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  1. Congratulations on completing North America! Time to update the status below your profile pic
  2. Really fun to see how fast you are going! First the great save at Eléctrico now this? Keep up the good work, I think the fourth time is the charm!!
  3. Hello there! I use Excel and Python to do some player analysis on FM exports, so I know the UIDs of the most promising players. But they are only promising because of the stats, since I don't know the attributes. Is there a way to use this set of UIDs to create a shortlist in Football Manager so it's easier to scout them in batches?
  4. I meant the Unique ID that we see in-game. Benfica for example is 1487. In case anyone ever comes into this thread, Genie Scout allows you to export a list of all players loaded with a "Club ID" column.
  5. I tried changing all the Bundesliga teams names but the XML doesn't show the UID Maybe I understood you wrong?
  6. I'm not quite sure I understood. Let's say I want to get all the UIDs of the top 6 divisions in England. Your suggestion would be to select all of them and change like their name to something specific like "CHANGE GET UID"? Then when I export to XML I would have their ID, old name and new name? So all I'd need would be to change Name and Based Country If this is correct then yes it would be tedious but it's definitely doable, I'm already working with XMLs to get the newgens face path anyway
  7. Hello all! I have a Python script that creates a visual table of stats. The stats are obviously easy to extract and manipulate, but the visual table also includes the player photo and club logo. The player photo is also easy, because you have the UID of the player so you know that the path to the file of his face is graphics/[hisUID].PNG For NewGAN faces it demands a bit more effort because you have to read the config file to check the file path of the face that was used on your newgen (something like NewGAN/African/African123.PNG for example), but it's still easy. The problem relies on the club logo. I have the team name and the country it is based on, so ideally I would have a Club UID list to match it. Once I have the UID of the clubs I automatically know the path to their logo. I know this can be found in the editor pregame but I don't know to extract this info. Could anyone help me here? All I need is 3 columns of info: ID, ClubName, Nation I'm on FM23 but I don't think a lot has changed to FM24 regarding club UIDs Thank you in advance!! I'll leave the output file here if anyone is curious. The script was made by the blog Son of a Corner, I just adapted it to use local files instead of web URLs and made some adjustments to the fonts, fonts size, spacing, etc. All the positions are set as LW because the code uses a function to extract the position of some website, but I am just inputting the data via csv ready to plot. Setting all the rows with the same position, logo and photo was easier to test.
  8. Nice to see you back with this challenge. I did a little one myself but I only completed Oceania and stopped at AFC 10 or 11. It's definitely fun and really nice to pass the time without overthinking. I would recommend you doing a save for each continent though, too many custom databases and things are due to break
  9. Seconded. Saw this post and tried out the tactic with Portimonense. 2nd place first year, no signings.
  10. I like to export data from the search tab, including attributes and stats, to further analyze using Python. Data Hub was a huge addition for data-driven players and I like the way the game is heading, but one really simple thing the game is missing is columns indicating the player suitability for each position. GK, DL, DR, DC, DM... all positions one column each, showing how good the player is in said position from 1 to 20. This is already available and checkable with the IGE, but this would make analysis easier. Currently the only easy way to filter the analysis by position is exporting one by one, because the "Position" string is really hard to transform. This is also available in Genie Scout, but do not appear on exports (?)
  11. As a beginner data analyst, I would also love to export stuff from the Editor!
  12. Thank you! I saw this thread a long time ago and I was searching for "OFC Champions League" and "Oceania Champions League" but he didn't use these words in these exact order
  13. I know this is an old post but I found it through the search. Could you share the file? I'm thinking about doing a journeyman in Oceania and I'd like to take a shot at the OFC CL with smaller nations
  14. Is there a way to easily create hundreds of "Retired Person" in the Editor? Sammarinese regen names are so repetitive and I think I can make the name pool larger if I create a bunch of retired Sammarinese people with different names and surnames.
  15. Which file are you using? The one I have has knockouts for the European places with teams placed 2 to 11 participating, so sometimes the 9th, 10th place goes to Europe
  16. A question for those far into the future: how does Europe spots work for the Sammarinese leagues? If you ever have more than 4 spots I don't know how the game can handle this since
  17. Hey Knap! I haven't played FM in a while and I want to come back to the game with an easy but quick holiday save with Manchester City. Which tactic would make Haaland score the most goals? Surely one of the 4231s?
  18. Do you plan to update it to 23.4? And is it possible to do the equal money distribution thing? I was thinking about starting a dual-club save with Victor San Marino + a local club and this got me really intrigued. I'm getting a lot of non-Sammarinese regens at Victor and I wonder if your file fix this through the CIS nation
  19. Do you plan to update this to 23.4? I'm getting a strange error while trying to verify the file for 23.4
  20. How can I change this in the editor? I'm trying to take on a 2-manager San Marino challenge (Italy and San Marino leagues) and I want to bring the best Sammarinese prospects to Italy before they turn 18.
  21. Thank you! As a fan of obscure nations, the annual version is perfect for me. I remember getting to the final with a Tahitian team only to get smashed by Barcelona 8-0, but it's still fun to face the giants.
  22. This is probably my favorite 23.2 tactic. It's efficient and I really like using CMs rather than DMs, the previous ME seemed to be DM-only, so it's good to see CMs being usable again. This is what happened to me when I tried this tactic with Lorient (predicted 14th) in the first season: Obviously PSG underperformed this season in terms of points, but it's still a wonderful outcome. We also did something against them:
  23. DMs seem to really be mandatory this year in efficient tactics right? Sad to see that, I love signing CMs wonderkids
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