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  1. Youth League selection is intended to work as follows: 128 U19 teams are chosen. If a given club doesn't have a U19 team the game will look for the next lower step (U18/17) then the next higher (U20/U21). First the rule looks for U19 teams from the 32 FIFA CL auto-qualifiers the 96 FIIFA CL qualifiers If not enough of these clubs have available youth teams, it falls back on picking from: Randomly from a group of the one "Best Youth Setup" team from 31 major nations (this is an editor rule, not sure how it is defined) the 128 World League qualifiers Randomly from a group of the next 4 "Best Youth Setup" team from 31 major nations Randomly from a group of the remaining "Best Youth Setup" team from 31 major nations If you've been qualifying for the CL all of those years it should pick them for the Youth League but honestly it has always been a bit fiddly and I could probably stand to adjust it to be less so. All the fallback stuff is because a) it is weirdly unreliable to find 128 youth teams among the 256 teams that qualify for the main competitions and b) it is weirdly difficult to ensure the youth team gets picked rather than the main team (which would cause difficulties for the squad selection AI and the fixture generator that I would prefer to avoid).
  2. I play all my games in MLS too and what should normally happen is that the game keeps track of Trained in Nation/Trained in Club anyway, it just only matters for the FIFA CL. Unfortunately, since 24.3 there's been a bug in the base game (see here or here for the reports) preventing this from happening. I was aware of the issue and impact (honestly it's kind of put me off playing the game at all) but was hoping that SI would fix the bug. However since it looks like there won't be any more updates to 24, I'm releasing a version of this file that replaces the 8 homegrown/4 club homegrown requirement with an 8 domestics requirement. If this issue is fixed in 25 I'll bring the real rule back though. For now this is a test version down here but if there are no issues I'll move it to OP unfortunnately it will require a new save Worldwide Champions League.fmf
  3. nah, they were only ever "my closest team" even before I moved east for work. I'll definitely be watching tonight, at least - they've started the season very well, though of course I've already learned this year from my other underachieving team in blue and white not to put too much stock in a hot start On one hand I think that could work, or at least I can see the structure of it. On the other hand I know I will never have the energy to actually do it. Plus, the idea that custom continental rules block dynamic reputation makes no sense (even if dynamic rep is just a weird hack on continental coefficients, why not let it use custom coefficients?), so year after year I hope in vain that SI will actually change it.
  4. You mean the mechanic where clubs get more of the TV money based on how much of it their nation's broadcast rights were? I didn't see one but I'll admit I haven't looked at the TV money in a few years. That said I don't know if I'd implement it anyway, bigger markets have enough advantages already. There isn't a specific setting that would explain that, the draws for those rounds use the same rules (except that the second knockout round blocks teams from the same nation from being drawn against each other and the round of 16 does not)). Honestly I haven't gotten to play far enough to notice either! But I'm pretty sure it doesn't, custom continental competitions have blocked that from happening for as long as I can remember. Maybe that's changed now that you can do custom coefficient systems but IDK.
  5. Well I spent a lot more of my week off in the editor than planned or hoped for, but I think I've fixed a couple of the bugs reported here and on the Steam workshop. I'm attaching a release candidate to this post while I run some overnight tests, and if things look good in the morning I'll update the OP with a new version: Removed the Central American and Caribbean Cups, as they do not check for clashes with other competitions, and teams participating in those competitions would delay CL/WL qualifying into October Fixed World League squad registration in September to properly notify teams at the deadline Added 2023 entries to CL/WL history Not sure if that last one will fix the reported issues with the "last winner" qualifiers but we'll see! Worldwide Champions League.fmf
  6. In my experience with custom continental cups, you should typically be able to assign continental spots in any way your heart desires by editing the nation's advanced rules (in the top division under Other Stage Rules->Continental Cup Rules, so in this case MLS), and placing your second division rule high enough that the game actually picks that many teams. The CCL is weird and has a bunch of opaque stuff, so this might not work normally for your specific plan, you might have to edit the CCL advanced rules directly, and that's a bit annoying to do (because it's not as easy to access continental competition rules in the PGE advanced rules unless you want to replace the competition entirely) so might be best saved as a last resort.
  7. Thanks for this, I was able to track it down as a result - those clubs are all involved in the Caribbean Cup and Central American Cup, which both run a group stage between August and October at midweek and don't reschedule their matches for clashes with this competition (even though their leagues aren't active in the game so there is space). I would like to keep those competitions around (especially since clubs from those countries tend to go out in qualifying so it'd be good for them to keep their regional competition playing teams at their level) but if I can't get this one to have priority then I'll have to disable them. I'm currently testing some options, and I have this week off from my day job so I hope to have a fix one way or another this week. Thanks, I'll try and look into this.
