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  1. @Zachary Whyte I have had the same issue when trying to create an international competition Advanced rules file attached23.4 CAFA Chamoinship adv.fmf
  2. I've had a similar issue but with another competition. I've created the Central Asian Championship (international tournament) but when I test rules, it tells me the Icelandic Cup is missing a team
  3. @themodelcitizenBefore I applied the above workaround, as well as history not being stored, the nation that won did not have the victory added to the nation competition history either. After the fix, they do... It's a strange bug and I have no idea what is causing it - it has happened to both competitions I have imported form earlier versions of the game and ones I have created from scratch. At the same time, other competitions I have imported or created from scratch have been fine
  4. I've been working on improving my international competitions for FM23, but am drawing a blank on the following despite trawling through the various squad and player rules... Is there a way to set up an Olympics style squad selection? i.e. an U23 squad with 3 overage players allowed?
  5. Hello! I have had this issue with a number of international files I have created for FM23 (as well as some made on FM21/22 that I converted). @alian62's solution worked for my recreation of the Gulf Cup of Nations, but did not work for the other tournaments that had the issue. However, I did eventually get something that works so will share it here rather than open a new thread. Building on @Shenmue-X's suggestion, I did the following: Advanced Rules > Competition x > History > Team order for top 3 teams > Add Select "Get Teams from Cup Round" I then add competition name (might not be needed), maximum number of teams set to 2, and then relevant stage number and 'final' as round name This has worked for international tournaments with a group stage then knockouts and also for tournaments with knockout rounds only. Might be worth a try for league/play-off systems with a similar issue. Note though that it only adds the two finalists. I haven't found a way to get third place play-off winners recognised yet.
  6. Great to see the challenge still going! Just to share, for Portugal saving on May 1st 2023 and then holidaying to June 30th 2023 works for getting a variety of promoted teams - I'm after Africanos Braganca!
  7. Having simmed through a few years I have noticed the following: French Youth Invitational - group stage matches, positional play-offs and final are played in France but semi final matches are played at the home venue of one of the teams. This results in situations like USA U20s playing 3 group games in France, the semi-final in California, and then the final back in France SAFF Championship - similar issue. It seems one group stage game is played at a neutral venue and the others are home/away. In one sim, Bangladesh played their first group game away to Maldives, Sri Lanka at a neutral venue in India, and Nepal at home, with the knockout rounds held in host nation India I can provide a save file if needed but it should be easy to replicate as it happens in every single new game!
  8. Having simmed through a few years, I've noticed inaccuracies in a few international tournaments: Format: WAFF Championship has a new format with 12 nations in 3 groups of 4 starting from 2023 edition: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2023_WAFF_Championship SAFF Championship should not include Afghanistan (they haven't been a member of the SAFF nor competed at the tournament since 2015); new format possible from 2023 but yet to be decided https://www.newagebd.net/article/175016/saff-cship-likely-in-new-format Asian U20 Cup still features U19 squads Hosts AFC Asian Cup 2023 will now be in Qatar, not China: https://www.the-afc.com/en/about_afc/committees/executive_committee/news/qatar_to_host_afc_asian_cup_2023_india_and_saudi_arabia_shortlisted_for_2027_edition.html AFC Asian U23 Cup will be hosted in Qatar, not Japan https://www.the-afc.com/en/about_afc/committees/news/qatar_recommended_as_host_for_the_afc_u23_asian_cup_2024%E2%84%A2_1.html AFC Asian U20 Cup will be hosted by Uzbekistan, not China https://www.the-afc.com/en/more/afc_news/news/latest_update_on_afc_competitions_in_2021.html 2023 WAFF Championship Host should be UAE: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2023_WAFF_Championship Dates AFF Championship will take place in 2022 immediately after the World Cup: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2022_AFF_Championship Asian Games will be held 23rd Sept to 8th October 2023, not 2022: https://ocasia.org/news/3217-oca-press-release-oca-announces-new-dates-for-the-19th-asian-games-hangzhou.html Asian U20 Cup will be held in March 2023, not October 2022: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2023_AFC_U-20_Asian_Cup SAFF Championship will be held in 2023: https://www.newagebd.net/article/175016/saff-cship-likely-in-new-format
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