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  1. A player had a target that was successful and that generated a promise that his future at the club is secure. A club made an offer for him and I didn't sell him as I had promised not to sell him and secure his future (whatever that means as he has a long contract) Player became angry and forced a meeting in which I had to compromise and promise to sell him if a certain price was met I tried to renew his contract but he refused: A bid came in eventually that met the agreed sale price so I was forced to sell him: Then the player tells me that I broke a promise but exactly what options did I have??? I was trapped into selling him even though I believed from the promise that I could not sell him but I was given no other option.
  2. Sharing a new FM24 challenge I've settled on this year in case anyone's looking for something different. Each club in the save presents its own challenges. I've never played with a specific identity/DNA so I'm looking forward to bringing out the beast and releasing the hounds of hell! 777 into 666 From these swanky offices in downtown Miami, global funds manager 777 Partners (partners being Steven Pasko and Josh Wander) have extended their empire across the planet in areas as diverse as aviation, insurance and most importantly... football! At $6 billion (£4.9 billion) in assets under management, they're no Sheikh Mansour (£17 billion). However, when it comes to football clubs they leave the Sheikh a little shaky. The challenge: Take the 777's magnificent 7 and turn them into demons. Turn each of their clubs into a brutal and dominant force in their nation and become 'that club', the despised, the hated but most of all feared, smashing your rivals, the Sheikh's clubs wherever possible. Specifically: win the highest league and have the highest club coefficient in each of the 7 countries (good luck with Red Star!) actively undermine City Group clubs, poaching players and staff, take their young players on loan and don't play them, unsettle their best players with offers, be creative! search for 'bad boy' traits and mentor to spread like: winds up opponents, gets crowd going, argues with officials enforce a 'demon DNA'. Recruit based around these attributes and train/mentor them: aggression bravery determination work rate stamina strength tactic as you wish but built on high octane pain: highest tempo, get stuck in, counter press, max trigger press, highest lines possible (dependent on opponent) united we rise, divided we fall. Play as a group, use affiliate connections to both assist development and finances of other group clubs. For example, this could be via changing affiliate annual payments when you're cashed up or giving very generous loan or transfer terms. optional: use multiple managers. I've done this in a San Marino save and yes, it takes longer but it's great fun and opens up all sorts of opportunities for skullduggery! The clubs: Choose 7 from the list below Hertha Berlin - Bundesliga, Germany Genoa - Serie A, Italy Standard Liege - Pro League, Belgium Vasco da Gama - Brasileiro Serie A, Brazil Melbourne Victory - A League, Australia Red Star - Championnat, France Sevilla* - La Liga, Spain Everton* - Premier League, England * Sevilla's ownership is a minority stake and the Everton deal is incomplete but probable The 'rules': There aren't any rules, this is your save, you decide. Some suggestions though: Order is optional but starting at the bottom (by reputation) makes sense: Championnat* > A league > Pro League > Brasileiro Serie A > Serie A > Bundesliga > La Liga > Premier League > Championnat* * see Red Star comments below but it may be best left till the end if you include it. Set your own difficulty level by choosing: your coaches Coaching badges and Past Playing Experience to activate or not attribute masking by the clubs you choose. You can choose 7 from the 8. Red Star is a beast of a task, not for the faint-hearted, avoid it or, if you're up for the challenge leave it to last and make it the crowning achievement of the save (haven't decided myself yet!). In game editor is required BUT it would be better to use only for: the creation and maintenance of a 777 web of affiliates. United we rise, divided we fall is a company motto. the creation of rivalries with the vassals (CK3 represent) of Sheikh's City Group. to move to the next club 777 partners have a history of big fat cash injections (Hertha Berlin received $108m at the start), so who knows what next season will bring. There is only one rule: have fun. Thoughts: Melbourne Victory are the 2nd best team in the A league. Probably where I'll start, a fairly easy kill. I'm going to keep track of yellow cards, I'll aim to have the most fouls and yellow cards in every league... as well as most injuries caused (not sure if there's a metric for this but there should be!). Then to Std Liege which are a fun team to manage (managed them in FM21), sitting just outside the top 5 they won't be as easy as the Victory but straight forward enough... just pray I can pummel Lommel in a Cup game. Next is Vasco da Gama, getting harder but this is will be great fun, the 2000 FIFA Club World Cup runners up are ready for a rise to their 5th Serie A title. Will leverage the group resources on this one. After that, off to Italy where Genoa has just been promoted and are predicted to finish just above the relegation places, this will be the first serious challenge in this save with poor finances, list and morale. On the bright side, Genoa has a 33,000+ stadium. I'll do Sevilla then, what a club, woefully mismanaged but the messiah has returned and I hope he hangs around long enough to be there when I get there. Then Hertha in the Bundesliga to topple Bayern and the finish I will decide on based on how it's going: either Everton or a looooong save with Red Star! Post your save details in here if you take up the challenge, I look forward to reading them!