  8. Winning the national cup should get you into the qualifying rounds in any country, yes. For countries with two national cups (are there even that many anymore?) the "main" one will get you in, but which one that is depends on the country.
  9. Thanks for the bug report! Far as I can tell, the issue is that when the CL final qualifying round gets delayed long enough for whatever reason, the losing teams get added to the World League after the registration deadline and have no chance to register a squad. While updating for 24.3, I've also made some changes to the scheduling of the CL and WL qualifying rounds to try and prevent this from happening. The updated version is here and will also be in the OP. Worldwide Champions League.fmf WCL Canada Compatibility Mini.fmf
  10. edit: oh wait, from looking at your file you aren't using the advanced rules? I can't see anything that will do what you need in the basic rules, and I built mine from the ground up in the advanced rules rather than trying to convert it I do this in my own Worldwide CL file - it's over here in case you want to look at it in the editor - but the key is in the Qualification Rules subpage of League Settings (All Groups) in your group stage. Here are the settings you need: This other one is helpful for some behind-the-scenes details but may or may not be necessary: Hope this helps!
  11. Yes, the continental CLs (and second-tier competitions like the EL and the Sudamericana) are all replaced and will not run in a save using this edit. Exceptions: the African Super League, which is an unintentional oversight. I'll look at African teams' schedules and see if it's causing problems regional club competitions like the Czech-Slovak supercup or North America's three regional cups (Leagues Cup/Caribbean Club Cup/Central American Cup), which are intentionally left in.
  12. I looked at it in the editor and this version also includes qualification, yes. Thanks for this great idea, I'm definitely adding it to my save.
  13. It's not a small thing to do exactly because it would need to realign qualifying slots a bit (or a lot, depending on how many such nations would need to be added). A quick look at the DB suggests there are 17 such nations so I'd need to find somewhere between 17 and 34 spots (depending on whether any nations should have only one slot - which used to happen but I changed a few years ago based on feedback), and because these nations would need to start in Q1 those spots would need to come from other Q1/Q2 qualifiers (ie, ranks 67 and below), etc, etc. This would mostly be design work and math and fiddling on one screen in the editor, and I absolutely get the desire for total inclusion so I might get around to it, but I won't make any promises. This is even less of a small request because it would need, at least, a restructure of the entire qualifying phase to produce 128 qualifiers instead of 96, which would need both redesign work and fiddling with the stages and rounds and ranking levels etc in the editor. I get the meritocratic urge here, which is why only the CL/WL holders and the top 30 league champions (it is the Champions League and they are undoubtedly Champions, etc) get those spots in the current design and 3/4 of the group stage spots go to qualifiers, but I'm pretty happy with the structure as it stands and given the amount of work this change would take I'm even less likely to do it. Thanks for your playtime and feedback though!
  14. Yeah, it was way easier maneuvering around the funny way the CanChamp works when spots were static but as tradeoffs go I'd definitely rather have the dynamic spots. The amount of points awarded for results/advancement in each competition are controlled in the Continental Cup Rules page of Other Stage Actions under each competition's advanced rules (see this example: The average points for each nation (over 5 years, according to the setting on this page: appear to determine their ranking in the ranking system I describe in OP, which is determined on this page (seeding 0 is the automatic group stage spots, the rest of the seedings assign spots in the various qualifying rounds): Again, I have been unable in all the years since figuring this out to find anywhere the game will actually show us the lists for custom coefficient systems - it just appears to be working based on the number of spots each country gets shifting over long-term editor tests (I am hoping, one of these years, to actually get to play for long enough to run a genuine long-term save).
  15. I actually seem to have found an answer to this while trying to update GUM's US DB from last year to 24 (hat tip to @SaintsCanada for figuring it out and TMC for bringing it to my atttention in the Japan thread): apparently if you're getting this "no teams found for stage 0" error in the regional sub-divisions for, say, the NCAA, it can be gotten past by adding the teams that should be in that sub-division to the sub-division's Registered Teams (either in the DB entry for the sub-division, or in the sub-division's advanced rules). As long as you add the registered teams, It doesn't seem like you have to change the stage to use Get Registered Teams instead of Get All Teams from Division (which makes no sense but, you know what, okay). After I do this for all 20-odd NCAA conferences and their 200-odd teams I'll be able to confirm whether it's playable, but this was the only thing left for me to fix to get the GUM file working so I'm pretty chuffed, and if you are still running into this error I thought it'd be useful for you to know. I see you're working on a realistic US DB this year and I'm looking forward to seeing your work, but it'll be good to actually be able to play in the meantime!
