17. Graphics aren't my forte though. We will need other members of the community to help out with this.
  18. An amazing history. It's a shame that you are still not involved in the game, where be it as even a referee, but at least you can see your favourite team playing each week. Any chance Queens Park could push the Dunedin clubs to get into the Southern League playoff next year? I am sure there are others in the community that could help out with the kits and trophies. I have collected what I could find but as I said Tauranga City doesn't even have kits. Really kits should be down to at least the NFRL conferences, Central Federation and Capital Premier Leagues, as well as the Nelson, Mainland and Southern Premierships. I tried to create and fill in as many of the head coaching staff for those teams, so it would be good to have the kits as well. The trophies will be harder to do because there are few good photos with just the cups. Maybe someone with connections to the leagues could get the trophies from the main competitions at least to have some cool in-game clips. I looked through the existing cups to find the closest looking images to attribute to the cups.
  19. I am curious as to what team you played for? Do you just play football manager or are you still involved in the football community as a referee, manager etc? Out of curiosity, do you know anyone that is good with graphics for team kits and trophies for New Zealand? There are very few available and teams like Tauranga City who will be up in the National League, for the first time in its newest iteration, don't even have kits.
  20. The file is updated for the 2024 season, hence why some teams appear in higher or lower divisions than in 2023. In recent years the New Zealand league has been going more to a professional format, which is what I have tried to replicate for this file. Many regional leagues are eliminating second and third teams from their competitions. The main thing with the editor is if you have 4-5 teams in a division and teams from the same region keep getting promoted the division won't load up. That being said it is easy with a bit of editing to add or subtract teams from a specific division in the editor to suit your needs.
  21. I have updated the New Zealand file with a couple of changes from the end of season staff transfer merry-go-round, and it also removes a double entry (old removed competition id for National League) in the competition reputation for Oceania leagues. NZ League FM 24.fmf
  22. After hours of research and extensive in-game testing, I am pleased to announce that all first divisions that qualify teams to the OFC Champions League are included. I have tried to make the formats of the leagues as close as possible to real-life formats in terms of the leagues and the cups, where information was possible. In total there are 11 leagues including New Zealand which has a bunch of regional leagues down the pyramid. The New Zealand file includes some recent player transfers as well as new staff created (teams of the top 2 divisions) and recent staff transfers. The Champions League is based on the new format of a qualifying stage group of 4 played at a neutral venue that rotates over a four year cycle, national playoffs between the top winners and runners-up of the top 7 leagues in Oceania, followed by a group stage of 2 groups of four teams, and a knockout phase consisting of the semi-finals and a final, played at a neutral venue over the course of a couple of weeks in May. America Samoa League FM 24.fmf Cook Islands League FM 24.fmf Fiji League FM 24.fmf New Caledonia League FM 24.fmf PNG League FM 24.fmf Samoa League FM 24.fmf Solomon Islands League FM 24.fmf Tahiti League FM 24.fmf Tonga League FM 24.fmf Vanuatu League FM 24.fmf OFC Champions League FM 24.fmf NZ League FM 24.fmf
  23. Hey guys, I might know the answer to this one. In the teams listed section, instead of selecting get qualified teams for comp, have you tried selecting get cup round teams and then putting the competition name and the round?
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