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  1. Not going up there to queue myself, but I think to describe people doing so as ‘bonkers and creepy’ is extremely unfair. To being with, to say you’ve been to see the Queen lying in state in a building which is nearly 1000 years old, and has seen a great number of historic events throughout those years, seems pretty cool to me. I’m not sure about people taking their loved one’s ashes up there, but at the same time, it does seem lots of people want to go as the Queen meant a lot to their deceased parent/grandparent etc. People need to remember how different things were at the start of the Queen’s reign, and why she would mean, or meant, more to people of that generation. I think for some people it’s not so much that they’re mourning her, but perhaps that connection to a different time.
  2. The programme just on BBC1 about her addresses to the nation was worth watching.
  3. So weird hearing them say ‘The King’ will stay at Balmoral this evening. RIP
  4. I’d go as far to say you can tell from Huw Edwards and the royal reporter’s expressions that she’s gone. They’ve basically got to drag out talking about it until the official statement is released.
  5. I can’t help but wonder if she’s already gone and the statement was released to give Charles and the family some time and to stop speculation when they arrive at Balmoral.
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