  3. I like the new target setting feature in general but some parts of it have me confused. These are the results of achieving and failing to achieve a target. In the target process I didn't remember committing to anything but anyway... what is the promise "please to have been promised that his future at the club is secure" actually mean?? What do I need to do here? Is it simply not sell the player? Is it give him a new contract? Is it increase his player time? I want to guarantee his future but what does that mean for this promise? As to the the failed targets, I'm not sure what that means really, they promise not to complain, how do they fail that promise and what does it mean if they fail, will I be angry with them? Let me know if someone has worked any of this out. Cheers!
  4. How do I improve a players determination/work rate now that they have removed the ability to discipline players? Anybody know? Are these just locked in now and don't change or is there a way the coach can influence these attributes?
  5. When you create a target for a player, there pops up this: https://gyazo.com/070cc201df663b68759644c33806cf70 What does it mean by: WILL GUARANTEE FUTURE.... What? where did I agree to that!! 🤔
  6. The article says they are interested in the player. The agent then says there's no interest in the player. It's the type of contradiction that creates frustration.
  7. News article reports that a club is interested in a permanent deal for a player while on loan (note: the player has no mandatory future fee in his loan contract): The agent say that there is no interest: Even though he is currently on loan, the window is closed and it would seem reasonable for a club to organise the future transfer (at the end of the loan) of a player. So I'd suggest that: 1. the agent should recognise that the loaning club is interested in negotiating a permanent deal (in the interaction above) and that a transfer at the end of the loan should be able to be negotiated now 2. the fact that a player is on loan does not prevent him from being sold at the end of the loan where he has no agreed mandatory future sale. Why this limitation? Why must a club wait till the loan ends before you can sell a player? Steps: 1. Ask agent about market interest 2. select Keen option
  8. Contract renewals issue? When you are a renewing the contract with a step increase in playing time, shouldn't there be an option to set a player target for the player to achieve (e.g. avg. rating) before the new playing time would apply? That was my understanding of how that worked but let me know if it works differently. How good is this ME, nice work SI!! Will be watching more games on comprehensive.
  9. Yeah, I had this in FM23 as well. Not as bad in FM24 and it's my laptop that's the issue. If I turn the fan on to cool it down the lags go away!
  10. I stopped using the SP for this reason. The SP continually changes and updates itself without my input rendering it completely useless and full of junk information. An example: At the start of a new season I tried again to use the SP: Save file uploaded: Carlos Asorey - Cosmos - San Marino (v10) It then decided when I contracted a new player that it would put him into this position. Not my decision, a SP decision. Save file uploaded: Carlos Asorey - Cosmos - San Marino (v09) It then decided that it didn't like any of the player either I had entered or it had randomly entered and wiped all the players from the SP. Save file uploaded: Carlos Asorey - Cosmos - San Marino (v07) Note: the filters were the same across the saves as I recall. You can see that this makes the SP unuseable and an extremely frustrating piece of functionality. It also randomly adds trial and shortlisted players in without my input. Is there a setting I'm missing somewhere?
  11. Greetings all. Clocked up 3000 hours on FM22 and I'm up over 700 already for FM23 and this challenge is.... well, exactly that, a real challenge. It's got my attention and putting me to the test which I needed. About my save. The Asorey brothers are doing the management triple: Carlos Asorey and Gianfranco Asorey are working to make San Marino something as right now it literally couldn't be worse. Carlos manages Cosmos in the Campionato Sammarinese di Calcio as well as being the San Marino manager. Gianfranco took over Victor San Marino down in the 5th tier which must be ironically named Eccellenza. Cosmos is the affiliate team for Victor SM which allows the brothers to work together. They also share scouting knowledge over a beer down at a place not far from where they grew up: Bar Piadineria La Capanna Two seasons in and it's been tough but successful. Season 1 saw Carlos take out both the cup and the Campionato but it was a close run thing until the end with Tre Fiori pushing all the way until the last few games. While Gianfranco had it much easier where a mix of loans and free agents saw him cruise to promotion: Which brings us to season two. Carlos found this year far easier and started to smash teams: Don't ask Carlos about the national team, he's started therapy to try and deal with what he's seen. Thankfully he had a great run in Europe this season which filled the coffers: With being an amateur club, there are basically no expenses apart from some scouting. Problem with amateur clubs though is that with any good players Carlos hires they get stolen within 6 months. Funny enough, between a zero wage and $1400 pw, players prefer the cash. With $2m in the bank, Carlos went to the club in November (before spending it on training facilities!!) and got approval to go professional at season's end: With not a bad wage and budget either!!: Meanwhile Gianfranco has just done this for back to back promotions, they're going up to Serie C next year!!: Victor San Marino are semi-pro which has been challenging. What surprised was this email: Moving up so fast is both a blessing and a curse. The club is nowhere near ready financially to mix it up with the teams in Serie C. For example: the average sponsorship at that level is around $1m while our sponsorship is at 120k. Our stadium capacity is 750 and all other teams in Serie C are 3000 plus with a requirement of 4000 in the league rules: We finish the season $300k in debt and I'm being given zero transfer budget and a salary for next year of 17k pw while most clubs in Serie C have between two and ten times that!! Will be hard to be competitive, but Gianfranco loves a challenge! Good luck with your saves, have enjoyed reading through the thread!
