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  1. Changelog v2.1.0 Imported database into FM23 and converted to an FM23 editor file Added League/Cup Histories for the 2021/22 Season. v2.1.2 added sponsorship money to Clubs; influenced by current sponsorship deals with IRL GAA clubs. Added players, coaches, and managers to Clubs v2.1.3 Added Average, Maximum and Minimum Attendances to reflect clubs followings and avoid constantly selling out stadiums Tweaked Competition Awards so that Both National League and Provincial Leagues have awards Added €150 Season Ticket Prices and €15 average ticket prices to reflect IRL GAA ticket prices. v2.1.4 Fixed issue with player registration for Provincial Championships. Fixed Junior Division 1 & 2 fixture Schedule. North/South Division with round-robin fixtures between groups v2.2.0 Redesigned Season calendar to reduce fixture congestion Provincial Championship now takes place between August and November Allianz National League now take place between December and February Provincial Championships Knock out rounds reduced to just a Championship Final. Connacht Championship Final: 1st vs 2nd Munster Championship Final: 1st vs 2nd Ulster Championship Final: 1st vs 2nd Leinster Championship Final 1st North vs 1st South Added Promotion/Relegation playoff between Allianz Division One/Two, Two/Three, Three/Four Allainz National League now is a split League Split after 14 games league split position: 4 Rounds after Split: 1 Created a Reserve League (Intermediary Championship) to offer a pathway to the first team Removed Loan Rules to prevent bug that didn't not allow players to re-offer loans to clubs in Ireland. Reduced attendances of all Counties (no more full stadiums for every fixture)
  2. Steam Download Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2886916003 Scotland Fix: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2886934224 Graphics Pack: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1voqZ4qnoo2hz44f1jB_VRmVBzl158miL?usp=sharing Number of Changes: 34,112 A redesign of the Irish Football League modeled off the Galeic Athletic Association (GAA) Football Season. This league system sees the 32 counties of Ireland represented as club sides that compete in a 4 tier League System, Provincial Championship and culminating the an All-Ireland Championship. Senior and Youth Competitions ensure that there is competitive football for your youth intakes to develop into the senior team. Each team has a fully rostered senior and youth squad; meaning there are no walkovers and no need to populate the teams with newgens on db creation Full competition (League and Cup) histories dating back to the All-Ireland Championship's founding in 1887 Awards have been created for each competition so your players have personal honors to fight for Season Calendar August - November | Allainz National League 4 Divisions with Promotion and Relegation Each Division Seeds the All-Ireland Championship December - February | Provincial Championship 4 provincial league division with a playoff championship March - May | All-Ireland Championship 32 Team Group Stage - 4 Groups of 8 Top 2 of each group progress to a Season showpiece knockout cup Allianz National League | August - November Allainz Division One 8 Teams: 14 fixture round robin Relegation Seeds Pot 1 for All-Ireland Senior Championship Allainz Division Two 8 Teams: 14 fixture round robin Promotion and Relegation Seeds Pot 2 for All-Ireland Senior Championship Allainz Division Three 8 Teams: 14 fixture round robin Promotion and Relegation Seeds Pot 3 for All-Ireland Senior Championship Allainz Division Four 8 Teams: 14 fixture round robin Promotion and Relegation Seeds Pot 4 for All-Ireland Senior Championship Provincial Senior Football Championship | December - February Connacht Football Championship 5 Teams: 8 fixture round robin League position seeds for Championship playoff Leinster Football Championship 12 Teams split into North/South Leagues: 12 fixture round robin League position seeds for Championship playoff Munster Football Championship 6 Teams: 10 fixture round robin League position seeds for Championship playoff Ulster Football Championship 9 Teams: 8 fixtures League position seeds for Championship playoff
  3. Yeah, I've had that same issue - no idea what's causing it as you can drag players into a startng XI fine and it just says they need to be updated. I think it's an SI bug to be honest since it's not preventing registration. Also, cheers for spotting the misspelling of Munster. Fixed as of version 1.5.0
  4. Download: Ireland Reimagined v1.5.0 To enable the Scottish League, load this file: Ireland-Scotland The Scottish Challenge Cup draws teams for the Airtricity League so I had to delete the cup to make the Scottish League playable. Database changes: 29,249 Updated from Version 1.4.1 to 1.5.0 Change Log: Forgot to add group sorting rules to All-Ireland Group Stage Fixed typo on Munster Senior Championship short name. This is a total redesign of the Irish Domestic Football League. I've removed the Traditional domestic league and clubs and replaced them with a system modeled after the GAA. The Domestic Season is now broken into 3 phases. Allainz National League | August - November Provincial Championship | December - February All-Ireland Championship | March - June Allianz National League 4 tiers - 8 team league - 1 promotion and 1 relegation spot. Top division qualifies for Continental Competitions Provincial Championship 4 provincial Cup competitions with a league stage that determines seeding for a knock out round. Each province has it's own Knock out round for it's provincial Championship All-Ireland Championship A Group stage of 4 group, 8 teams per group. Each team plays once and top 2 teams from each group qualify for Quarter Finals. Winner get's European place allocated for National FA Cup. Reserves/Youth League Intermediate National League (Reserves) 2 tiers, each tier split into a North/South division. Round Robin + 1 fixture from team in other division. All-Ireland Intermediary/Junior Championship - same as All-Ireland but with Reserves/Junior squads. Misc. Custom Kits and Logos created and available here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1pj4pSRGXKU52pF21P15PJF9aFZAhD7nv Video explaining the league so you can see what it looks like in game: Any issues, let me know. Scotland-Ireland-Reimagined.fmf Ireland Reimagined v1.5.0.fmf
  5. Has anyone come across this problem? I'm using custom Fixture times to allocate Stadium 0, stadium 1, ect., if that helps narrow it down
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