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  1. If you look on TJ's Discord > tonys-stream-chat-chat > pinned messages there is a graphic showing TJ's progress which has a list of 35 trophies. I doubt many trophies (if any at all) would have changed since FM23, so should be a good starting point to reference.
  2. Good personality too. Enjoy him before Salzburg inevitably unsettle him in a few years.
  3. What an intake! Would love to see those attributes!
  4. Does anybody know if the reset dates for Portugal are the same as FM23 (June 30th)? Thank you!
  5. I hate it when players perform absolutely abysmally in a cup final and lose it...they then approach you asking what you are going to do about the fact that we have just lost the final. So stupid.
  6. Apologies for the thread bump! Having recently started a save with Wisla Krakow, this thread intrigued me! I have spent the last half an hour or so reading through your Polish adventure and you’ve done a fantastic job (both in game and in painting the picture for us readers!) I am interested in having a look at your formation/tactic, should you care to share? Having took the similar approach to you regarding transfers in seasons 1 and 2, I did not manage to bulldoze my way to the Ekstraklasa like you did and I am interested to know how you achieved this tactically. Whilst you haven’t updated for a couple of weeks, I hope you’re still enjoying the save and have had CL success.
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