  16. Of the parent/umbrella competition or of the child/regional competition? This might be the key to another file I've been working on
  17. I've seen this happen with Sweden in my Worldwide CL file (which also uses Qualifying System and Cups, deliberately) so I think it's just a bug with Sweden's nation rules and how it determines qualifiers in the first year (it seemed to go back to normal after the first year, both in 23 and this year's game). Funny enough it's stopped happening with my most recent saves though, so maybe the underlying issue has been fixed?
  18. Oh no, it would be impossible to schedule this format on top of the other CLs and I have never tried, this competition replaces them all and uses its own coefficient system (or at least it is designed to, I have never been able to get the game to actually show it)
  19. Back for another year! As ever, I'd like to start by thanking @graaa, the mad genius behind this custom USA database from FM15. This edit includes a lot of his work on the Extended Club World Cup that was part of that file, and I only posted it because he chose not to continue that mod or update it, but left its details as fair use for others, and I thought the idea was too awesome to let it vanish. I've been maintaining it along with my own changes ever since. This database edit replaces all club continental competitions and the Club World Cup with three worldwide club tournaments: the FIFA Champions League, World League, and Youth League. All domestic leagues are left untouched and will run alongside the intercontinental tournaments: fancy midweek trips to Argentina to play Boca between your league matches? I BET YOU DO. The FIFA Champions League and World League are senior-level tournaments that mostly work how you expect: Champions League has better competition and better payouts (though the difference between the two isn't as derisory as in real life), finish high enough in your domestic league or win your major domestic cup and you get a ticket (if your league of choice doesn't use a single table or has some other continental qualification shenanigans, it SHOULD work properly depending on how SI or your database modder of choice coded that specific league, but I can't be certain. There are qualifiers (the most recent winners of the Champions League, World League, and the top 30 leagues get automatic group stage places) and do not have to go through qualifiers, and a group stage, and a knockout stage, and Big Fancy Neutral Site Finals. There is now also goal line technology and VAR (in CL/WL group stage games and onward). The qualifying and knockout stages still use away goals as a tiebreaker, and the group stages still use the old format (groups of 4, six matches, top two advance). I have no plans to change either of these. The FIFA Youth League uses a similar format and replaces the Viareggio Tournament or whatever it is called for people that aren't using the Susie Real Name fixes. It pits the U19/U18 teams of CL participants (and, where not enough teams are available strictly from the CL clubs, additional elite youth teams from around the world) against each other. There is also a a FIFA Super Cup between the Champions League and World League winners, scheduled after qualifiers finish (since neither of those teams participate in them) but before the September international break and the start of the group stages. News: 25 March: Bugfix update: Removed the Central American and Caribbean Cups, as they do not check for clashes with other competitions, and teams participating in those competitions would delay CL/WL qualifying into October Fixed World League squad registration in September to properly notify teams at the deadline Added 2023 entries to CL/WL history 3 March: Now compatible with the 24.3 database, with the following changes: attempted fix for scheduling of CL/WL qualifying rounds to prevent them running past the group stage squad registration deadlines Release: The FM23 version is unlikely to receive any further updates. Downloads: The FM24 version of this mod is available as an attachment to this post or on Steam Workshop Known Issues If you're using a Real Name fixes update with LNC files, then when you start a new career, the FIFA Champions League will still be called the Club World Cup (since I originally made it by editing the DB entry and rules for the CWC). This will be corrected whenever you load the save game, but until then that's the name you would need to search for it under. Canadian MLS teams apparently do not have a path to this competition, since Canada's domestic cup is coded as a continental cup rather than as a domestic cup for some reason, and they do not play in the CPL so are not picked for those spots either. To fix this, please use one of the below compatibility patches that rebuilds the Canadian championship as a domestic cup. WCL Canada Compatibility Mini.fmf The Mini version is based on SI's vanilla Canada nation rules. Other Canada nation rules will need their own patch unless they also rebuild the Canadian championship as a domestic cup. As I have in previous years, I will make a version for the Canadian megapatch when it is out of