  12. Great thread!! Really essential stuff for starting such a difficult save. I am about to start this challenge after a successful Polish build a nation. I wanted to ask what people's experience of playing with two managers (to play the SM league as well as VSM in Italy)? I've trialed it over a few weeks and liked it but I'm still really undecided about whether I'll get tired of constantly jumping from one save to another rather than fully committing to the one save. I saw VSM starts with a SM affiliate (Cosmos I think), has anyone tried a save using 2 managers: VSM and Cosmos??
  13. On the Scouting priorities screen with the Selection info view, there are multiple duplicate entries for players: See save file below.
  14. When you ask agent regarding a player and the player is almost within 6 months of expiry and will consider his options, the agent tells you it's worth waiting before beginning negotiations. Then you receive the follow up below where again he reconfirms that you should wait (which is logical) BUT then they also tell us that if you don't make an offer now then you will have a negative relationship with the agent (clearly illogical). Use the save file uploaded to recreate with Wassim.
  15. Would be great to be able to compare two players (e.g. strikers) from the below screen: We have the stats chalkboard. If this was introduced here you could choose the stats based on position, role, duty or team ethos to get a better idea (beyond attributes) who best plays that role, who might be better in a different role or simply, who to keep and who to trade. Yes, you can build this in other screens but you can't do it for two specific players, at best, you do it by positional group.
  16. Played a lot of FM and there's one thing I don't understand that I hope someone can clear up for me. Why, if I have say $6k of salary cap space, am I limited to the "Advised Max. Basic Wage" of $1.5k? If I only need one player, isn;t it better I get one quality player at $6k rather than 4 poor ones at $1.5k? Further, who sets this max. wage and is it negotiable somehow? Thanks in advance!
  17. In player search, searching by expiring contracts, if you set the Interest level to "slightly interested" you still receive players that have no interest whatsoever in joining the club... such as Phil Jones below. Whilst I don't blame Phil as we are *****, I wouldn't have wasted both our time if he'd been filtered out as expected.
  18. Hi Zac, I'm sorry but I don't have that save. As it was a text issue I didn't bother but I'll capture one in future.
  19. I took a DP (Douglas Costa) on the list at LA Galaxy and waived his contract before the 1st of July deadline (after which his contract would be included in the Salary Cap). After 2 days he was not picked up and released and (as expected) I was advised that the club would use its Guaranteed Contract Buyout option to remove the impact on the salary cap (the whole reason why I would waive a DP). So now when checking the registration I find that Douglas Costa has gone but his salary cap impact remains meaning that this save is torpedoed. I won't continue with this save because this, and other issues I've raised, are making the MLS at a minimum unenjoyable verging on unplayable, extremely frustrating. I'm uploading the file (below) from before I started the process. To recreate, find Douglas Costa and Contract>Waive player, wait for 2 days till you receive the email confirming the release AND also the application of the Guaranteed Contract Buyout option. Check to see the salary cap impact has been removed from the registration screen.
  20. It says 50% is the max. reduction! Unfortunately I might have to stop this save. Now there's no international break in the schedule so a third of my list has gone on international duty and I'm losing every game... just looks to be poorly setup. Maybe in a couple of years when they've ironed the bugs out.
  21. The scenario is buy down the salary cap impact on a loan player (Datro Fofana) from the squad registration screen. There are two issues here: 1. On this screen below it shows the team salary cap spend as being $99k when it is actually $100k (otherwise I wouldn't need to buy down the cap) as can be seen from the screen above 2. More importantly when I make the adjustment and spend my GAM to reduce the cap impact from $3,900 to $3,600 this not only fails to reduce the cap impact but it takes away the GAM I spent!! The resulting position after clicking yes shows the cap impact bounces back to $3,900 but the GAM is gone:
  22. It's early Sunday morning, which might explain this but I can't work out why in the MLS, I bring in a US player on $2,100 p/w the salary cap impact is $9,250! Even if you allocate out his loyalty bonus it still makes no sense. Can anyone explain what might be behind this calculation?
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