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  1. 2 GA is just ridiculous! Like the changes you’ve made to your skins
  2. Weird to find the news blurb containing players not involved at all. Excellent to find that one of your players actually made the list, with a GK assist no less Acosta if he fulfills his potential could become a very interesting player.
  3. That was one heck of a month, no goals conceded and winning every game with what looks comfort. Barcelona and Real Madrid both around with Barca in good form while Real Madrid wobbling. Looking forward to seeing Depor in the Copa del Ray final
  4. Lately I have some working, some not showing the cover picture, some not showing either. I’m using an iphone.
  5. Just finished page 1. You’ve been busy what with two consecutive promotions I like how the best signing in the league was also a defensive midfielder I like your statistical approach too. Will continue reading, just noting a few moments.
  6. An exciting end to the season with 5 to go! The Champions League second leg against Tottenham was a bit tough to watch I bet, with that Spurs equaliser just before fulltime and taking momentum into extra time scoring two more. Are you looking to move on Kean? He seems to contribute reasonably well for the minutes he plays. I guess the question I have about him is are they important goals or when scored are not really at a contributing point of games. When do you find out if the takeover starts?
  7. I think I like this league win so far most of all, because of the planning and discussions inside of it. I’m going to predict that European football next season will be very successful, and that it won’t affect your league form. That youth intake looks excellent, with finally getting through what looks like a top class GK The dive into your GKs was one of the best I’ve seen on talking about GK, as usual it’s only about certain stats, height and that’s it. Back to youth intake, and hope that that ‘a’ ends up dovetailing with your Belgian starlet and becomes a big part of your strike force Did you beat Real Madrid’s goals scored record?
  8. Looking good in the league. Not sure what you’ve changed that you’re form tanks in Europe though. Another Cup win, and progress in another. It’ll be all about the league now by the looks of things. Asante looks a decent signing (cheap) that can be moved on for profit and help with transfer funds out
  9. Congrats on avoiding relegation. If you’d gotten relegated, would you have stayed at Brentford? Looks a good building transfer window. Now you get to see where you’re at this season
  10. That’s a tiny budget for a team sitting and performing so high on the table in La Liga! Champions League football is definitely the best way forward, especially with where Depor are now. Fondevila has had an exciting impact
  11. I like the idea of not selecting more B-team forwards. Seems more flexible. I see you’ve got a bunch to sell too, which makes not much of a blip on your list of forwards
  12. Yes, that’s the FB. Are they negotiating like that because of their age? That Italian at Bayern Munich is amazing! Sounds like a lot going on at that time. After the run down of your younger players, your next squad organisation should be interesting. I like the look of De Backer and your German forward, as well as fullback Adeyemi (must be knocking on the door of the first team), of course GK Bakayoko. I could go on with a bunch of others too
  13. Congrats on winning the league, stormed it this season I like how Spain were knocked out by Cote del Ivory That 17yo FB is amazing! Bayern Munich in Europe though
  14. Your building up Depor nicely Those min release clauses are not quite sitting in the right zones yet. They’ll be a sign showing that your in a stronger position. I liked your last youth intake too
  15. Congrats on winning the League and Cup It’s great that you were able to do it with Crespo before he retired. Was Crespo’s retirement immediate or end of next season? That was good timing to notice your B-team was in trouble and help turn that around with a game to spare The GK was such a big problem when that occurred, and it looks sorted in a way you can use with other positions. MC and DL seems to me your double trouble positions presently. This was what I was meaning by targeting before, especially for Afcon times. What, no Spanish player call-ups for the World Cup? I guess Crespo is too far gone Tavares is another big player loss, and a tougher prospect to replace considering you haven’t many good-great youth prospects come through in that position. I think the next big step for Cueta is winning the ECL while competing/winning La Liga. With all that’s happened in the offseason already, I’m looking forward to seeing how the next season shakes out
  16. Youth Intake has a few interesting players! Da Backer looks excellent, and does Bassey could help eventually with the FB position. Still hanging in in most competitions too
  17. Halfway through the season and doing well It looks like you’ve got some great GK talent at the club. Strange that other positions aren’t recognised as much for Cueta. Ouch to that UCL form! You seem to have an even stingier board since the election. Not sure what to make of your January signings, and I guess it’s too. Looking forward to the rest of the season!
  18. Now this season has an extra flavour to it! This means that Crespo finally gets to play for Cueta in La Liga It’s also curious how he’s seen as only 3 stars too. Is he playing through the centre? I also preferred option A if you had gone internally too.
  19. Wow! Just when I thought he would have an even better season with you! Getting players into double figures of goals and assists on multiple seasons is a special player.
  20. Kind if not what I meant (going out and buying someone), instead using who you have and seeing who has improved enough after a season to step up. Plus as you’ve mentioned, sorting out the registrations as I recall one or two decisions weren’t obvious for you until the moment you went to call on a player and he wasn’t available as expected. Plus considering a GK who won’t get called up by for African Cup of Nations Fullback feels the same as last season going through your squad breakdowns too, and DC depth has regressed if you’re looking for a player! Still, looking good for next season even with those squad dilemmas.
  21. Good end to the season. Damage was done earlier as you mentioned. Still qualified for ECL at least… I think it is funny that Betis was the winner and not Real Madrid, considering how it looked earlier. Nearly got the FIFA Club World Cup! Does Pascual always play against you to have a now customary non-celebration celebration? I guess your offseason will be about closing those holes in your squad depth for 1st team/2nd team for those moments when situations become apparent (cough..GK..cough, cough).
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