beta. This patch also edits Canada's qualifying order as follows: The Canadian Championship winner A Canadian winner of the Leagues Cup, if there is one The CPL playoff final winner The CPL regular season table winner The Canadian Championship runner up The CPL playoff final runner up Any remaining vacancies are filled from the CPL regular season table, in order If you need more details, they're below. Let me know if there are any other bugs or if you have any suggestions, and otherwise have fun! Qualifiers: Since FM22, rankings now shift dynamically based on results, but I haven't found where the game actually shows "coefficients" for custom continental competitions, even though I've seen these allocations change in my simulations. I appear to have figured out how to control the distribution of coefficient points, but since the game does not show them we'll all just have to take my word for it. At the very least there seem to be fewer deeply unexpected countries climbing into the top 30 and getting automatic group stage spots than there used to be. In any case, here is how I expect things to work: Nation/Association Coefficients, as in reality, are the average of points earned by a nation's clubs per year in both the CL and WL. Nations are ranked based on the sum of these averages over 5 years. Here is how nations earn points: A win in the CL or WL from the group stage onward is worth 2 points. A draw is worth one. Wins in the CL qualifiers are worth 1 point. Draws are worth 0.5. Wins in the WL qualifiers are worth 0.5 points. Draws are worth 0.25. Bonus points are also awarded for reaching certain stages of the competition as follows: Reaching the CL group stage is worth 4 points. Reaching the WL group stage is worth 2 points. Reaching the CL knockouts is worth 6 points. Reaching the WL knockouts (not including the playoff - so you have to win your WL group or the playoff between a second-place WL group finish and a third-place CL group finish) is worth 3 points. Reaching each subsequent round in either competition is worth 1 point. Nations are ranked based on the sum of these average points over the past 5 years (as far as I can tell this starts at 0 so there may be some dramatic shifts in the first 5 years from my initially set list to what results create), and the number of spots is laid out as follows: CL and WL holders: automatically qualify to the group stage and instead play a Super Cup. There is no limit on the number of qualifiers for each country, so it is possible for up to 8 teams from a country to qualify, if the CL and WL are won by teams from the same top 9 country. Leagues ranked 1-9: 6 spots (champion gets an automatic CL group stage spot, cup winner and 2 more spots in Q5, 2 spots in Q4. ) Leagues ranked 10-30: 5 spots (champion to group stage, cup winner and 1 to Q5, 2 to Q4.) Leagues ranked 31-57: 4 spots (champion to Q5, cup winner to Q4, 2 Q3.) Leagues ranked 58-89: 3 spots (For 58-66: champion to Q4, cup winner and 1 to Q3. For 67, champion and cup winner to Q3, 1 to Q2. For 68-89: champion to Q3, cup winner and 1 to Q2.) Leagues ranked 90 and below: 2 spots (For 90-115, champion and cup winner start in Q2. For 116 and below, champion and cup winner start in Q1) The initially set ranking shakes out as follows: 5+1 (1 automatic CL group stage place, 2 places and the cup winner in Q5, 2 places in Q4): Spain, Germany, England, Italy, France, Brazil, Russia, Portugal, Argentina, 4+1 (1 automatic CL group stage place, 1 place and the cup winner in Q5, 2 place in Q4): Ukraine, Mexico, Belgium, Turkey, Czechia, Switzerland, Netherlands, Greece, USA, Austria, Croatia, Chile, Denmark, Colombia, Paraguay, Poland, Sweden, Israel, South Korea, Japan, China. 3+1 (1 place in Q5, cup winner in Q4, 2 places in Q3): Uruguay, Scotland, Romania, Ecuador, Cyprus, Norway, Bulgaria, Peru, Serbia, Kazakhstan, Costa Rica, South Africa, Egypt, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Slovenia, Tunisia, Slovakia, Australia, Hungary, Nigeria, DR Congo, Morocco, Qatar, UAE, Belarus, Canada Countries that are playable in the base game that start with 3 spots include: Iceland, Finland, Wales, Ireland, Northern Ireland Countries that are playable in the base game that start with 2 spots include: India, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore Format Details: Note: all knockout stages, both before and after the group stage, use away goals as a tiebreaker, as well as extra time (including away goals) followed by an ABBA penalty shootout. The Champions League has five qualifying rounds, with two-legged fixtures starting in June. All CL qualifiers are seeded into these rounds depending on how high they finished and which league they qualified from or won the domestic cup in, as above. The 96 winners in the final qualifying round (August) go to the CL group stage along with the 32 automatic qualifiers, the losers go to the WL group stage along with the 32 teams that survive the WL qualifiers, below. The World League has four qualifying rounds, beginning in July after the first two CL qualifying rounds are complete. Teams that lose in the first 2 CL rounds start in WL Q1. Teams that lose in CL