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  1. I did not know that..think it's safe to say you might be right
  2. No unfortunately not. I would like to see the same sort of info you have with other staff members in your club. Maybe it could be implemented in future versions. Owner Bought club price Personality Plans for future Key stats?
  3. Maybe try at the end of current season if they have upgraded the others.
  4. The lower leagues are relentless. I find the problem is with contracts and keeping players. If you lose a player if you can get a replacement otherwise you lose players left right and centre
  5. Attempt 2 So after my first failed attempt in Italy, I have chosen a country thats not been completed as of yet - Belgium
  6. Oh really? i didnt know anything about that...i mean i would be managing a team mostly free transfers so that poses another problem
  7. So the choice of my next attempt has it down to Denmark or Croatia..or a out of Europe Mexico. The one team has 8 loan players in the first team just to get them promoted the other has a B team aaannd Mexico ive never managed in before. Where to go for my next failure?
  8. @syemo Unlucky in your sacking i know how it feels as of today, are you looking to give it another go?.
  9. Season 23/24 Well overall it was a season of disappointment. I was hoping for a good season but it was evident things were going to be tough. Overall i was invested in the save but no matter what i did..tell a lie we had a mini revoloution in results to try and get out of the relegation playoff zone but players form and morale was just rock bottom and going into the Relegation playoff i was trying to hype myself up in dodging the trapdoor but watching the match it was clear it was a combination of everything that ended up in Relegation. Only my 3rd relegation in FM - Season over - RELEGATION . Season over - Sacked Final League Table Contact Terminated SACKED! I want to give this challenge another go...
  10. @Gersdude123I hope so, if i can get the squad up to code i reckon we can stay up. I would like to go for the FA Trophy again as i did not take it that seriously and still got to the semi finals
  11. Season 23/24 So this first season we were written off as relegation favourites and a tough season ahead was in store for us. League League Fixtures 1 League League Results 2 Overall the cup competitions were not my priority but a surprise semi final in the FA Trophy was a nice distraction and in the end i was a bit gutted to be knocked out
  12. Well i ticked over to November but 5 points off the relegation spot its not looking good, Im seeing this though trying to turn it around or by getting the boot i think the latter is more likley
  13. So my saves not going as well as i had hoped it would, Guessing im not going to see christmas before io get the boot.
  14. So the halway point in my first season in charge is going well...still have not decided on my number 1 tactic so im rotating between 3. (could do with input/views on this) anyway the league form is indiffrent but i would say we are heading in the right direction League Table The league form aside my other thought was the FA Cup which io really wanted to get to the first round proper FA Cup Run As the season has gone on i decided i was not finished in my squad improvement/Overhaul so i bought in 2 new additions to the squad 1 Midfielder and a defender. Cameron Black - Now i bought in Cameron on trail pre season and he had impressed me but i did have my eye on someone else but i got snubbed. and i let Cameron go but i have bought him back at 6'6 hes a tree of a defender that in therory shouldnt get beaten in the air... Aiden Finnegan - Now looking at my squad the midfield worried me so this was/is my next area of call after sorting my defence out. but i want it to be gradual improvement over the seasons...if i make it past the first season So so far its going in the right direction
  15. Pre Season Rushall Olympic 23/24 Pre Season was a case of getting the tactics i wanted getting the staff i needed and the players i wanted who looked somewhat decent...oh and the friendlies. First lets get the staff in to help me in the club for the coming season. Staff Still not sure on my head on my HOYD will keep looking but decided to stick with him but think this season will be just maintaining our position in the league. Will still be looking for any staff i can fill but once the season is underway i think that i will stick with this lot. I have a feeling my scouts will be the most busy. I have decided as most of my squad are going to be poached on free transfers i will replace when it happens. so i looked at the Squad i had and bought a couple of players in. Transfers In/Out As one of my GKs went to Bradford i signed a couple of GKs to bolster that area...including a certian Schwarzer...so the GKs are sorted for a few seasons i also signed a Striker and a winger and a midfielder...Overall i feel the squad is ready for the season. I still have some room in the wage budget for a couple more signings if needed but i will see how we get one once the season starts. i might look at getting a defender in before the end of the season. Friendlies The friendlies went well apart from a slip up against Oxford City was still messing with the formation and tactics so i put that one down to, To much messing! i felt that that was was good bar to set the team against and we lost 2-4. With the board setting Attempt to avoid relegation asnd be competitive in the cups. I feel the club is being counted out even before a ball is kicked. Its time to prove them All wrong!
  16. So taking over at Livorno for this challange. Time to get this club in some sort of order. My first step was to look at the squad first impressions was it was not bad hmm then i saw i had a few aging players... its not a bad squad its workable i think... The target for the coming season Main aim of preseason was friendlies, tactics and getting staff in my main aim was getting HOYD in whos somewhat good to improve theses youngsters that im going to have to blood into the first team to replace the outgoing aging players. My biggest fear is that they all call it a day at the same time at the end of this season So i bought this guy in to help and devolp the kids. The friendlies went well unbeaten in all games. Although im not conviced defensivley about the team but i think its the players getting used to the tactic so lets see how well we are doing at the halfway point in the season im fully expecting a relegation dogfight so. Lets get the season klicked off
  17. So its off to Italy to start this challenge - Welcome to Livorno Welcome Season Targets Lets get this started
  18. Thats what i thought but wasnt sure. Thanks for the answer @officiallydeej
  19. Just bought FM23, looking to throw myself into this challange and start in Italy. Question when adding the additional leagues as its Italy is it just Seria D or is it the individual D leagues?
  20. I like it, Great effort will look to get it when its avaliable and ive got FM23
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