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  1. Mate why haven't you been posting this save on your own website. Been coming back every once in a while to see about a new save or updates on your Scottish kid journey. P.S. Hope your fingers/hands are well P.S.P.S. I am busy with finishing up my study so won't be replying.
  2. So I cooled down and it started to itch again... Since holland isn't possible and Belgium not viable I chose France. But now I can't seem to add my manager to the French 4th tier. Does anyone else have this problem?
  3. We were expected to finish deadlast but with a flying start my hopes where sky-high. All came crashing down in the end though. Now will need to cool off and see where the next save takes me. Hope they fix holland.
  4. This is likely gonna be my last game... I'm facing last in the league and did a team talk. Told the lads to do their best to try and stay up. 14 out of 16 were furious??? Watch me get beating and straight into the last place where I have not been all season :(.
  5. Youth intake update In ukrain there is a 3 month holiday between december and march which speeds up the process towards getting the youth intake, came at a much needed time because of some injuries. Full intake Big one with four 'elite' talents, all fully Ukrainian. I think I got pretty bad personalities so might look for a new HOYD. Best players: Stanislav Dobryanskyi 25A - striker Decent finishing for my level but he can't head to save his life. Will get gametime as my second string striker. Yevhen Popov 25B - attacking midfielder Is well balanced but the unambitious is too bad. Might train him as a cm since I use like 3 of them. Added some decent talents for depth, nothing too crazy but had to let some leave because of the money. (youth contract is € 450 a month which and i'm already in the red). P.S. how do i hide the photo's to get a better looking report?
  6. Quick midseason update. Just finished inside the relagation group spots. For those not fimilliar with Ukraine's leagues like me. After 16 games it splits up in a promotion (top 4) and relegation group. Also got the youth preview. One good AM should be an golden generation, doubtfull to say the least.
  7. Ah that will be a couple moths too late for me. It might be that his transfer is still registerd in last season though. I'll check.
  8. That is great. Have been using a left midfielder as a center back.
  9. I tought that you had to put the guy in your youth team? I have had a great center back in there because he joined 1st of july while I joined 26th of june or something.
  10. How do i explain to these lads that they just have to wait 8ish months till the next youth intake?
  11. Small update: First game was an upset win and a injury of my first keeper. Injury was only for 3 days so lucky in that aspect.
  12. After reading the first 6 pages I figured welll let's give this another try shall we. Tried this challenge once in FM21 but due to bad results and an even worse youth intake quit the save. I am gonna manage in Ukraine at the following club: Reset date is between 26th and 28th of june, only one club went up. My manager profile: P.S. Sorry if you see any dutch in the pictures, I usually play like that.
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