Q3 are drawn into WL Q2. Teams that lose in CL Q4 are drawn into WL Q3. The winners in WL Q3 advance to WL Q4. The 48 winners of WL Q4 and the 16 "best losers" (not sure how this is calculated honestly) play a one-off WL Q5 game for the 32 final spots in the WL group stage. Each group stage features 32 groups of 4 (so six games each). CL plays on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, WL on Thursdays, from September through December. CL: The top 2 in each group qualify for the knockout rounds. Third place teams fall into the World League knockouts. WL: The top 2 in each group qualify for the knockout rounds. The 32 second place teams will be drawn against the 32 3rd place teams from the Champions League groups - World League group winners will receive a bye to face the winner of those ties. Everything goes as you'd expect from there. Prize Money (all amounts in Euros) Qualifying Phase: 1st round: 75k for CL, 35k for WL 2nd round: 75k for CL, 35k for WL 3rd round: 150k for CL, 150k for WL 4th round: 250k for CL, 150k for WL 5th round: 400k for CL, 300k for WL CL Group Stage (WL pays about half these amounts) 20M for all Group Stage participants, 1.5M per victory, 750k per draw CL Knockout Rounds (WL pays about half these amounts, Super Cup final pays approximately half of World League final): 7M for all knockout round participants, + 4M for reaching second knockout round + 6M for reaching QF + 10M for reaching SF + 20M for winning final or 15M for losing final Worldwide Champions League.fmf
  20. Short answer: You would need to use the Advanced Rules editor to create additional versions of the CPL rules in your editor file with the new salary caps (as far as I recall there's no way to make a salary cap dynamic like FFP, only static), then set the Start and End years of every rule set in your file appropriately to schedule what years the game will use which rules. If you open the FM23 pack in the editor (it should open in the 24 editor, it just doesn't work with the 24 database) you can see how OP did it.
  21. It looks like you've found it, but for future reference: there's one common thing I know that leads to this - it's usually harmless but I should add it to the Known Issues section anyway. If you're using a Real Name fixes update with LNC files, then when you start a new career, the FIFA Champions League will still be called the Club World Cup (since I originally made it by editing the DB entry and rules for the CWC). This will be corrected when you load the save game, but until then that's the name you would need to search for it under.
  22. Re: why qualified teams, there are some Advanced Rules decision made with the underlying structure I think @owncredible and I were both building on top of that could be revisited. As I'm sure you know, doing anything in the USA rules is a mess where things you think will work don't, and things that you don't expect to work work for reasons you don't understand and can't explain, so when you find something that works it becomes gospel. Even when I move all the teams with that conference as "secondary" into that conference as "division" and remove the secondary division entirely it still throws the same "no teams found for stage 0" error. Maybe if I try doing it for all the other conferences? (edit: no, still doesn't work ) You're likely right that subdivisions would work better and simpler (assuming it doesn't cause problems with scheduling out-of-conference games, which was done under the main "NCAA" competition)). I'll see about trying that when I have time. at the very least, by the time I actually get to play this game instead of editing it SI will have worked out most some of the early bugs
  23. Interesting thread. I was getting a similar error trying to import a database I tweaked for personal use last year that used a similar framework for the NCAA (replacing USSL D2 so that the hardcoding for US academies sends players there after they age out). When I removed "qualified teams" similarly to the plan you settled on (it seemed redundant) - I was still getting the "no teams found for stage 0 of <subconference>" error you talk about in your UUSA database. Did you ever find a fix there? I wonder if there's some issue where Get All Teams from Division is having trouble with secondary divisions?
  24. I already have the main file working ingame in FM24 and the holiday tests look good, I'll attach it here for the eager beavers among us. I still want to confirm whether the Canada compatibility patch is still needed this year before I release and post a new thread (also I kinda want the new forum to be open too). If you don't care about that feel free to get started, I don't anticipate any new changes to the main file unless bugs appear. If you do care about that, I expect to test and release by the end of the week. EDIT: the mod is up on Steam Workshop, and I've attached the same files here. Once the new forum is up I'll post a new thread there. WCL Canada Compatibility Mini.fmf Worldwide Champions League.fmf
  25. oh good, I thought it was just me messing up somehow I'll just wait for a hotfix then
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