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  1. I fixed it - when i'm on my PC again i can send you the code to put in...
  2. That looks nice. Are you able to share the files by any chance?
  3. Ah ok - so it uses the primary and secondary colours... nice Good work btw, looks nice.
  4. Out of interest how does it look if one of the teams plays in white? - can you still read the score?
  5. How do you mean when you say "bigger inset"? - i'm happy to amend but not sure where/what. The images are just those from sortitoutsi stadium pack that i downloaded so don't really fancy going through thousands of images to adjust
  6. @TCSSkin I have a fairly wide monitor so when I go into the club info section the stadiums I have from the stadium pack don’t fill the section so you can see the default ones behind them. Any idea how I can fix this (maybe get the image to cover instead of fit?) see screenshot
  7. There isn't a fix as it's part of the skin - i actually prefer it You can go into v1.2 and put the old look back in - or use the mod folder and see if any in there suit you better.
  8. Ah cool - thanks... will add it back in
  9. Love it - great stuff as always I liked this (quoted) btw - was there a reason for removing it? If it doesn't break anything, how would i go about putting that back in please mate?
  10. Great thank you - yeah i can do the rest from here, thank you
  11. Another one from me (sorry) How would i add in to this part (WTS Skin) the "Having a good game" - "Looking nervous" - "Injured but wants to carry on " etc... between the players name and the Goals/Asssits section
  12. This is the pop up i was on about - i basically want to reduce the font size that appears, or is that controlled by whats on the tactics screen?
  13. Thanks, I'll take a look but if anyone knows where in the code it'll be....?
  14. I haven't got a screenshot but does anyone know what controls the advice popup you get during a match - it'll be when the assistant recommends a sub or tells you of a substitution. The player with picture pops up. The issue i'm having is the font is too big so it cuts off the players name... If nobody knows what i'm on about i'll get a photo later when i'm on Using the WTS skin btw
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