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  1. If you're using full FM (rather than Xbox version), you can grab the save file and move it once you have installed via Steam. It will be a "*.fm" file. Can't 100% confirm, but if you uninstall from Gamepass and then install via Steam it should use the same Documents folder and just be sat there waiting for it to be loaded as normal.
  2. No, you're probably just playing a human who can make more mistakes/is less familair with the match engine.
  3. Do you think you'd get that for free? 🤣
  4. That'll be terracing, that you can't use in UEFA competitions. You'd need to request a stadium upgrade in the normal way and hope they chose a terrace conversion
  5. You can use the squad view filters to show all squads at once: Then change the view to Transfer:
  6. Not strictly true. If the board think you have enough cash and projected income, you can turn pro as you go into the National Leeague. I think you need roughly at least about £1m cash plus projections to not go below... as a guide from experience.
  7. It's the same screen. I think the reasons why they aren't making an offer shows if they are only a rumoured interest and not active interest.
  8. ...and as always with this kind of thing, you need to report issues to the creator of the mod/add-on and not SI. SI won't support 3rd party mods to the game.
  9. After the work permit appeal fails, you get asked if you wish to sign them anyway and allocated them an ESC slot. They can only hold an ESC slot for 1 year after which you automatically apply for a work permit again.
  10. If you go to your fixtures, and select the match it shows who unavailable through injury or suspension in the bottom right of the screen.
  11. Have you tried right-clicking any of the column headers, and using Auto Size All Columns?
  12. Dover are set as a semi-professional club in the database, however their contract types are Full Time from Star Player to Hot Prospect. This means all signings have to be paid minimum £300 a week, due to the league rules.
  13. What you can do is, for the ones who you know you don't want to keep, open up their profile and then click Contract > Set for Release. This tells your budgets that you won't be renewing their contract when it expires, and releases the money back. Do this to a few and then after continuing the game, you may be able to offer some renewals out.
  14. The club sometimes uses Pilgrim Way as an alternative too, as that is the road that the stadium is on. It's something a few fans tried to make the colloquial name, but alot just say "The JCS" now! No problem, we can get it changed at the next opportunity 👍
  15. When the stadium build was announced and confirmed, Jakeman's were not confirmed as title sponsors (although they did still have the naming rights for York Street, as The Jakemans Stadium). It came later, and have been the named sponsor since the first match. I guess it's similar to Arsenal, where it was originally in the database as Ashburton Grove before Emirates stepped in. I just follow guidelines we've used for a while, and it's never come up before - thoughts @Gingerbread Man? In the meantime, you can use the editor on the PC version to rename it if you wish.
  16. Sponsor names for stadium are avoided where possible, as these can change and become out of date.
  17. If there is, you'll only find out the moment it's available. Nobody knows.
  18. Clubs have preferred tactics set, not just managers. I guess if they differ, then the manager may be more willing to change to the club's tactic. Pep and City might be a match up, and if they are winning games, there's no need to try anything new. City will very very rarely go into a game as underdogs, too - so would play to their own strengths.
  19. Use you staff and delegate everything you don't want to do.
  20. You've not answered the question, though. How have they performed on your FM compared to the teams they've faced IRL already. I don't care about how well they've done IRL, we're talking FM here.
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