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  1. What a response after the Barcelona game! I always love seeing Napoli lose, and big congrats on making it to the knockouts, the team is on a Champions League dream run and have shown they belong.
  2. Respectable loss to Chelsea, glad to see you are sticking with the Vikings for now.
  3. Man a rough couple of competitive games, there's still a chance down 0-2 but Vikings will have to come out swinging (obviously not literally). Always frustrating to give up a 2 goals second half lead.
  4. Ah what could have been with Fiesty, unfortunately he just doesn't seem like he should take up one of those 9 non home grown spots. Fun to see an ex Derby player pop up regardless.
  5. What a rough way to lose a Cup Final but atleast they had a nice bounce back win against Donetsk. Looks like have 2 quality reinforcements coming in for next season.
  6. Congrats on winning the league and on a derby game on top of it! You had a great season and it likes look the team still has some fight left judging by the Europa League performances. I can't imagine you were too pleased losing 3 players to injury in the same game right before the final regular season and the Cup Final.
  7. 24/25 Season Great way to end the season! We finished 5th in the league with 86 points and also had the best attacking record scoring 93 goals. We beat Stoke in the Semi Finals thanks to a Conor Washington extra time hattrick coming on as sub on the road. After that miracle we manage to squeeze away a win against Plymouth to secure promotion. It was a wild season and Louis Sibley was the leader of this team of chaos. He had double digit goals and assist and was probably the key player for this team. Bird and new signing Oliver Kemen were rocks in the midfield and both scored timely goals. We scooped up Tyreese John-Jules on a free and lead the team with 24 total goals in 47 total games. Ryan Nyambe and Joe Ward both had double digit assists playing in the right wingback role. Transfers
  8. Congrats on the new team! I'm not great with defense tactics and usually go with what XaW said about the best defense being a good attack. You might be able to play heavy possession in the 2nd league to keep a good defensive record.
  9. I'm very excited to win it and Wildsmith was my #1 goalkeeper I just played Vickers for that last game. I actually resigned him early in the season because I think he's a really quality GK until I reach the Premier League.
  10. 23/24 Season So first season we barely manage to win League One on the last game of the season! We had a really rough December only picking up 4 points out of 15. In the new year lost at the time top goal scorer Tyreece John-Jules because he didn't want to extend his loan. We changed our formation in October and it seems the team finally got comfortable with it in January because from January to April we only lost 3 games. We really put pressure Oxford and on the last day the pressure finally got to them. I know we have a couple of Championship level players on the team but I think there are a few areas that need improvement. Another thing is Sibley, Bird, Thompson, Cashin, and Kane all want new contracts, they probably all deserve it but I don't think Thompson will be worth it. And yes after the season the youth academy dropped a level. Table Tactic
  11. 1st job was Sudan, but they were my first club job after applying for a year. They were newly promoted so they only had about 1 star in reputation.
  12. Season 23/24 - JN Xingzhou - Chinese Super League We had to play perfect to avoid relegation and that's exactly what we did going unbeaten in all 8 games, including winning 5 of them. Honestly I felt like we played a lot better against the top teams then against teams closer to us. The biggest problem is we need to overhaul this team, we lost our best player on a free and haven't had a youth intake and I'm currently trying to free trial like a mad man to scrap up every bit of talent I can find. We have a decent budget but we don't have the rep to bring in top players. I feel like it will be another nail biting year for us. Sudan 13 Games Played, 6 wins, 2 draws, 5 losses, +11 World Rankings. The FA is ran by a bunch of freaking ungrateful clowns. I beat favored Benin in World Cup Qualifiers to get them into the World Cup Qualifying Group Stages, I got a point off Uganda in the African Cup of Nations group of death just to get fired after the tournament. I gave this country all this momentum, increased their status was given an impossible task and then was shown the door when I over performed. I would be more upset if I hadn't been hired to a much better nation right after. African Cup of Nations Group Stage Ghana Oh yeah this is going to be fun. Every available team in Africa wanted me so I went with the best one. We play Mali, Burkina Faso, and Tunisa which is a tough group but I really like our chances to qualify for the World Cup.
  13. About a year into the game we have signed with our 1st club! JN Xingzhou We join them in last place, 11 points out survival with 8 games left. So while not totally dead we have to be almost flawless. Either way I'm very excited to get my 1st club job. Sudan 7 Games Play, 4 wins, 3 losses, +6 in World Ranking. It's gone really well with Sudan so far, we managed to squeak our way into the Africa Cup of Nations at the expense of Gabon just to be handed and a group of death featuring Cameroon, Nigeria and Uganda. We are by far the lowest ranked team in that group and should be happy to grab a point. We also were given Benin in the World Cup Qualifiers who are about 30 spots higher then us and have players playing in Europe, meanwhile the only player I have playing over seas is Mohamed Eisa the starting Striker for MK Dons. But I won't complain it's been a fun team to manage so far and maybe we have an upset or 2 in us. We have managed to improve our World Ranking from 127 to 121 so that's something to be proud about I think.
  14. The reason I joined the forums was to be apart of the SAF challenge, he was great at running it and was always very nice and helpful in the limited time I interacted with him.
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